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These Wendy House plans are duplicates of the plans used to build Wendy Houses for an episode of London’s Burning in 1993. When I’ve received 50 shed files, I will arrange for an appropriate prize for the best. Tony soon turned apprehension into confidence with a relaxed teaching style that suited all abilities, putting everyone at ease.
I attended this course in January 2012, as a competent hobby woodworker, but with no woodcarving experience.
I am writing to express my appreciation for the great customer service I have received from The Rocking Horse shop during making a Large Rocky Rocking Horse.
On the three occasions I either phoned or emailed I was given helpful and friendly advise which was followed by a speedy delivery.
For me it was a first working with sharp chisels and wood but within the first hour of the course Tony have given all of us enough confindence to begin to shape our horses heads and by the end of the three days we all came away with heads we could hold up with pride.
This is an excellent course - suitable even for someone like me with very limited woodworking skills indeed. All the staff in both the shop and workshop are extremely friendly & helpful - as well as being very knowledgeable about every aspect of rocking horses and how to make them. For woodworkers we offer a range of exclusive DIY plans supported by prepared timber packs, quality accessories & tack and specialist tools. You were never rushed, everything from carving techniques to use of special power tools was very well explained. Had an great time and learned quite a bit in the three days I was there and it was my first course on carving and I will def think of doing something else again soonish lol.
I have to agree with all the positive reviews already made on the 3 day workshop on carving a rocking horse head. Artisteer - web design software joomla template maker, Artisteer - automated web designer.

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Tony builds confidence in both your woodcarving skills but also your artistic interpretation - by the end your horse's head may not look exactly like one of his but it will be pretty darn good! Miraculously, at the end of three days, I found myself in possession of a very presentable carved head, greatly exceeding my expectations. I'd never done any woodcarving before and managed to leave with something that looked like a rocking horse head! The whole course was well planned and we never were never made to feel the beginers we were. Tony is not only an amazing carver himself, but has that rare gift of being able to pass on his skills with patience and care to everyone in the room. Ready-to-ride horses are available from stock, or you can commission a 'Special', made to your own preferred size and style.
It was with some trepidation that I arrived at The Rocking Horse Shop to become a student at the 'Carve a Head' course. Tony and the team made me very welcome and have no hesitations what so ever in recommending this course. I experienced a very well organised course on learning the techniques for using the tools on solid wood without messing up the head right away, leading on to shaping the head as you would like. After a truly enjoyable three days carving the head for a large rocking horse I first made the little rocky chair horse for my grandson and then went on to complete the large rocking horse. Tony is an excellent teacher, able to give just the right level of help or advice to a pretty varied bunch of students.
Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere on the course and I liked the format of Tony demonstrating each stage before letting us loose to have a go ourselves.

I now have an almost complete horse getting ready for his saddle, main and tail after countless hours of fun and head scratching. We each created our own carving having watched Tony explain exactly how to do it, from the basic handling of the tools, the working of the wood, through to the anatomy of the horse that is being imitated.
I had minimal experience with woodwork having made some small wooden toys, but had never tried my hand at carving. Just follow what Tony demonstrates step by step and you will end up with a very professional looking horse’s head and a good working knowledge of how to use the tools. He provided as much or as little help as requested and at no stage was I ever made to feel like I was going to fail.
The first thing to be said is how friendly everyone was, only 2 mins after entering the premises I had a cup of coffee in my hand.
I have the rest of the timber pack and am now looking forward to completing the whole rocking horse.?If you have ever considered trying your hand at carving or making a complete rocking horse, then put it off no longer, this is the course for you.
I had already assembled the Large Rocky and carved the body but I needed some practise on a head. I am determined to complete the full horse and have in fact now purchased the materials to do so. There were six of us on the course and there were six good looking heads after only three days.

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