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When you’re beginning to take care of your garden, you may encounter a few problems and be discouraged by a few issues. Those plants generally let local weeds take advantage of the land and sun rays, and even if you water your garden beds with generosity, your harvests will remain small and of poor quality.
Remember that the following may depend on local elements such as weather andsun, so don’t forget to be wary of those. But how can you know if you’re your raised garden beds soil is light enough, and how to change it if it’s not? An important matter is also to have organic matter in your raised garden beds soil in order to feed your plants. If you want the best results for your plants, you will prefer organicfertilizers, such as canola meal or lawn food based ones, which are giving the best results on a long term basis. You should also use compost to feed your soil, as it is what will give your plants the elements they can’t find in your soil. Be wary that soil is not some smelly mess; it’s happening only if you’re not doing the process as it has to. In the end, your raised garden beds soil quality will depend on whether or not you respect those tips and tricks. The recipe is easy and involves mixing the three main ingredients, the difficult part comes in the soil calculations you have to make to find out the quantities to use for your raised bed. After you have mixed your ingredients, the soil has to be watered and left to settle for at least 14 days before you plant anything.

Some plants may be ravaged by vermin; some may produce undersized vegetables or even fail to grow as expected. Taking care of your raised garden beds soil is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. Here are some tips and tricks about how to choose and take care of your raised garden beds soil. Do not buy compact soil, as the roots need to travel through your soil so it may access nutrients which will feed your plants. The most common test is to put your finger in the bed: it should go down easily to the end of your pointer finger. If it does not contain any, then consider it as Dirt, the result will be the same: no grow, as there will not be any matter to feed from.
It also allows you to use the dead plants as you can take them out and put them into your raised garden beds soil filled with compost, so the residues are used again to help your next crop’s growth. Active compost pile does not smell at all, and when you take care correctly of it, finished compost has an earthy aroma. You should wait a few weeks before planting the next crop, so it will allow your compost to spread through your soil with the help of the rain.
That was my initial reaction too, when I found out that when it comes to raised garden beds it is best to use this diy garden soil recipe.
This is because regular dirt or soil does not have the right mixture of ingredients that will help nourish your plants, retain moisture and to allow for proper drainage.

That’s the secret of gardening, and if you pay attention to your soil, your garden will finally start to grow as you always wanted it to do so.
If this soil is too compacted, then your roots can’t find all those good elements and they will even be stuck in the roots. If you feel any difficulties to do so, then you should add some moss (such as sphagnum) on the top of your soil.
Canola meal is better for raised garden beds soil though as their only real issue is the fact they attract mice.
If you are not able to do your own compost, then you can buy compost tumblers that will also keep harmful animals such as mice far away from your material. It’s not hard to do, but it takes time, so it will need you to put your passion in your work, and that’s what makes it so good in the end. The main advantage of this technique is that it’s inexpensive as you can find it everywhere around your house or in a close forest. Many chemical fertilizers claim how much they give results, but in the end, it does not help your soil as its effects are short-term based.

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