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Christmas Stocking - - I went yarn browsing and found some of that sparkly Christmas yarn. We were out and about during the weekend and we walked passed a charity shop to get to the bike shop we needed to visit. Tobes’ best friend is having his birthday party tomorrow and we thought it a lovely idea for Tobes to make his own card. Fold forward the shelf, cutting the two-inch lines above the bricks (shown in illustration).

Then decorate the fabric or felt with pictures of stars, reindeer, trees, holly, candy canes, or whatever. The two fronts of the fireplace of course must be the same distance forward, and the shelf resting on them. You can do this with other pieces of felt or fabric or with buttons, sequins, glitter, or whatever you want to use. Then draw and cut the candlesticks and Christmas stockings, and place them in position, and pin or paste them on.

If you want, you can glue cotton on the top of the stocking to look like the classic Christmas stocking.

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