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I then started assembling the shelves.  I kind of made up the measurements as  I went, and what  I thought looked good. All that is left to do is add some decor!  I love the way it fills the space, and all for less than $50.00! So I see the shelves over the doors, was there pvc pipes on the other side of the door holding up the shelf? I actually planned for the shelves to hit right at the top of the door frame, so that they would be supported partially by the door casing. Found this post over at Upcycled Treasures – such a awesome, and affordable, solution to those expensive shelf systems. Can you tell me, do you have some sort of “stopper” at the feet and again where the PVC meets the ceiling? After moving to a new apartment in a Georgian house, we needed some bigger than normal shelving units to be the right scale for the higher ceilings. My original idea was to simply copy the shelves I'd seen, so I started looking for scaffolding poles and a way to cut them. With the design complete it was time to go shopping! After a trip to a local wood merchant and a delivery from Key Systems, I had a hallway full of Kee Klamp scaffolding poles and wood (already cut to size by the timber yard). To make good, deep shelves, 2 lengths of timber were screwed together using joist brackets. The poles were laid down on the floor and then the side mounting brackets slid along each of the poles so that they could be positioned and tightened in the right place (single brackets for where there would only be a single shelf and double for where they would also support the middle shelves). Perhaps the most appealing aspect of industrial chic design is the urban, utilitarian simplicity of weathered steel, recycled and repurposed wood, and exposed seams. The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products. For the reluctant DIY’er who begrudgingly admits the need for the shelf or shelves, has the basic skills to do it, and really doesn’t want to go through the effort or expense of hiring someone, the simplicity of making your own shelves might seem like a curse! If you love DIY remodeling, however, and you’re always itching for that next project and hoping to learn a new skill or two while you’re at it, DIY shelving can be a major blessing thanks to a perfect combination of relative ease, low expense, project speedy-ness, and a chance at making a major WOW statement!
I’ve gone out on behalf of both the griper and the over-achiever and found a bunch of awesome examples of DIY Shelving Ideas. The mounting system of this shelf (a hidden 2×4 on the wall inside the box) is smart and makes getting the shelf right where you want it a breeze.
Get solid screws in the wall by either using an anchor system (toggle, molly, EZ-Anchor, etc.) or by screwing directly into something solid like a wall stud. I liked this particular shelf so much, it inspired me to create a to-scale 11×17 drawing you can use as a guide if you want to build one. Looking for a great looking alternative to an expensive bed for the master suite or a guest room?

Screw directly through the face, countersink and putty or plug the holes before finishing the shelf in-place – again not easy to remove. The blog post mentions buying all this at Home Depot and mentions the total cost at just under $200.
Same basic concept and materials as the floor-standing design but a good bit more difficult overall.
This really-neat-but-not-so-difficult idea is one of those that made it to Pinterest but from whence it came I cannot say. Pre-drill and install two finish screws at each joint, coming up from the bottom and down from the top.
If the top will be above eye-level, mount with L-brackets above top shelf, otherwise use a router to cut two keyholes in the top board and hang on wall.
The shelf in the (awesome) picture is screwed directly to the wall and the screws covered up (nicely). I found some dimensions I liked and got to work,  here is what  I did and what you will need. For additional support you can easily use a bracket on the far wall (the wall that the shelf runs into).
Trimurti is the Largest manufacturer of PVC Pipes and Fittings in India.Trimurti is the pvc pipes suppliers, plastic pipes manufacturers and pvc pipes manufacturers. And is the unit just so snug that it is not secure to either the wall or the ceiling in some way? This lead me to Kee Klamp, an awesome system of poles and clamps  - or Klamps :) - that you can literally build anything with as long as you have an Allen Key. The only problem with this was that I'd need to do a lot of pole cutting and the height between the shelves would be forever fixed. I wanted the shelves to have that used industrial retro look (not battered but definitely not clean cut), so I only wanted to sand down the edges of each piece of timber to remove any rough edges whilst still leaving the odd scuff and saw mark. I used three brackets spaced out along the length of each shelf and they were very securely held together. The bottom and top shelves were then drilled and bolted (using coach bolts and penny washers) to two of the poles that would support them (the ones which would be the back pair). The industrial style didn’t actually start as a style at all, but rather as an absence of style that focused on function over form.
I’ve included every skill level, every budget, and the project speed ranges from zero-to-done in fifteen minutes to a full weekend throw down.
But it’s a PITA and the box could easily be held together with just brad or trim nails and glue inside the joints. If you feel like this shelf is in a safe spot out of harms (kids or men) way, then you can just let it sit there.

What I mean by that is that rustic stuff works great for those of us who want (almost) everything done lightning fast without too much fuss over exposed nails, perfect alignment, etc.
My coathanger shelf has coat hanging hardware which can be used to cover up large mounting screws. This shelving unit, which is fully supported by the wall and ceiling, a la wall cabinet, was the inspiration for the above.
The alignment must be perfect to be sure that a good number of the mounting screws attach firmly and securely into solid structure.
If the ceiling connections are uber-strong, then the rest aren’t as big of a concern.
The only problem with that is removal down the road if you don’t want the shelf anymore, or if it breaks or becomes damaged. I just made these for my home office, they are like the pipe ones you have but with a lot less materials and therefore cost ahah. If I changed the design so that the poles were at the edges of the shelves rather then between them, I could keep the poles as one long length and use the side mounting clamps at whatever height the shelves needed to be. Instead of hiding evidence of construction with paint and polish, the industrial look lets forged metal, gears, piping, reclaimed wood, and unfinished, rough-around-the-edges surfaces take center stage. Since this is to be painted (vs a see-through finish) you could also just run screws through the face, countersink a little, putty and paint. This simple soultion combines an easy shelf with a little bit of simple sewing to create a really great looking headboard.
Maybe even just a flat end-cap almost flush with the support brackets, but that’s just a matter of preference and the ones used here look great. Drywall won’t hold this up and I would be very reluctant to trust even the best drywall anchors.
We simply made sure to screw each shelf bracket into the studs, and it is holding up wonderfully! I also saw that double clamps were available, so by rejigging the design I could make one long shelving unit rather than three separate ones and share the mountings and pole between them. The whole thing was then flipped over so that the front pair of poles could then be fitted in the same way. The resultant look is a somewhat androgynous style that’s both rugged and sleek, mixing repurposed or reclaimed materials with the feel of a warehouse loft.
The rest of the shelves could then be fitted, again without having to support any of the weight as everything was resting on the floor.

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