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I recently built a stand that I find useful for both washing a kayak and rigging without a lot of bending over. Since I used the trial and error method, which involved varying the height until I felt it was just right, I’ll start with a part list to expedite the process for anyone who might be interested in building one. Assemble the lengths of PVC with the elbows to form two rectangles that lay flat inside one another.
Since I’ve been modifying this stand to get the right fit I chose to secure the fittings with deck screws instead of PVC glue.
My stand I use for shows is about toast as I have used it for about eight years, this will be my replacement.
I'll be building one today._________________When the going gets tough, the tough go yakking.

I've been keeping my kayak leaned up against the deck, standing on its bow, outdoors exposed to the elements for over a year.
Doesn't Hobie recommend storing the kayaks flipped over as opposed to the way you show them?
Here's a rolling rack project that I did about three years ago and posted on a couple other sites. I wanted a rack that could hold up to 3 kayaks, but be able to get them all out of the way if needed. I used these corner brackets that I picked up at HD to secure all the cross piece bunks to the uprights and horizontal long pieces. I’d secure the strap with screws & make a couple of wraps around around the PVC, lawn chair style.

I'd recommend storing them upside down when or when it gets warm you'll get some indentations from those bars. Another thing that could help would be to put some thick pool noodles on the bar to help spread the contact point with the hull.
I know some folks advised hull up on the bunks, but I've never had a single issue with oil canning and it's much more convenient this way.

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