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It is helpful though, I'm really confused if it is safe to use a treadmill desk, I just want to know what are the safety methods when using treadmill desk. As I sit here with serious back and neck pain (despite being in pretty good shape) this article is hitting me like a ton of bricks! I spend at least 8 hours a day sitting at a desk and it is taking it's toll after 14 years.
I have a few tools like a timeout feature on my iMac and a new fitbit, but what I like best is a new app called Hotseat. The National Retail Federation forecasts that retailers and merchants will hire between 730,000 and 790,000 seasonal workers this holiday season.[i] Many of these workers, such as sales associates and cashiers, have little, if any, opportunity to sit during their work shift.
NIOSH conducted a review of the literature to examine the risks of prolonged standing in the workplace. Interventions such as floor mats, shoe inserts, adjustable chairs, sit–stand workstations, and compression stockings have been used by employees to reduce the pain, discomfort and fatigue from prolonged standing. A reliable characterization of prolonged standing is needed based on a standard workday (i.e continuously standing for over one hour or standing for over 4 hours per day). Comments listed below are posted by individuals not associated with CDC, unless otherwise stated.
The work of Karen Messing and her colleagues has contributed a lot to making this hazard better understood and more recognised. I’m wondering how this research and the relatively recent research about prolonged *sitting* mesh together. Concerning this research, I’m particularly curious about the notion that standing for too long can lead to cardiovascular problems.
It will be interesting to conduct a study on the correlation between formation of plantar calcaneal spur and duration and frequency of prolonged standing among workers. All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments. Standing desks, stand up desks and sit stand desks are quickly gaining popularity at home and at work. We’ve worked our way through various stand up desks and absolutely love the ability to sit or stand at the same workspace.
Aside from the ability to dance while you work, standing desks offer numerous benefits including higher calorie burn and better ergonomics. Working while standing prevents that hunched over posture that hits at the end of a long day, leading to better back health.
Working in a correct ergonomic position will help you avoid many of pains which plague computer workers, and a sit stand desk like the Workfit S allows you to change your position throughout the day to avoid muscle fatigue.
Standing up burns a noticeable amount of calories every day, 276 for a 200 pound individual in 6 hours, which leads to a healthier life.
A recent study found that adult males that sat more, were more likely to die from heart disease. If you want to start using a standup desk, you can easily create your own desk with items you have nearby to see how you like standing while you work.
The Workspace Planner Tool will allow you to see where your monitor, keyboard and elbows should be in a proper ergonomic setup, tailored to your height, the preference to sit or stand and use of bifocals.
If you want to get started with a standing workspace today, you just need some books, milk crates or boxes to build your own temporary standing workspace.
Other users have chosen to use milk crates or sturdy boxes to lift thier actual desk off the ground. Ikea Hacked Standup Desk -$260 – If you are willing to stand at the desk all the time, this hacked Ikea desk is the nicest looking standing desk we have seen. MDF Standing Desk – Flickr user timothybohen has created this amazing looking standing desk from MDF boards. DIY Pine Table Standing Desk – This DIY pine standing desk may leave a notebook hanging off the edge, but it is beautiful and it has a nice footrest to help you change up positions throughout the day.
As homeowners have become more aware of the benefits of metal roofing its’ popularity has soared.
Metal roofing no longer looks like “barn tin” as our grand-parents use to say, it now comes with a granular surface. Now that you know about Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing and the Gerard metal roofs we install, I will tell you about our competition.  I am not here to bad mouth any company just the different products they install. Both of these types of metal roofs have limitations as far as warranty on the paint and snow slide. Raised Seam or Standing Seam metal as in figure 2 has no exposed fasteners and is typically a 24ga metal with a Kynar 500®  paint.  You can also buy a cheaper 26 ga raised rib panel as well but the paint warranty is usually not as strong as the 24 ga. Raised seam is popular for industrial applications such as schools, banks and government buildings. Lastly, there is a good reason why exposed fastener roofing is called “Barn Steel” roofing.  It is intended to be installed on a barn roof – not your home! You now have a working knowledge of the different metal roof offerings that are installed the most. Natural wood shake is also highly flammable, and combined with petroleum based waterproofing under-laymnets that are used, poses a very high fire risk to the home owner. Gerard USA is a division of Metals USA, Inc., a premier provider of metal building products for home and commercial industries. No other metal roofing manufacturer warrantees their stone coating 100% for the lifetime of the original owner and 50 years transferable. I’ve been thinking about standing desks and my ideal workspace for, well, a few years now.
Then I started hearing from friends who worked in large Silicon Valley complexes that their employers had gone beyond offering standing desks to standing-desks-with-treadmills.
I use an ottoman for a standing secretary: his name is Selim and he holds my keyboard at the perfect height.

Seriously, though, the Frederik is OK, but the top self does not allow for a large screen monitor to fit under it if you have the main work surface high enough for a standing desk.
The actual antifatigue mat I use (yes, on top of the two solid ones) is more like the Sublime you linked above. I have a standing workstation for my music; I sat at a piano a lot as a kid so naturally when I got a synth, I bought a bench, but for some reason sitting there was crampinated and unpleasant. I recently converted to a standing desk setup and have been amazed how much more active I feel -- not only physically but also mentally throughout the day.
It's all about getting up from the chair, for a simple 5 minute movement, and lets me do it with a work buddy for the extra KITA. Increasingly, workers across a variety of occupations are required to stand for long periods of time without being able to walk or sit during their work shift. In reviewing the studies examining the effectiveness of interventions, we concluded that dynamic movement appeared to be the best solution for reducing risk of these health problems due to prolonged standing.
Various groups, such as the Association for peri-operative Registered Nurses (AORN) and the Dutch researchers, have suggested time limits for prolonged standing, which they believe would be effective. Dick, PhD, Captain USPHS (Ret.)  is a visiting scientist in the NIOSH Division of Applied Research and Technology. The influence of high and low heeled shoes on EMG timing characteristics of the lumbar and hip extensor complex during trunk forward flexion and return task.   Man Ther.
The effect of walking in high- and low-heeled shoes on erector spinae activity and pelvis kinematics during gait. For example ,the employee that presents subjectiv and objectiv modifications in his state of health, that can be atributed to prolonged standing is either exchanged from his workplace (rotation) or he could beneficiate of 10 min every dwo hours of sitting or lying down in Trendelemburg in a separate room. Based on the number of people asking us about standing desks, we would go so far as to say that 2011 will be the Year of the Stand Up Desk. If you want to get started, we invite you to standup and learn how to get started with a standup desk. How else could I drop a few pounds over the holiday season with a constant influx of treats and no time to run.
Ergotron’s Just Stand website has a calculator which will help you figure out how many calories you will burn by standing while you work, which is a nice incentive. We made our fist stand up desk with a collection of old yearbooks and a scrap board as shown below from our DIY standing desk.
These solutions are handy for trying out a standup desk, but we found that we soon wanted a more permanent looking desk.
It can be as cheap as a shelf bolted to the wall as shown in this great lookign desk we found on Flickr via Unpluggd. During the past decade Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing has installed more than 1300 Gerard metal shingle roofs, mostly the Canyon Shake style. Now it does have a large following in the heavy snow states like in the mountains, the Upper Peninsula, on log homes and inFlorida. Now it works great in the country on pole barns because it is relatively cheap to buy and install. They typically have a warranty that the paint will not change over 7 Hunter units; notice the numbers on the side A7 is the 30 year mark. Stone coated and pressed into different profiles, they offer texture and style not found in traditional metal roofing products.
My interest has been spurred in part by people I know who, like me, write for a living, having positive experiences with standing desks. Marko Kloos, writer and VP alum was a standing desk convert, first with a trial setup, and then via a local Borders Bookstore closing, a more permanent pair of standing desks. Thomas Mann used to write while standing and using the top of his refrigerator as his desk. You can still use it with a large screen monitor in this way, but it means the keyboard ends up jammed against the base of such a monitor. Like Michael says above, the top shelf doesn’t allow for a monitor at the proper height. I highly recommend something like that, especially for the first few days while you’re getting used to it. Have you come across any studies that have measured the activation levels of the deep postural muscles while sitting in half and full lotus? For example, in operating rooms, nurses and doctors must stand for many hours during surgical procedures. The studies consistently reported increased reports of low back pain, physical fatigue, muscle pain, leg swelling, tiredness, and body part discomfort due to prolonged standing. The ability for workers to “have movement” during work, such as walking around, or being able to easily shift from standing to sitting or leaning posture during the work shift seemed to be a common suggestion in nearly all of the literature but needs more research.
If the disease can be atributed to profession, I signal it to abilitated control organisms and if the case corfirms that employee benefits of 4 to 12 salaries (depending on the disease),pait recuperatory treatment and so on.
We’ll share the benefits of standing up while working, the measurements you are aiming for and some of our favorite standing and sit stand desks.
We’ll share some tools and resources with you below, but as someone who has used a standing desk through the Black Friday and holiday season I can share two things. Because the measurements vary from based on height, we recommend you use the Comfortable Computing Initiative Workspace Planner Tool to find the right measurements for your standing desk.
Their warranties are not as strong as Gerard’s and they all pro-rate in 20 years after being installed, with declining coverage for the remaining 30 years.
Most homes in residential areas do not install this type of metal roofing because the owners do not want to standout that much from the rest of the neighborhood.
Just read our Real Life Fire Stories from customers who were glad to have replaced their wood shake with Gerard’s Canyon Shake style stone coated metal roof tiles. The steel provides the perfect medium for pressing panels to resemble various conventional materials: asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and wood shakes.

Simply put: Our warranty, covering all defects in manufacturing and workmanship is the best in the industry, and covers your roof 100% for the lifetime of the original purchaser and 50 years transferable. And of course there are the articles, like this one from early this month in The Wall Street Journal, touting the popularity of standing desks in Silicon Valley. As much as I enjoyed sitting on a piano bench when I was younger, for some reason, a standing arrangement suits me better now. There is significant evidence that prolonged standing at work (primarily in one place) increases risk of low back pain, cardiovascular problems, and pregnancy outcomes.
He made important contributions to research on work-related musculoskeletal disorders and was a co-author of the study summarized here. The steel is then coated with corrosion inhibitors, epoxy primers and other protective layers to provide a permanent metal roofing product. Some have a twenty five year warranty on their granules these also pro rates after 20 years. Just remember when the snow slides it goes fast and you do not want to be anywhere near the area when it does. These are usually more expensive because there are not that many installers around that like to use it and most are of the 24 ga so the metal itself is more.
This is installed on homes as well but as it expands and contacts on a daily basis it puts an egg shape hole around the screw until it leaks 5-10 years after being installed. Combine this with our highly durable baked on petroleum base coat, reflective decorative stone coatings, and best UV rated acrylic finishes, and you have a material that will never rot, crack, warp or break – at least not in ones lifetime. This means that if you purchase a KBS metal roof, and live in your home for 60 years, you will be covered 100% for that entire duration. I have a good task chair and a lovely adjustable computer desk made by the now defunct ScanCo company in storage, and no room at all in the apartment for a large desk. That way I can hide my laptop under it, and run cords under it without them looking all messy. Does sitting on the floor or squatting lead to the same shut down of metabolism that sitting in an office chair or in front of a TV does? We don’t do doors, windows, asphalt shingles, siding or decks like other roofing companies. This classic look of a Gerard stone coated steel metal roof will stand the test of time and will always look beautiful. Unlike standing seam metal roofs, steel roofing tiles or shingles are made of interlocking and install horizontally. If you install a KBS metal roof, and sell your home after a period of time (lets say 10 years after installation), your warranty transfers on to the new owner and covers that owner for a period of 50 years from the date of installation.
Mostly these days, I sit in a comfortable easy chair and use a piece of fiber board as a lapdesk under my Mac Book. They may look like Gerard’s Canyon Shake but they don’t stand up warranty wise and no other installer In Eau Claire has the experience that the Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing crew has, none. They have the right idea to have a metal roof but they went for the perceived value and it is not there. The 90-degrees interlocking feature aids in leak prevention, and the design keeps the panels in place during a storm. Another fact that sets us apart from our competitors is this: If you sell your home during the 50-year warranty period, the new owner automatically receives the warranty benefits without having to sign up. As an experiment about six months ago on a whim, I moved my laptop to the top of a half-height bookcase. The goal is a more durable roof that still retains the aesthetic advantages of a more traditional roofing material so you “look” like you belong in your Eau Claire neighborhood. Sliding snow when it hits the ground will become an iceberg by the time you get home from work. Pole barn steel leaks as I have always said “it is not bad if you have a leak on your tractor seat but you wouldn’t want one on your loveseat”.
Our competitors require the new owner to fill out a form, usually within 30 days of purchase of the home, or the warranty is void. It wasn’t quite the right height for me, so I put the hard cover unabridged American Heritage Dictionary under the laptop.
Metal roofing of today will not crack or rust and is durable, fire resistant and lightweight. We know that new homeowners have more important things to think about when moving into a new home, and we don’t penalize them for failing to register. We only install Gerard Metal roofing because it has the best warranty in the business and enhances the looks your home. I can easily move back to the easy chair when I get tired, and there’s enough space that I can even shift easily on my feet if my legs or back get tired. Gerard Metal roofing will give you a lasting beauty that tenaciously resists the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain, 2.5” hail and Wisconsin snows.
If you’re considering a different metal roofing, please pay close attention to the warranty. Plus, the cat has claimed the bottom shelf of the bookcase as Hers, which means when she gets bored she attacks my feet. Gerard Metal Roofing has a 50-year non pro rated and transferable warranty; like I said the best warranty in the business.

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