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En una empresa productora, el tiempo que lleva terminar un producto depende en gran parte del suministro de materias primas, de elementos de ensamblaje o de piezas sueltas en todos los niveles de la cadena de produccion.
Por esto, se puede decir que disponer de la materia prima para la fabricacion de los productos es crucial, y es triste saber una vez puesto en marcha un negocio, que contar con los textiles para fabricar las camisas tardaran unas 5 semanas de fabricacion desde el pedido a nuestro proveedor, mas quizas otras 9 semanas de transporte. Por otro lado, en la actualidad el Internet se perfila como el mejor modelo para la gestion de la cadena de suministro por muchos motivos: es una red abierta, de bajo costo, puede ser utilizada para tener una nocion global del negocio y ayuda a solucionar mas rapidamente los retos que presenta la cambiante demanda de los clientes y la disponibilidad de recursos para la produccion. El SCM, (Supply Chain Management o Administracion de la Cadena de Suministros) se define como la union, de proveedores y consumidores por medio de una cadena. El modelo SCM, se toma cada vez con mayor interes por las empresas, debido a su alta efectividad.
Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. There are many reasons why a formal process must be followed including the prevention of fraud, cost saving, compliance with regulations, management of risk and control. There is sometimes a significant amount of effort required to ensure that a supplier is appropriate for a particular category of goods or services. The principles of approval and segregation of responsibilities provides an organization with a control to reduce the risk of fraud. A formal purchasing process that records a predefined set of processes allows the path of events to be examined retrospectively to identify errors or deliberate breaches of policy. All commercial organizations have a legal responsibility to account for their finances including for the goods and services that they procure. A standard process allows for automation and the use of technology which reduces the cost of the process.
Softskills are the essential competency that empowers professionals to function effectively.

In a competitive business environment many companies have come to the conclusion that training programs can improve not only employee skills but also their business.
A company will thrive and excel only when the quality of its Human Capital is best-in-class. Advansys have been a valuable recruitment partner of Jindal Steel & Power Limited for the last few years.
Having worked with Advansys on a very specific role within our organisation, I was pleasantly surprised on the shortlisted candidates I received. A responsive, efficient and approachable business, that worked hard to achieve our supply needs, even at times where last minute additions were added to the scope of work required. Advansys provided us with a stream of consistently high caliber candidates across all skill sets and at all levels of seniority. Y eso sin contar con las 3 semanas que se tardara en colocar las camisas en tiendas distribuidoras a lo largo del pais. Se busca principalmente que los procesos que anaden mas valor a la cadena, esten integrados para evitar disconformidades en uno u otro. El objetivo de las empresas se deriva principalmente de dos factores: la globalizacion de mercados y produccion y la evolucion tecnologica. El proposito fundamental de las cadenas de suministro es satisfacer las necesidades del cliente. Pueden accederse a un mayor numero de proveedores potenciales y a un mayor numero de ofertas de manera rapida, sencilla y automatizada. La informacion en linea de suministros en almacenes permite prever las necesidades de produccion y optimizar la gestion de stocks.
To understand or to explain why a formal process should be followed it can be useful to think in terms of the 5 As.

They should be able to supply goods and services that meet requirements of quality and fit for purpose. The requirement for the approval of a purchase requisition prevents inappropriate purchases being made and the separation of responsibilities to unconnected parts of the buying organization helps to reduce the risk of collusion. They manage expectations very well and their support is honest, professional and always proactive.
The team set out to thoroughly understand the brief, were knowledgeable and extremely helpful, throughout the process which lead to a number of very good appointments".
On each occasion that L&T has hired their services, the recruitment process was completed quickly and efficiently, and the candidates the agency recommended were of the highest calibre. They should be reliable financially sound and not present a commercial or reputation risk and their prices should be competitive.
It makes no sense to perform the relevant research on a supplier each time goods or services are required.
This can have a crucial bearing on how the finances of the organisation are described which in turn can have a tax and profitability impact.
By developing preferred suppliers, longer term sustainable relationships can be developed that deliver a better value for money.

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