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If you love flowers, plants and garden but don’t have enough space to make a garden then don’t worry. This entry was posted on July 5, 2014, in Garden Decor and tagged DIY crafts, garden crafts, PVC crafts. Place the large container against the wall – a corner is best so the tube is less likely to fall over. Enter your email address to subscribe to Praktic Ideas and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Cuando construimos la casa o efectuamos alguna reparacion a nivel de canerias es comun que nos sobren retazo de tubos, por lo general no sabemos que hacer con ellos y terminamos tirandolos a la basura sin saber o talvez si que, con esto estamos contribuyendo al incremento de basura dificil de degradar y reciclar.
Si el equilibrio de ecosistema te preocupa tanto como a muchos a continuacion te doy 10 ideas de los que puedes hacer con los restos de tubo que tienes. Una lampara de pie que puede tambien ser de mesa de acuerdo al tamano que elijas para ella.
Todo un centro de entretenimiento con estanteria incluida hecho a base de tubos reciclados. Una original forma de presentar el marco de un espejo, con tubos reciclados de diferentes dimensiones.
Espero que las ideas te hayan servido y empieces a reciclar esos restos de tubos que tienes en casa.
Here's a great Vertical Garden design from Vertical Earth Gardens, perfect for space deprived farmers and fresh veggie lovers.
By using hydroponics and a cascading system of pipes they are able to efficiently use space, light and water while not being limited to vine growing plants.  According to the Vertical Earth Gardens site, their system uses 80% less water than traditional garden beds. VEG's self-contained system ensures that only fresh and pure water and nutrients are being absorbed by your garden, and allows you to effectively reduce and manage the waste water.  Other benefits to this system include: No soil borne diseases, better air circulation decreases mildew and rot, easier to maintain pH balance, a longer growing season, bees have better access to the blossoms and you have easier access for harvesting without breaking your back and knees! Most of the concern with the use of plastic came about from a study which found that the hardening agent used in plastic production can leach out with water over time, but it was found to do so in small amounts.
The plastic pipes have been used by many gardeners to good effect for creating raised and vertical gardens.
Well, I think in the name of convenience, economy of scale, and profit, we are actually assaulting our slow-to-evolve body with a bit more then it can process successfully.

Hi, Do you have any recommendations for utilizing a solar power source for the water pump and any other electrical?
Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. If you have spare PVC fragments at home then you can cut them in special ways to make vertical gardens. Hope you will try to make these vertical planters to make your home more colorful and stylish.
Al verlos sabras que, si ya has votado antes mas de estos retazos,  has dejado ir materia prima para crear piezas realmente utiles y bonitas. Quite possibly, chemicals in the pipe might leach into the water and then into the veggies and then into…me? This standard also establishes similar guidelines for other plumbing materials, including copper tubing. My family was fortunate to recently purchase a home which had been previously owned by a gardener. Instead use CVPC, which is design for use in household water systems and public water sources. You can make cute vertical planters for your yard with useless wood pallets available in your store.
The pipe pictured, looks like the common white plastic pipe generally available in home centers like Home Depot, OSH, etc.
I think the industry prevents significant research into the issue, somehow, because as it stands a lot of information out there is entirely anecdotal.
Initial studies have not shown health risks associated with these pipes, but as Steve mentioned most information that we have is anecdotal.
There was a small patch of edibles that we have been able to maintain and the question of what chemicals these veggies might contain has plagued me from day one.
F Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.

By taking small steps you can start to incorporate eco-friendly options into your life that will both reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life.
Vertical garden decor is not only limited to small spaces but you can also hang vertical planters or establish vertical gardens in your spacy gardens to fill space and decorate them. Color these PVC pipes, hang them just like the picture and grow plants in your DIY vertical garden. I have shared three pictures of cute wooden vertical garden which are made with joining wooden pallets in different styles with nails. Significant facts do exist, but nothing suggesting you shouldn’t use the pipes for this or similar purposes.
I am trying to use only organic techniques to minimize chemical applications in the surrounding (watershed) environment.
We feature sustainable products, ideas and news to help you to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle.
I am going to share easy to made vertical garden plans with you in which inexpensive and spare things are used to make them. Now you will get two PVC planters, paint these planters with acrylic sprays or any other paint and hang or mount them on the wall of your front yard. They will not only make your garden wall cute but they will also provide you fresh cooking herbs. Personally, I think it’s because the industry would like to see their products sold for as many purposes as possible, safe or not. My first DIY vertical garden planter can be made with PVC pipes so let’s see how you can make DIY garden with vertical planters using PVC.

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