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We only use graded materials in the construction of ourmade to order bespoke garden sheds, the same as in our range of standard garden sheds. If there is an element to your design that makes the bespoke shed, summerhouse or garden building impractical then we will tell you and offer an alternative solution. If you can't see the bespoke garden shed you are looking for then contact us and we'll provide you with a quote. Are used to resolve and his outstanding testimonial in regards five feet by 5 ft it should. Popular competition's elite entries include teapot-shaped shed and another inspired by gothic castle with stained-glass windows.
But, as this year's Shed of the Year 2014 finalists demonstrate, the common garden shed is now the domain for luxury design, sofas and even hot tubs – with many good enough to live in. Among the elite sheds selected as Britain's best included one shaped like a teapot, one inspired by a gothic castle, complete with stained-glass windows, and another transformed into a cinema. The four finalists for each of the eight categories in 2014's Shed of the Year were chosen from over 2,000 entries voted for by more than 20,000 members of the public. Pim's shed will compete in the eco category against a luxury glass shed-cum-greenhouse Pool Hoose, made entirely of recycled materials, another shed with an allotment on the roof and finally one which is in the process of becoming a walking house that will soon be carried by four hydraulic articulated legs. Another unique example among this year's finalists is the Disco Shed, owned by DJs Paddy Bickerton and Aidan Larkin from the Cotswolds, which is a fully mobile shed that travels the country to play at music festivals. With an estimated 14 million shed owners in the UK, the competition even includes a category dedicated to those who have turned their sheds into their own personal pub or bar as well as a category just for Doctor Who fans who have turned their shed into a Tardis. The 32 finalists will compete for the accolade of shed of the year as well as £1,000 prize money and a giant crown for their shed. The garden shed was also credited as being beneficial to the wellbeing of the British population. The timber that this shed is made from has been pressure treated and this will keep the shed free from rot, make the shed be low maintenance and also give it a very robust feel. The apex roof on this shed is something that we looked at, looked again, had a look at the doors and then went back to looking at the roof.
The pressure treatment process that the timber has gone through makes the 8 mm thick overlap cladding very strong and resistant to rot. The pressure treatment extends to the frame as well which makes the already impressive 28 mm x 28 mm frame even better. Under your feet when you are pottering around, storing your belongings or maybe even doing a little DIY is a floor that is made from oriented strand boarding.
We love it when a shed is pressure treated not just because of how strong and long lasting it makes the shed, but because it means you do not have to treat it once a year. With the timber being pressure treated they are very confident in this shed, so confident that they are giving you a 15 year anti rot guarantee. One side of the shed has a window that is made from 1.25 mm thick shatter resistant styrene.

The shed comes with a hasp and staple to keep the door closed, which on one hand is fine as it will keep the doors closed, but we have seen similar sheds that come with a pad bolt which we really would have liked to have seen here. While there is a window on one side of the shed, you do not have much to worry about when it comes to a lack of privacy. The most notable extra that they offer is a Yale Hasp Steel Black Finish 120 mm & Brass 40 mm Padlock. Below are a few examples of bespoke garden building we have supplied for our clients, we have many more on our office database. It contains DJ decks, lights, a smoke machine, a disco ball and a record sleeve-lined roof. The overall winner will be announced on 7 August in the final episode of a three part Channel 4 series, Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year. Research done in connection with the competition found that 12% of Brits feeling at their happiest when they spend time in their shed while 23% of men even claim that spending time in their shed makes them feel more masculine. The frame and the overlap cladding make one fantastic team that is going to keep this shed standing strong and solid for many years. Sure that may not be “cool” to some people, but to you fellow shed and DIY lovers, you will appreciate it.
Even not pressure treated this would be a frame that would make us nod our head in admiration. This floor and the joists below it is able to take plenty of weight so if you have heavy tools or other things that are rather weighty then this floor is going to be happy to take it. So if you know that you are the kind of person who will end up forgetting to treat the shed a few years down the line then fact this does not need that annual treatment is a huge plus. The vast height and width of the doors means that you will find getting something as awkward as a bike into the shed will be no trouble at all. We really like this window and it is going to let light into the shed very well, but unfortunately it does not open which is a bit disappointing. Do not worry though as adding a padlock could not be any easier to install so you can do that if you want to keep those people with sticky fingers out of your shed. Of course if people have their nose pressed up against the window then they are going to see what is inside, but from the street or next door, the window is not so large it is easy to have a sneaky look inside. But with the classic design of this shed, we feel that this would actually look pretty nice in any colour. Fitting this to the shed could not be any easier, and at ?19.99 we feel that the price is not that bad either.
Add to this one incredible and clever design and you have a shed that is going to give you a lifetime of use. This is a two person job and not actually a difficult job, we see more awkward in places than straight up difficult. We knew that it was going to be an impressive shed as it was constructed out of pressure treated timber, but it is all the other things in addition to this that really blew our socks off.

Clients would often ask us to make alterations, moving or adding doors and windows or building to a custom size.
Those two large double doors are the first thing you notice and they are going to come in very handy for those of you with large items that you need to store.
The large double doors are not just practical, but with their z braces and awesome looking, heavy duty hinges they are just as well made as the rest of the shed. Even for an apex roof this is steep, but that is actually meant to be a compliment as it is going to really make any rain that lands on the roof run right off. While the cladding looks good and is strong enough to take a right hook from Mike Tyson, it is also so well made and tightly put together that it will prevent rain from getting into the shed. So 20 years from now when you go and put your futuristic ride on hover mower back in the shed and the shed is still just as robust as it was the day you built it, you have the frame to thank for this.
While treatment is not necessary, you could always go for a coloured wood treatment to change the look of the shed and also give the timber even more protection. The floor can be given a bit of protection from the ground below by purchasing the ?119.99 plastic shed base.
Those large double doors with the z framing and strong hinges, the robust flooring and watertight apex roof are the main things that make this such a great shed. The window on the side of the shed is there so that you have a good flow of natural light entering the shed and to also give it a little bit more style.
This is what we would call a mid sized shed as it has a depth of 5 feet 1 inches and a depth of 7 feet 1 inch which while not an enormous amount of space is going to be more than enough for most people. Oriented strand boarding is what the roof is made from and this is some solid boarding and will be protected and given a bit of style thanks to the covering of mineral felt that is green. The hinges used have a great look and are very high quality and keeping the doors strong is a ‘z’ brace on each door. This is a fantastic base it really is, but we do feel that it is a little on the high price side.
The storage space it offers is very good for a mid sized shed and you will find that it is far more spacious than you would think.
Along the ridge there is 7 feet of headroom which is very impressive so while you cannot hold a basketball game in here, you can at least walk around comfortably.
The eaves height is a little low at 4 feet 11 inches, but to be honest we really are not bothered about that and actually think some shelving along here would be great.

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