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Pero otra opcion, mas economica es comprar la espuma y tela y coser unas fundas mas o menos presentables.
Me cuenta que aprovechando que ya tenia tela elegida y unas sillas viejas que no usaba apra nada, compro un poco mas y las tapizo a conjunto. Por ultimo grapo un poco de velcro al palet para que no se movieran los cojines, pero cree que no hubiera sido necesario.
Pues se han ahorrado unos cuants euritos, y les ha quedado una chaise longe de lo mas cuca!

Body + cushion the back, seat + cushion covers set (seat and back) of the set.2 people hanging natural line of sofas. The HALO ( Haro ) and inherit the tradition of good old Europe and technology, combined with modern design. At its origin, ante-embody their passion to defend Qu furniture against a certain aesthetic and craftsmanship. HALO from the sale of antique furniture and renovation began in the United Kingdom started taking after the antique.

Instead of just playing furniture in the past, slowly added a new value by the representations of its own. By the unique conception and technical prowess and introduced vintage-style novel, around the world has been shocked.

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