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I know it's something you've been trying to put off, but you are going to just have to face up to sorting out your seating plan and your top table seating plan. Your wedding breakfast is a main feature of your wedding day and seating your guests in the correct place can make or break it.
Knowing where you are going to have your wedding breakfast is essential for deciding upon your seating plan. Remember, if the tables are spread too far apart your guests will feel very isolated at their tables. Talk to the wedding or venue coordinator beforehand and ask them for advice on what works best for the number of guests you wish to invite.
The number of people you have at each table depends on how many guests you have, how many tables you have and how big the venue is. The Top Table is usually rectangle in shape, this allows guests to see the Bride and Groom and their parents easily. Away from the Top Table guests traditionally sit at round tables, with the Bride and Grooms family positioned closest to the Top Table, while friends of the bride and Groom tend to be positioned slightly further back. Here are a variety of alternate ways in which the Top Table can be arranged depending upon your circumstances. As you can see Dave and I did not have a 'traditional' Top Table, but it worked perfectly well. This, however, can be time consuming and as more and more couples break from tradition, the Bride and Groom now tend to receive their guests without the assistance of Top Table party members. Originally introduced as a way of celebrating the marriage and the joining of the two families. Today, the usual format for the reception would be drinks on arrival followed by a meal, speeches, cutting of the cake and then less formal celebrations such as a disco or dancing. Until you have booked the reception and ceremony venues you won't actually know how large the guest list can be. Remember, it is your wedding day and ultimately you decide the names and numbers that will appear on the final guest list. Having left the ceremony before everyone else, the bride and groom will hopefully be first to arrive at the reception, closely followed by the parents.
The reception venue will advise on the best table layout depending on the number of guests attending.
The most popular layout is a long top table for the bridal party and a series of small round tables for the guests. The cake is traditionally cut after the speeches and toasts, and would normally conclude the formal part of the wedding reception.
Traditionally a time for the best man and friends of the couple to be a little mischievous. The only traditional entertainment at the reception takes the form of the speeches and the bride and groom's first dance. Vintage Royal jubilee – use Union Jacks and vintage embellished gold frames to create a Great British celebration wedding seating plan. Fairy Tale royalty – traditional fairytales find true love, and are full of romantic Princes and Princesses. Motifs such as crowns, royal peacocks and Fleur de Lis instantly add a regal touch to seating plans and escort cards. For a totally quirky option, how about this great escort card display where the Bride and Groom are King and Queen of their own Royal Sandcastle! It’s easy to drag and drop guests and tables around the screen and you can create different layouts to see what works best. For monarch related table names, choose from famous historical Kings and Queens from the UK or opt for current Monarchs throughout the world. Use royal colour schemes for your table decor – deep velvet purple and cream, or Royal Blue and gold for example. Remember to have a look at our Royal wedding seating plan Pinterest board, full of even more ideas for your very own Right Royal wedding day!
There is a lot involved in planning a wedding and one of the trickiest parts can often be working out who is going to sit where.
Almost 2000 guests will witness the ceremony from inside the Abbey, including the British Royal family, visiting Heads of State, celebrity friends of the couple and 100 specially invited members of the public. As the inside of Westminster Abbey is essentially two churches, only those close friends, family and foreign dignitaries seated nearest the high altar will get to witness the ceremony close up. The remaining guests sitting in the nave will need to rely on video screens inside the Abbey to follow the service. Our seating plan of the church is based on official information from St James’s Palace but, of course, may be subject to change on the day.
Traditionally in the UK, seated at the top table would be the Bride and Groom, their respective parents, the best man and the chief bridesmaid. Looking at the odds on the Paddy Power website we’ve assumed that the newlyweds will take the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Football Clubs: Perhaps an odd choice, but William is President of the Football Association (FA)! The wedding is still some way off and the Royal Household has plenty of time to work out the seating arrangements. We’ll be updating this post if we can find more information on Royal protocol and hopefully in ten months or so we’ll be able to see how close our predictions were!
Most of the seating plan images on this page were, of course, created using TopTablePlanner. No Price Increases For 2013While prices spiral at the moment, we have decided that there will be no price increases to our Chair Cover and Bow Hire during the next year. Festive Season Closure DatesOur shop will close at 12 noon on Christmas Eve (Monday 24th December) and we re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2013. Starlight BackdropOur Starlight Backdrop really is a stunning and eye catching feature to any room.
Our Starlight Backdrop is draped from a pole, held up by two steel tripod poles at either side.
Anna Skye offers wedding templates on her website Download & Print to help DIY Brides create their own invitations, rsvp cards, and programs. The shape of the room will play a large part in determining the way in which the tables are arranged to best create a great atmosphere in the room whilst the physical size will dictate how many tables you can have and therefore how many people you sit at each table. If you place the tables too close together your guests will feel uneasy and maybe claustrophobic.
If you intend to have wedding entertainment during the meal, such as musicians or perhaps wedding magicians, make sure you keep your coordinator up to date with your plans, as this may also impact on the way in which the tables are arranged in the room. It is better to have fewer tables that are full, but not crowded, than many tables with a few people on each.
This also works well as all parties on the Top Table feel part of the event and communicate more easily with guests. My niece was our Chief Bridesmaid but she was only eleven years old at the time, so it only seemed right that she should sit with her parents.
You should arrange your guests in a way that works best for you and offers your guests the opportunity to mingle - you can only help encourage a good atmosphere - the rest is up to your guests!
The reception, or wedding breakfast as it was once called, is almost as old as the ceremony itself. Financial constraints may dictate which style of reception the bride, groom and their families choose. It's always a good idea to establish numbers of family members and close friends that will make up the essential invites. Handwritten place cards - in the style of the invitation, numbers on tables and a plan of the room will help guests find their seat with the minimum of fuss.
We have also provided diagrams to show other possible scenarios where certain parties would benefit by not sitting next to each other.
It was believed, in order for the bride to bear children, she (with the help of her groom) should cut the first slice. They would decorate the going away car with balloons, crazy foam and tin cans without the couples' knowledge.
With modern weddings it is common for there to be a very informal evening party, usually including a buffet. Whether it is Disney or traditional, let it inspire a fairy tale seating plan, such as these delightful pumpkin escort cards.
These stylish escort cards use a variety of vintage crown designs on each card, and these escort cards use a stylised design of a Royal peacock feather. Alternatively, you could use the names of famous Royal residences, such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood House.
After discovering that arranging the seating is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding, he launched TopTablePlanner in 2007.
Members of the Spencer family will be sitting with the Middleton’s and some Middleton family friends will be sitting on the side of the Royal family.
They could have Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I and, of course, William’s grandmother Elizabeth II. They might use Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral, Holyrood House, Clarence House, Sandringham and Highgrove.
As with all weddings though, we’d advise to start the seating plan early as it really is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding.
It has that Total Wow effect, and it's even a talking point among guests.The Starlight Backdrop can sit behind the Registrars Table for a Civil Wedding Ceremony, or it can take pride of place behind the Top Table, during your Wedding Breakfast. Anna here from Download & Print and it’s that time of the month where I get to share a special little something that I’ve put together just for Budget Savvy Brides.
Open the files in MS Word or Mac Pages and add your table numbers and seating arrangements.
The seating chart prints on 11 x 17” cardstock, so you may have to make a run to Kinkos or your local copy shop to print this on a larger format printer.

The line is hard to see on your screen, but will become obvious after you print the numbers. Or a flower arrangement, or upcycled mason jars, or a crate with lavender… you get the idea. Too close could also leave your wedding guests without the room to extend their chairs in order for them to go and powder their nose, or go to the bar. If your Top Table was round, it would not work so well as some of the people would have their backs to the guests. Historically only close family members or members of the church attended, unlike today where everyone invited to the ceremony normally attends the reception.
Some may opt for a sit down meal with unlimited drinks while others prefer a buffet style affair. Before compiling the guest list, a budget for the reception must be decided and agreed between those who will be paying the bill.
The ushers can be utilised to direct arriving guests to their table and help any who are having difficulty finding their seat. The best man would announce the departure of the newlyweds, who by this time would have changed into their going away outfits. The release of White Doves by the Bride and Groom signifies a romantic and everlasting new life together and is now a popular alternative to the throwing of confetti. Sometimes a live band or comedian provide the entertainment but more often a disco is preferred.
Often, the Bride and Groom choose to leave two spaces vacant opposite their own central positions, to enable guests to see them during the toasts. I think you will agree, this makes us very competitive, especially when you consider some companies now charge ?4.00Also, if you book your 2014 Wedding with us now, we will honour the price we charge at the present time. We can also move it if required, from Civil Ceremony location to behind the Top Table.In the photograph above, the Top Table Swag also has Twinkle Lights to match… these are battery powered, and the switches are concealed in pouches at each end of the table. Jessica sent me a note a few weeks ago telling me she gets a ton of email about the elegant place cards that I shared back in June last year. The seating chart can handle up to 12 tables with 10 guests per table and prints on 11 x 17” paper.
The curved text at the top of the templates that says “seating chart” and “table” cannot be changed, so plan for this if you are theming your tables rather than using traditional numbers. Use long sweeping strokes with your scissors, rotating the paper while keeping your hand steady.
If you are tight on space remember that children take less room and may help to space things out a little. In these situations it is advisable to adopt an alternative seating arrangement in order to satisfy all parties.
The couple would normally pose for photographs just prior to cutting the first slice, allowing guests to take snaps of the occasion. The guests would usually participate in the throwing of confetti or rice over the happy couple.
Whether a single Dove, a pair of Doves or a flock of Doves, this will be one of the most talked about events of the wedding day - a magical moment to be captured forever on camera. A wider circle of friends are normally invited to the evening party, some of whom may choose to bring gifts.
It has the benefit of being less imposing that a long top table, and more sociable for those seated at it.
You’ll probably need to track down a large format printer for paper of this size, so just send or take the file to your local copy shop and have them make the prints.
I’ve used the fonts Edwardian Script and Garamond, which should both be loaded onto your computer already. The cake is said to spread good fortune to all who eat it, hence the reason for sending a slice to all those who were unable to attend the wedding. So as not to disappoint the guests, it is recommended the couple have a strategically placed second car a few miles up the road, in which they would continue their journey. Next in line would be the groom's mother and father, followed by the bride and groom and any other attendants. If the party is expected to last into the early hours, it should be explained to elderly guests that they may leave when ever they wish without causing offence.
Be prepared for some negotiation if they want to invite far more people than you had anticipated. When all the guests have been received, the bride and groom lead the bridal party to the top table and take their seats. For smaller functions it is not unusual for the bride and groom to welcome guests themselves.

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