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Microbrush applicators are ideal for accurate placement of adhesives, paints and glues , not as fine as a micro glue nozzle but still they have many uses, the end of the micro brush is bendable to make access to parts easier if required. 3 sizes available, Regular ( 2mm ), Fine ( 1.5mm ) and SuperFine ( 1mm ), colour of handle varies! We think you can never have enough different applicators, everyone has there favorite type , so we have a few more types to list today, many more types to list at a later date. Very, very fine nozzles for on adhesive bottles, around 4cm in length, allow very very small quantities of adhesive to be dispensed.
Very fine nozzles for on adhesive bottles, around 3cm in length, allow very very small quantities of adhesive to be dispensed.
We have many new products ready to launch , some will be listed over the next few weeks , however some are designed for a specific market sector and will be listed shortly before a relevant trade show , some will be listed shortly after the product launch at the relevant trade show, some will be listed normally on here at other dates! More Applicators!, We have so many applicators in stock, many not listed so we are trying to list some more every now and then! PinPoint applicator bottles, ideal for pin point application of most products suitable for solvents, water, chemicals, adhesives, glues, plastic cement, paints etc, each bottle is fitted with a metal needle nozzle and overcap, supplied with 2 spare needle tips. A kit of chemical resistant sponge wipes, approximately 100mm long handle with a 12mm diameter 20mm long foam wipe on the end, Supplied with 10ml chemical resistant syringe and a 25ml chemical resistant pot.
Ideal for constructing or repairing components that suffer from impacts during use, the `BounceBack`formula of this product will allow its use to replace even large areas of model components such as EPP model aircraft structures, tougher than EPP!
This amazing product can even be used to fabricate pares for RC planes leaving a beadless structure similar to EPP but with greater strength!
A coat of EpCoat to a foam model will penetrate the surface and bond the beads of foams like Epp and EPS together to foam an extra tough surface skin that resists damage on impact with the floor or other objects.

25ml graduated plastic mixing pots for resin adhesives, clear with moulded in markings, moulded from non stick clear polypropylene. Our precision turned metal adaptor nozzle and micro extender tip for aluminium glue tubes are now available in range of colours.
A specially formulated wood coating for all wood craft, furniture wood turning etc, pour on self levelling formula. High strength impact resistant rubber toughened adhesive formulated for pool or snooker cue tips, 5 to 10 second set time. High strength impact resistant adhesive for pool or snooker cue tips, 1 to 2 minutes set time. 3 types of professional adhesive, single part and  twin component in fast or slow formulas.
Designed for use with our aerospace formula epoxy adhesive supplied in 50ml epoxy gun cartridges , these nozzles fit to the end and mix the adhesive. Very fine micro nozzle pipettes , manufactured to give accurate dispensing of products such as our PolyWeld and MekWeld solvent weld adhesives, they are also used by some people with thin cyanoacrylate adhesive. These micro tip nozzles are manufactured to fit our larger size bottle caps such as the ones fitted on our aliphatic resin and PVA wood glues.
Simply apply to the joint and `Joint Doctor` will penetrate the joint restore the loose fits and freeze the joint to remove the wobble,This product takes about 20 minutes to set so loads of time to do the whole job and check its straight before sets, drips or spills can be washed off before they dry. Manufactured on our own automatic turning machines to fit our aluminium tube adhesives , available in 2 types one with a micro needle and one with a yellow plastic applicator tip. Screw on precision nozzle with blunt hypodermic needle for precision adhesive dispensing from most aluminium tubes to give the tiniest of drops as required.

Screw on precision nozzle with precision plastic nozzle tip for precision adhesive dispensing from most aluminium tubes to give the tiniest of drops as required.
Repairing high backed wooden chairs doesn't require you to run right out and hire a professional. Series Description: You don't have to buy new furniture every few years - you can always repair and refinish your old items to give them a whole new look. Step-by-step procedures, accompanied by clear, precise illustrations, provide excellent instruction and make any home repair seem easy.
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Seriously, if you are tired, under the influence, hurried, do not use any tools until you are calm, rested and of good mind. Designed to take up any gaps in the joint without loosing strength giving a tough impact resistant due to carbon and rubber reinforcement that gives a structural bond to almost any surface including carbon, steel, aluminium, titanium, composites etc. Learn about do it yourself furniture repair for high backed chairs with help from a master precision craftsman in this free video clip.
Get tips on furniture repair and refinishing with help from a master precision craftsman in this free video series. Diagnose typical plumbing concerns that cause many homeowner and apartment dweller the willies.

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