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The construction of the home requires a use of a crane to assemble the roofing pieces and erect the side walls. This stunning minimalist bungalow with modern timber-frame architecture in wood and glass was developed by German firm HUF HAUS. Inspired by ancient timber framed homes in the northern Alps, the house has a modern smart design with an attractive facade of a mountain chalet. The energy-efficient environmentally responsible home is one of many models that can be custom designed by HUF HAUS. Slovenian architecture firm Superform, known for their progressive architecture, furniture and interior design, has delivered on all these expectations (and then some!) with a progressive timber home design in the town of Ljubno ob Savinji, about 70 kilometers from Sloveniaa€™s capital of Ljubljana. The illuminated staircase may be the most unusual architectural feature of this cool lake house but its hybrid styling is no less intriguing. Designed by Toronto-based Altius Architecture, this upstate New York residence is meant as a tranquil getaway for its owners. Hill-Maheux Cottage by Kariouk Associates is designed to be a place of refuge for a family of three as both a weekend escape and a vacation getaway.
Built deep within the woods on a lakeside lot in Canada, this family home by Naturehumaine exhibits an unconventional, diagonal profile.
Seattle architecture firm McClellan Architects designed this lake house as an ode to nature, but not in the usual country-cottage way.
Catalyst Architects are the brainchild of this cottage-style copper house in Copenhagen, which takes note from nature for its materials, its overall aesthetic and the interior design.
This chic lakefront cottage design makes an idyllic retreat – a gorgeous lake front location, flanked by trees and a killer view.
Inside and out, this contemporary glass cube house by Canadian architects GH3 is not your typical lake house. Atlanta-based architecture firm Lord, Aeck & Sargent is the brain behind this beautiful rustic timber home design in Rutledge, Georgia.
The Trojan House by Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows is a gorgeous modern timber home design located in Howthorn, Melbourne, Australia. This 21st century Trojan house was designed by Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows and represents a modern timber home design. The house design is inspired mainly by the rooftop topography of hips and valleys of the existing Edwardian house.
The use of salvaged wood is just one of many impressive features of this timber home in British Columbia. Located on the banks of the Fraser River near the village of Ladner, this eco residence takes full advantage of its river site for views as well as the relatively constant temperature of the water. No trees were cut down for the home as the sustainable timber was sourced from salvaged logs harvested from an elk reserve on Vancouver Island.

Additionally the home makes use of a roof with a high albedo to reflect the sun’s heat and an HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system improves energy efficiency.
They are aesthetic and functional designs that please many homeowners who seek a more traditional avenue in home building. There are many plans available for little or no cost through companies that build timber frames, or through online sources (see links below). Since timber frames are heavy, it will be impossible to install the roofing trusses without some form of mechanical assistance. A combination of two houses, this unusual house separates the living and socializing areas in two very different buildings, each designed to respond to its specific purpose.
Inspired by the Trojan horse from Virgila€™s epic tale, this equally epic Australia home design is clad in a skin of timber that unifies all its individual parts. If you didn’t, then it’s about time to introduce you this innovative timber house design in Howthorn, Melbourne, Australia. All individual parts of the house are unified by a skin of timber whose idea is carried through to the detailing of operable timber shutters scattered across the facade. A closed loop geothermal system hanging in the river below the dock works in tandem with a heat pump to provide hot water and radiant floor heating and cooling for the home. The trees were knocked down in strong storms and were presenting a fire hazard while also blocking the elks’ regular migratory path. Floors are made from water-based, stained concrete, salvaged wood and natural wool carpeting and all the finishes are low VOC. Follow these plans if this is your first timber frame home, as the process can be confusing for a beginner. The frame must be set on a solid foundation, either a concrete slab or a traditional bucket-style foundation.
Tending toward the more traditional side, a timber and stone structure is occupied by the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen in a massive, monolith of a house characterized by its private design; wood-clad with windows shuttered for privacy from the outdoors.
The existing Edwardian house design was updated to include three kidsa€™ bedrooms and a bathroom in a seamless, all in a cantilevered space suspended over a rear patio; an addition that extends the existing living space without sacrificing any backyard area. Its initial idea was challenging the conventional ‘box on the back’ type addition by a sculptural form that came out of site restraints thus maintaining as much back yard as possible. There are three kids bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs placed cantilevering above the garden and connected to the living spaces downstairs by a communication void that doubles as a thermal chimney allows conversations. Kemp, the home serves as a residence for him and his family and has achieved a LEED Platinum rating from the Canadian Green Building Council. Solar passive design and high performance glazing reduce energy use along with a tight thermal envelope made from SIPs.
The logs were milled and graded locally for use in the home as dimensional lumber, which was assembled into engineered beams to give the impression of large timber sections.

Rainwater is harvested from the roof and used for irrigation of the riparian zone of native plants along the river’s edge.
The design and production of the timber frame home is one that a group of individuals can also accomplish in a matter of days. They will custom build your timbers for you, placing the notches into the pieces as you specify.
The homea€™s social spaces can be found in its second, boat-like structure made of glass, steel, Rheinzink and wood.
The whole shebang a€“ the original structure, the addition and roof a€“ were then clad in wood for a cohesive look and feel. The corridor and the thermal chimney void enable cross ventilation to all bedrooms and draw warm air up and out of the living spaces below during summer.
Salvaged wood, geothermal heating and cooling, green materials and an energy efficient solar passive design set the home apart.
Construction of the home took 11 months and the owner was both the architect and contractor.
Using the dimensions of your home you can create your own set of plans and turn them into a reality.
If you are handy with wood, you can try to build your own timber frame pieces but you will need a large, log production band saw.
Here, the living room, dining room and a large hall invite the outdoors in through an expansive glass wall, sliding open to the patio overlooking the pool.
Interiors are contemporary, with an open-concept living room-dining room-kitchen combo overlooking the pool via a glass wall.
Water collection on site has been considered for pool restoration and garden use with 11,000 l. It takes a knowledge of structures and design in order to create your own successful plan, however. For a smaller one-story timber frame cabins a 20-foot crane will be sufficient but for large homes a 40-foot hydraulic crane or larger will be required.
The addition incorporates cost efficient waterproof fibre cement cladding system with timber battens and a rain screen.

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