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The 13″ Ridgid thickness planer is a new addition to the OPC workshop, and it fills a huge void in our tool arsenal.
Ridgid provided the R4331 Thickness planerĀ for review, and I’ve already put it to good use for some small projects. The R4331 is equipped with a 15 amp, 9,000 RPM motor, and this is right in-line with competitors products. The R4331 Ridgid thickness planer features the Sure-Cut carriage lock to securely lock the cutter head in place. The Ind-I-Cut is a gauge that reveals how much material will be removed from a workpiece before sending it through. Snipe is a term commonly used when discussing planers and jointers, and it refers to a slightly deeper cut usually found at the beginning or end of a workpiece.
To eliminate snipe with the R4331, Ridgid makes it easy to adjust the in-feed and out-feed table supports. If you’re experiencing problems with snipe, check for dull cutter blades and try to butt workpieces end-to-end as they are fed into the planer.
To change or rotate blades, all you have to do is remove the dust hood (2 screws), make sure the cutter head is locked and remove the screws securing the blade. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? I am slightly confused about your statement that comparable models are $100-200 more… Is the DEWALT DW734 15 less powerful?
I have been meaning to get a new one after moving across the country and away from my dad’s shop. Great information – so much so mine is supposed to be arriving on the doorstep this coming Monday!

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I had a planer from one of the box stores, it worked fine for a few years but finally gave out. Buy Beaver State 24 wide electrical capacity 8 cinque thickness planers for sale 8 thickness capacity 12 minimum length of stock. This entry was tagged thickness planer for sale calgary, thickness planer for sale toronto, thickness planers for sale.
This planer enables me to process rough-cut boards and true-up lumber before starting a woodworking project. So far I really like this planer, and I wish I had it when I was building my Pottery Barn knock-off dining table.
The blades are self-indexing for easy alignment, and they are reversible which means replacing the blade less frequently.
This planer cuts 96 cuts per inch (CPI) and a moves material through at 23.5 feet per minute (FPM).
This is an expected feature on bench top planers to eliminate movement and thereby snipe (more on snipe below).
It’s helpful when you know the difference between two boards, and it prevents me from trying to plane off too much in one pass. Snipe usually occurs when a board isn’t fully supported and the weight puts additional pressure against the cutter head. The DeWalt DW734 is almost exactly the same as the R4331, and they are priced the same too.
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My solvent so is to grease ones palms rough unleveled wood and finish them to my chosen thickness with angstrom unit planer.
I would have preferred a full-width gauge that would have allowed me to position my workpiece anywhere across the planer. If you are ever in need of rough lumber for a larger project it’s worth the drive to the Hicksville Planing Mill in Clear Springs, MD. Take angstrom unit look at the Ridgid resin filler for wood 13 inch Thickness Planer model R4331. You can find the R4331 at Home Depot for $399.00 and a pack of extra blades costs about $30. From my research online, carbide blades are more expensive because they are stiffer, making them a good choice for very hard woods like Teak or Ipe. I know I have to adjust the tables a little more because I still get snipe when I lead and trail with scrap boards. Not wanting to get too in depth i just R&R the dust cover and could not see anything,,, I returned it to Depot and without any hassle they replaced it with display and being as switch was broken on it, but still functional they will replace with new as soon as shipment arrives.
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