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Several years ago while my wife and I were looking for our little homestead, the one thing I was most excited about was building a greenhouse for my plants. We closed on our home in August of that year so I spent that fall comparing options, prices and styles. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. In fact, Big Jim just sent me a few pictures of the hoop-style greenhouse that He just built. My husband and i made a greenhouse like this and the first storm we had it broke the pvc pipe. Now slide both ends of your pvc pipe over the rebar to make a hoop across the width of your greenhouse. Once all of the hoops and the two ends are in place, connect two pvc pipes together and cut them to measure 32′ long. Cover the outside of the door with remaining plastic or you can use plywood if you would rather.
Want to see about using this hoop style for summer garden cover in southern Nevada where temps are pretty warm – thinking about shade cloth cover for summer due to open space and poly for winter where temps are not usually below about 26 degrees. I live in Austin Texas where it can get very hot, we used garden fabric and bamboo sticks to provide some shade but still allows the plant some light and air.
Now I do admit, I live on Vancouver Island where everything costs more than anywhere else in the already greedy B.C. Im not seeing at what length is the PVC pipe cut into.Could you provide me with a length anyone?
That is a great set of plans, lots of details, a design that will be perfect for my situation in E TN. Also, regarding the center brace, might the installation to the outside of the ribs give just a bit more support to the plastic sheeting along the length of the house? I have no shelter belt, and wonder whether the wind would work in and start to work gaps into the joins? I didn’t want some rinky dink greenhouse; I’m talking about something that was about 12ft x 12ft. I shopped some of the larger retailers to see if purchasing an already built greenhouse would be economically feasible for us. Call 855-757-6083 to Claim Yours ThriveLife 3 Month Food Supply 1,366 Calories Per Day - Save $40 Now Online Concealed Carry CourseLegally Carry in 28 States.

This is a great idea, since the ends tend to be pulled in by the weight of snow in the winter. He plans to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, some flowers and hanging basket plants, and he even wants to try some hydroponics.
It has allowed me to grow plants that I normally would not be able to grow, produce crops that the season is not usually long enough to produce, and protect my plants from frosts, hail, or other severe weather that normally would have destroyed my garden. You can temporarily keep the frame in place by pounding a 30” piece of rebar in each corner.
You can have a beautiful 12’x32’ hoop-style greenhouse that can be built in a weekend and all for less than $400. The wood uses very high concentrations of copper (older pressure treated also used arsenic). I have a huge problem with gophers, found a solution to the problem was to use plastic kiddie pools for planters box instead of the typical wood frame.
Did you find the one length of center bracing to be enough or would an additional 2 pvc pipes maybe half way down the ribs would add a bit more stiffness to the structure? I love it and wat to build oe so I ca have my garde that deer ad critter won’t get into. As a typical guy, I subscribe to the belief that bigger is better no matter if we needed it or not.
Perhaps I’ll get a few more pics down the road and give you an update to how things are growing. I would love to have a large, professional greenhouse, but that simply isn’t financially feasible for me.
Pound the rebar into the ground about 15” deep on the outside of your frame at two foot intervals. Or optionally, you can use staples, though they may have a tendency to pull through the plastic. I see them all over, so quite well I guess but in which direction should I orientate it, bearing in mind our patch of land is not well treed and sheltered yet? If you are going to be planting trees or putting up other buildings, be sure not to put your greenhouse where it will be shaded by those things. Another change He made was to use electrical conduit clamps to attach the pipes to the base, as opposed to the strapping. So, instead I’ve found a way to make a large greenhouse that is functional, easy to build, and inexpensive.

It use a system of ropes so that the sides could be lifted for ventilation and to harden the plants. This article will explain to you exactly how to build a 12’x32’ hoop-style greenhouse for under $400.
For the end with the door, cut out the plastic leaving a few inches of over hang to wrap inside and attach. The only greenhouse that I could find in that price range was very attractive from the photos but then I read the reviews that were posted on the website by people who purchased this item in the past. The one thing you could do to further support the snow load is to run rebar the full length inside the pvc pipes. There was not one person who was satisfied with the quality of the greenhouse, most people stated that after a year or so, the greenhouse just fell apart.
We spent a fraction of the cost of buying an expensive pre-built one that just have to be assembled anyway…why pay inflated prices for material?
I quickly realized in order to find a greenhouse that would last me several years was either going to cost me several thousands of dollars or I would have to build it myself. Needless to say, building my own was the way that I went.I eventually designed my own from scratch using some free drafting tools on the web. We were on a very small budget and found so many wonderful plans for our greenhouse…it was hard to pick just one, but the one we chose is terrific! During my search for plans, I came upon some great resources for greenhouse designs that can fit into any budget. As far as my greenhouse, I will be doing a series of articles and videos on that soon, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the free greenhouse plans that I found.*** Bonus – Download My Personal Plans for FREE on the Next Page! Free Greenhouse plans from BuildEazyI will say that I love these plans because the finished product stands out and fits well within my yard. They are a little bit more simplified and a great weekend project if you want to get something up quickly.
Budget Friendly PlanIf you are looking for something cheap and easy, this is the plan for you. They are relatively inexpensive to build and you can customize the to what ever size you want.

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