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The term "childproofing" may bring to mind images of a house full of foam padding on every remotely sharp surface, more short metal gates than at the horse races, and everything below a height of six feet firmly super glued to the floor. Once he picked up that annoying habit, my home slowly evolved from a beautiful showcase of my most treasured accessories, to something more resembling the McDonald's Play Place, fully able to be hosed down each night. I was forced to snatch my lovely things from display and either pack them away or stow them so high only the house flies could appreciate them. We've done little things along the way, like adding outlet safety plugs, a baby gate in front of the stairs, and Scotch Garding the couch. Ever since I saw Young House Love's behind-the-sofa console table, I've been totally inspired by Sheri's awesome handiwork. I headed for the garage, not knowing exactly what I was looking for, any kind of board, flat surface, or object that I could nail to the wall and get my stuff out of the Little Dude's reach!
When we did our living room makeover, this bookcase was one thing that didn't make it back into the room. I had it in my bedroom growing up and it came with me when I got married (does that technically count as my dowry?) It's your average, low cost, particle board bookcase, and had served its purpose faithfully for a long time! After moving it out of the room to paint, we could see it was definitely showing it's age, saggy shelves, holes in the back, basically falling apart.
After I put the things on the ledge, and stood at the other end of the living room to evaluate my new sofa table, I realized I couldn't see the bookcase or the stuff at all! I LOVE that happy accident! It may not be the ideal or nicest solution to my problems, but it worked out perfectly, with stuff I had on hand and for FREE. Description: I had been looking for a console table to fit in a nook behind my sofa so I went to Ikea to see what might work. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
I would add some lateral supports, otherwise the first time someone bumps it sideways those pocket screws are going to crack the wood. A small piece of wood screwed into the back of each corner or a few diagonal supports from halfway up the legs would probably triple the lifespan of this. One of the comments I received last week was to write about ideas for small space living, so today let’s talk about work spaces and home offices. The best part about these furniture solutions is the benefit of closing it up out of sight when you’re done working, for when guests come over, or to simply to hide it away at day’s end.

Or follow Amy’s lead and grab some shelving that also acts as a mini office like these do with a deep workstation where you can pull up a chair.
I love how Sarah at The Yellow Cape Cod actually built herself desk in a niche as a place for her desktop and with plenty of natural light.
Any underused part of your home like that extra space under a staircase can become a home office.
A nice looking desk that complements the rest of the room’s decor will be more  seamless than a modular from an office supply store. Have you considered building your own?  There’s always the option of a wall mount work surface like this tabletop repurposed into a floating desk. If you want to see a roundup of more small space living ideas, Ashley at The Handmade Home has written about several different rooms in her series, so check it out!
Where do you carve out a little space to do your daily computer work?  Got any more clever small space home office solutions to share? The amount of research you do in finding pictures to show as examples for each point is incredible! Also…Kudos to all the inhabitants of these work spaces if they always look as pristine and organized as they do in these photos! I totally keep my laptop on the sofa table :) I sit down on the couch and just pull my laptop over onto my lap.
It not only added a lot of workable space (to keep me and my work off the kitchen island), it also added some character and depth to the bedroom it’s in.
I just turned a small walk-in closet into a home office with a big L-shaped desk, shelves and photo ledges. There, standing in the far corner of the garage was our old bookcase, dusty and waiting for dump day. I brought it into the living room, removed all the shelves and metal shelf inserts (major choking hazard!) and flipped it on its side. Maybe someday I'll get to bust out my wood stain and go at it the proper, non particle board way. It's easy enough to scoop up all the electronics after we finish our Star Trek Voyager for the night and put them in the baskets and bowls up on the ledge. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

So much of what we do now is online compared to 20 or even 10 years ago, it seems having a little place to set your laptop or store your desktop is an absolute must in any home.
Yep, you’ve seen it before, those clever souls who turn a closet into a workspace, a completely brilliant solution to create a mini “room” inside just a few square feet. My husband and I have been talking about putting a home office in our tiny apartment should he get a remote job. I sit on the couch with a lapdesk to work and slide my laptop between the couch and the wall to work.
A service like AboutOne is great for people with small spaces because you can scan and file all of your papers and not have to hold on to the paper clutter that plagues many of us. For once thou, it would be nice to see photos that honestly deal with constant cascade of wires required for laptop chargers, routers, cablebmodems, lamps, speakers, and printers. It was purposeful when I lived in a dinky apartment but once I moved and had an actual office I ditched it fairly quickly. It got to a point last week where I was literally holding them above my head just to keep them out of his reach. For me as you can see it’s tucked in the corner behind my sofa so it gets no love or nudges back there which is good. Looking at removing some closet doors, since right now we have a rickety desk in the corner of our livingroom. These idealized work station photos drive me CRAZY with their insistence on ignoring this constant problem. It’s not a large room, but this has given me motivation to figure out how to make it work! That was the morning my coffee and cereal bowl were perched high above my head as I locked eyes with Destructo my sweet little boy and I knew something had to be done, pronto.
That said it was FABULOUS when I lived in a small apartment and had to work from my living room… made it easy to close off work at the end of the day.

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