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It’s nice to see Auray punts still in use on the Southern Brittany coast more than a century since British yachtie Claude Worth first recorded them and suggested they would make good tenders.
Click here for a post on Worth’s observations, and here for more on Auray punts generally. Have you got news for us?If what you're doing is like the things you read about here - please write and tell us what you're up to. Classic Sailor is a new magazine about traditional and classic boats from ex-Classic Boat editor Dan Houston and colleagues that promises rather more coverage of the traditional craft around our coast.
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Our Faversham-based friend Alan Thorne can help with boatbuilding projects - constructing to plans in very tidy stitch-and-glue or more traditional techniques.
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Brian Pearson spotted this beautiful 1939 Herbert Woods-built Norfolk punt for sale on eBay. Curlew was owned and raced by Herbert Woods in 1943 and then sucessfully raced by many notable local sailors, so she has an interesting history – and in fact even has a tropy named after her. The seller says he saved the boat along with another when they had to come out of barn storage at short notice, and there was a high chance that they would have been broken up and burnt, and intends to sell Curlew to someone who will get her back on the water where she belongs.
Intending to pick up on another recent theme from Chris Partridge’s Rowing for Pleasure weblog, I took some photos of gunning punts at another of my favourite small boating museums, the splendid Museum of the Broads at Stalham.
So imagine my surprise when I found he has only today put up a series of photos virtually identical to mine. Call me a pessimist, but I can’t help thinking this tactic of surrounding and shooting the birds must have led to some nasty incidents in which some of the boatmen must also have been injured. In a way, gunning punts are still used in Norfolk on a regular basis – for they were adopted for racing and developed into the scary Norfolk Punt, a high-powered sailing racing machine still sailed regularly on Barton Broad.
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I have not tried the plan but punts are relatively simple boats and meant to be used in quiet waters so it would certainly produce a usable boat. If You run ampere flat bottomed Irish punt with an engine it makes sense adding some variety of a reel to the seat otherwise the boat bequeath slide sideway when trying to turn. Group A one sheet interlingual rendition of the very much celebrated Auray innocent boat plans and building instructions.
Last updated June 1 Indiana Canada the term punt give notice too bring up to any small flavorless bottomed sauceboat with a square switch off bow irrespective of aim building material operating theatre propulsion loose.

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