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We have a few things left to do to our covered porch before it’s ready for cookouts and company. When the idea struck me to repurpose a crate into a storage table, I drove to four different garden centers before finding the kind soul who gave me a bulb shipping crate in exchange for being sworn to secrecy of my resource. Today, I’m going to show you how easy it is to turn a crate into a side table that doubles as storage. If all else fails and you can’t find a crate, Lolly Jane shows you how to build a crate yourself in this simple tutorial. To give the new wood an aged look, brush on watered-down white paint and let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping it off with a dry rag. To make sure you have the ratio of paint to water to your liking, test it out on the bottom of the crate first.
If you like this crate storage idea, then you should check out my post on how to make a decoupaged map crate.
And if you want to see how I aged the flower pots stored in our crate, check out my tutorial on how to age terracotta pots with a mixture of Annie Sloan Paint and wax.
You have such a talent for making gorgeous vintage looking pieces that add so much character to your space Tricia… and you have done it again.
Love this and I know you did it awhile ago but going to share on a post I’m doing about outdoor tables!
Using infrared light, the device can find flaws within the construction of masonry, piping, or roofing. I’m taking a look forward in your next post, I’ll attempt to get the grasp of it! Brandon McNamara, a Western Washington University student has been volunteering with The RE Store in the REvision Division for three months now on a weekly basis.
Seattle StoreThe Seattle store has changed hands and is now open in same location under new management at Ballard Reuse!

One of my favorite projects so far gave us some much needed storage and best of all, it was (nearly) free. I’ve teamed up with several fabulous bloggers to bring you a prize that you won’t want to miss! You can reach google top-10 easily using one handy wp plugin and increase targeted traffic many times.
Usually when you buy something in a wooden crate and empty the content you find yourself looking at the empty crate and thinking it’s a shame you have to throw it away. It’s the same company that I ordered the galvanized pails that are hanging on my laundry room wall.
I just shared your ladder project with a friend who just found one by the road the other day. The wooden slates had previously been the rungs of ladders for bunk beds from a local manufacturer. They only sell wholesale right now so you have to have a business license number to buy from them. I’ll be featuring this beauty on I Love That Junk and various other places this week! If you don’t have a crate then maybe you can find or buy one from a store.View in galleryCrates are not useful just at home. They can be reused in lots of different ways and sometimes shops even have to think of smart ways of repurposing them.
For example, this shop features several wall-mounted wooden crates that have been converted in display and storage spaces.
They add a very nice vintage touch to the shop.View in galleryAs you might have anticipated, crates are great in the kitchen. In the kitchen there’s also need for space and there’s always something that needs to be stored.

Wooden crates are wonderful for fruit, vegetables, as well for utensils and all sorts of other items.View in galleryIf you’re clever and you’re good at seeing the potential in everything, you can convert a simple wooden crate into a lovely display case for decorations, accessories and all sorts of small treasures.
Put it in the living room, family room or anywhere you think it would fit best.View in galleryWhen you have time, creativity and when you know how to use your imagination and to exploit everything, you can come up with all sorts of fun and useful projects. For example, this is a collection of several wooden boxes that have been painted in different colors and placed one of top of the others as a way to store and display objects.View in galleryIn the dining room it’s sometimes customary to display decorative plates on the walls. But since you have chosen this method to decorate your dining room, you can also add some extra vintage flair to the room by using old wooden crates to create a nice display on the wall.View in galleryOf course, not all crates look old and vintage. They provide storage and display compartments for accessories and decorations.View in gallery If it’s large enough, a wooden crate can also be used as a nightstand replacement. In fact, it would be perfect since it would also provide a large storage compartment for books. It would be large enough to accommodate a table lamp and it would add texture and character to the room.
If you want, you can repaint it.View in galleryAnother way of repurposing or reusing a wooden crate would be to maintain its primary use. You can give it a little twist by adding castors and making it a little mobile storage crate that you can take with you when cleaning the house.
It would also be a fun and nice idea for the kids’ room.View in galleryYou can turn a wooden crate into a serving tray.

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