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Humble PVC drain pipe is cheap, widely available, easy to work with, and almost endlessly useful for making everything from patio furniture to elegant sculptures.
You can make them with handheld tools, but bench tools such as a band saw or table saw with a fine-toothed blade work best for making square and accurate cuts. PartsSpray automotive primer, (optional) (1) Rust-Oleum or equivalentSpray paint (1) various colors.
Larry CottonLarry Cotton is a semi-retired power-tool designer and part-time community college math instructor.
Phil BowiePhil Bowie is a lifelong freelance magazine writer with three suspense novels in print.
Send us feedback on our site design, bugs, story ideas, maker community events and any other share-worthy thoughts. Designed to provide good airflow around the bulb, it seems to float magically on a soft ring of light around its base.

In a weekend you can easily make all four: an accent lamp that seems to float on light, a two-faced clock to help you remember friends in another time zone, a kids’ table with a dry-erase top and matching stool, and a hanging planter. PVC also bends easily when heated in boiling water, which opens up all kinds of new shapes and design possibilities.
He loves music and musical instruments, computers, birds, electronics, furniture design, and his wife — not necessarily in that order.
With a few simple tools and easily obtained PVC plumbing pipe, you can create your very own flutes for fun and personal fulfillment.
If you want to skip the primer, there are new spray paints that adhere directly to plastic.
For cutting off sections on a table saw, set the blade just slightly higher than the pipe wall thickness.
Like many of the earliest flutes, they are not tuned to any modern or traditional scales, rather they are tuned to the ear and heart of the maker: you.

Don’t use a ruler or tape to set blade height; instead, make trial cuts in a scrap of wood and measure the cuts. There is a simple nose flute of Pacific Island origin, a simple fipple flute of Irish descent, a two chambered flute of the Americas, a vessel flute from ancient Europe, a transverse flute from northern India, and a notched flute hailing from the islands of Japan.
With a simple and straightforward approach, building your first flute for personal enjoyment and relaxation has never been easier. Notch a scrap of wood and use it as a jig to ensure that the feet protrude the same amount.

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