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I’ve found having good storage for toys is a key to maintaining a bit of order and cleanliness with the toy chaos. The nice thing about these bins are that you can customize them to fit your space, building as many as you need or can fit (I snapped a picture of how just two together look before we added on the third) and you can arrange them different ways. I don’t have some of the tools that you mentioned you used – wondering if I can do most of the sawing using a jigsaw? Manda - Hi Andrew – the longer angle is 15 degrees and the shorter angle is 32 degrees.
Manda - Hi Dustin – having a bit of trouble understanding exactly what it is you’re looking for? Judy Allen - When our boys were little, my husband built two sets of shelves in each boy’s room.

I want it to be something that I like the look of and fits with our decor, as well as being useful. Draw a template for the side of the bin on a piece of cardboard, using the measurements for your size bin. I know it will make our home and lives feel more peaceful and calm, not to mention make picking up and cleaning a lot easier, as the less you have, the less you have to clean! Trying to maintain some sort of order, when the boys are constantly messing up any “system” I come up with can be frustrating! Having smaller size bins, rather than one large box makes it a lot easier for kids to find toys. But I know it’s important to keep at it and keep working with them to teach them how to keep things somewhat neat, so that hopefully one day I won’t feel like I spend most of my day picking up after them!

Measure and cut the bottom and top pieces to length (the width you’d like your bins to be) with the sliding miter box saw.
Measure and cut the back piece of the bins (it will be the length of the top piece, minus the thickness of your two sides). Cut the front piece to width, making an angle along the bottom edge (so the bottom and front piece will fit together). It also might be a good idea to attach the bins to a wall if small children will be using them.

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