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About five years ago we (wife Cindy,A daughter Charlotte and Lane) were in the North Georgia mountains near Clayton, Ga., and I saw this strange looking trailer parked in the Walmart parking lot.
We have camped in the North Georgia state parks about six times and LOVE the trailer.A A It really gets a lot of attention, and it is great, inexpensive activity to bring the family together. Precautionary Pam reminds: Peoples, be sure to remember that old paint may have lead in it. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Absolutely love the aqua and yellow with a splash of red, I have a tiny 61 Aloha with yellow counter tops so I might just steal your idea! I have a blog that is chronicling my adventure in learning to rebuild to road ready status a 13' 1963 Aritocrat LoLiner named Roxy. All content is copyrighted to Little Vintage Trailer and respected photographers of original photos. It was not an Airflyte but a 1964 Astroflyte, which is just like the Airflyte but it has a cabover to sleep two more people, which we needed with our family of four. On Wednesday we take our longest trip yet to Disney World Fort Wilderness and are really looking forward to it. I didn’t remove the edge rails and put in new putty tape but shot a bead of sealant down each side of the rails and at the roof seams where the aluminum sheets connect. Consult with a properly licensed professional to determine what you have so that you can make informed decisions how to handle.

I am amazed at how beautiful your restoration turned out, and I am sure your family will make many memories in it!
I started out working on cushion covers (a nighmare I might add and eventually I think I’ll have to have them professionally done).
They don’t have doors on them so I thought I could either make some hinged doors or go with fabric locker baskets.
I knew I wanted to incorporate the aqua color and the red came as an after thought but I love the combo! I've camped in her once prior to the interior decorating and goodness is she fun and cozy to camp in.
I have had a 1965 Kit Companion since June 2011 and she came with the Aqua-Turquoise appliances, so it was great to see you jump in with aqua accents.
She is decked out in Aqua too but her colors are warm white, dark chocolate brown and black accents.
I received a lot of help from theA internet, especially Repairing Yesterday Travel Trailers. Did you replace the seal around the door and if so what type was it and where did you source this? We bought ours for a thousand bucks and it was in pretty sorry shape…with shrew nests, various animal droppings etc.
One thing I didn't like about my overhead open storage was how it always looked visually cluttered. I mounted cafe curtain rods (I would inside mount them if mine were like yours), and added sheers in the same color as the wall.

Dead mice on the floor, infested with ants, and the biting stink bugs were all over the place. My plan is to add some red ric rac to the top edges of each to give them some color and then create labels for each one.
It keeps everything from showing yet is transparent and light and I can see the baskets for organizing well. That way I’ll know at a glance what each one contains without having to pull them out to look. I love the idea of the red ric rac on the baskets…Red and aqua is my fave color combo you know…and the buttercup yellow is just SO COMPLETELY adorable! My colors are a warm white on the walls and ceiling, with dandelion yellow and cobalt blue accents, and aqua splashes to tie in the sink, stove and fridge. Also, otherwise it was starting to look like a Easter egg inside (:I love the little aqua pots hanging there.
The photos don't show the addition of my curtains over the sheers or carpet, but they are a visual.

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