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You can choose just the right configuration of  Kids Storage Cube Collection for a playroom, bedroom, mudroom or bathroom.
The furniture includes Tip Restraint Kit for securing bookcase to your wall to prevent tipping for safety and comes in a large variety of color options, including midnight blue, white, espresso, and light honey. This creative collection offers cozy seating and functional storage for all those books, games and toys that always end up on the floor.
18 Jan Christmas has come and gone, and I’m sure Santa spoiled your little ones with everything they had on their wish list. I ended up choosing two sets of white storage cube shelves (like these) and fabric drawers (like these) from Target. I first went through their toys and purged anything that was broken, missing pieces, or no longer played with. The Bey Blade craze hit my first grader this year, so those got their own drawer after Christmas. I left three cubes open on one side of the unit for some of the bigger trucks the boys have.
The drawers have held up nicely over the past year or so we’ve had them, and it makes putting toys away so easy! I have two boys, we just moved and I’ve been looking for a solution to organize the toys! Thanks so much for partying with me last week at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!
I also truly believe if we make it fun and easy for our kids to organize their toys it will become second nature. If you have children, then toy storage solutions and ideas become an important consideration in your household!
You can also have big wooden benches or tables in the patio with built-in storage drawers for their outdoor toys so it would be easy for the kids to keep them out of the way, especially if you happen to be entertaining friends and relatives on a weekend.
For a trendier look, you can also use old wooden fruit crates for outdoor storage which your children will surely fall in love with since they can also use it during play time! There are also standalone toy storage cabinets with different shelve and drawer sizes that can accommodate almost any type and size of toys. In making a decision on what toy storage solutions to choose always go for the practical, durable and sturdy combination not to mention the economical.
However, if after getting the necessary toy storage solutions for your kids and your home still looks like a toy store the next best thing to do is to donate old toys to charity! There’s nothing worse than slipping or stepping on a toy while walking around in your home. Depending on what type of toys your kids have, there are different toy storage solutions for kids for them. With various options like bins, boxes, benches and shelves with drawers, parents have so many choices when it comes to toy storage in any home. If you have made your own solutions for toy storing, let us know what you’ve put together. This has been a long time in the making, but today I am finally showing you the Room Reveal for our Playroom Makeover! It all started back in January, after dear old Santa left a big pile of new toys at our house. We decided what each drawer would hold, and the boys put all their toys away in the correct spots. To make it easy for the boys to put their toys away, I created these Faux Chalkboard Medallion Tags to hang on each drawer.
And these Plastic Elephant Bookends may just be my favorite project from the entire makeover. I’m still playing with the look of the shelves, but for now I think they turned out pretty cute.
Moving around the room, I used a small, empty corner to setup a Creative Center for the boys where they can build Legos, color, and do crafts! I took advantage of vertical space for storage and hung tool organizers from the hardware store on the wall above the desk.

The boys are always wanting to draw or build something, and now they have their very own space to do it! Next to the creative center is a toy box for some of the bigger toys and a little reading area.
And above the magnet boards is a gorgeous piece of Modern Watercolor Art that my boys helped create! Even though ours was a cheap one from Walmart, it had good shelving and was still in great condition once our youngest baby grew out of it.
On top of the changing table parking garage sits the containers we use to store video games.
My kids are 100% boys, and that means we own quite a few dart shooters, swords, and toy guns.
And that, my friends, is our Playroom Makeover! Whew, that was a lot of playroom to go through! The Weary Chef features weekly menus of tasty, quick dinners PLUS kid dinner ideas, bonus recipes, and Friday cocktails!
I’m expecting in Oct and I love looking at playroom makeovers cause I can’t decide what to do with the babies room! I felt like I was looking at all the toys at my house (except mine aren’t as organized as yours). Choose a 5-Cube Wooden Bookcase (perfect for narrow vertical spaces),  Kids 6-Cube White Bookcase (the right height for little ones),  8-Cube Wooden Bookcase (large enough to store books and toys) or Kids 3- Cube Bench.   And the collection really starts to take shape with Cube Locker Hutch, Cube Bookcase Hutch, Cube Drawer Base and Cube Bin Base. Kid-friendly storage containers such as Canvas Cube Storage Bins or Kids Strapping Cube Storage Bins are a perfect fit with the entire Cube Collection. The electronics bin holds toy cameras, computers, and phones (did you have all that high-tech stuff when you were little?). This would also be a good place for books if you don’t have extra room for a separate book shelf!
We have some similar (but smaller) fabric boxes that my boys have managed to break already by sitting on them! Makes it easier to find the toys they want to play with when they’re organised like that.
It’s super affordable, and there are several size bins so the system is completely customizable depending on what your kid has.
That way you don’t start the next day with more toys that get piled on the top of the mess from the previous day.
When my kids were little, plastic storage bins were the norm as they collected Barbie and her plethora of accessories, Polly Pocket, Legos, Star Wars, etc. We use a pocket organizer on the back of my daughter’s door for her Barbies too (and stuffed animals).
For without a practical toy storage solution, then your home and not only your child’s bedroom and playroom will look like a jungle of toys, knick knacks and little play objects that seem to multiply daily! There are literally hundreds to choose from to prevent your house from becoming a disaster area of toys and children’s playthings scattered all over the place. This makes your little one responsible for keeping his toys inside his own treasure chest – because that is literally what a toy storage box is for him. These come in various colors and allow you to color-code the storage boxes according to type of toys and owners so that there will be no argument as to who owns what! These are another decorative option you have for your children to keep their toys, books and even old clothes in.
Or if your have the space, you can have a small section of the garage converted into a walk in toy closet!
Once the holiday rush was over and it was time to put everything away, I realized the monstrosity our playroom had become! Boxes of Legos stacked twenty high, pieces of train tracks scattered all over the room… you could probably even find a small child missing in there. My kids and I went through everything together, and we donated a lot of toys we don’t use anymore and threw away piles of broken, useless stuff.
The drawers are awesome for corralling toys with a lot of pieces like Lincoln Logs, blocks, and train tracks!

The canvases my boys painted with artist extraordinaire Leoma Lovegrove always make me smile and bring back such sweet memories. It keeps all those crazy magnets off Mommy’s clean refrigerator and keeps the kids busy for hours.
They made watercolor paintings, and I cut them up into strips and created a fun herringbone pattern with them!
And let me tell you Moms, big open shelving like this is PERFECT for all those big trucks and tractors! My boys think they need to have a full arsenal in case the aliens attack or Loki comes to steal the Tesseract.
I really love the cookie sheets for the games on the wall and the labels on the individual canvas bins. I just painted ours and in the process of decorating now, I love the giraffe wall art and elephant bookends.
I was just downstairs in our play room sprucing things up…it feels so much better to have an organized space that looks so beautiful…you did a great job! Another bin holds my son’s Leapster Explorer and Tag Reader and all the games that go with them. I have a daughter who LOVES barbies, so there are a few shallow drawers that fit about 6 Barbies per drawer lined up in a single layer, and a deeper one below that for all the clothes and accessories. We don’t live anywhere close to an IKEA, so I don’t get over there much, but I LOVE all the storage solutions you found for your little one! I cannot believe how quickly the little stuff accumulates and it is nice to be able to have a place to store the pieces! Inside his bedroom, a decorative toy chest can be used as a chair or as a low table for those never-ending school projects. The various colors available make it easy to organize toys, books and whatever that your children treasure during their playful years. This will be a long post, but stick with me because I promise tons of beautiful pictures showing how I cleaned, organized, designed, and decorated our awesome playroom!
I spray painted the lamp base a pretty turquoise blue and wrapped the middle in a polka dot washi tape. My boys are little farmers-in-training, and there is never a shortage of giant tractors in our house that are impossible to store. I love the cookie sheets on the walls – so much better than magnets all over the lower half of the fridge! I hope you’ll come share it today on my linking party over at Fidlers Under One Roof! We are expecting our first in 9 weeks and I am already terrified of the amount of toys he will accumulate over the years!!!! We got rid of our play kitchen last year to make more space, but we kept the play food and dishes since they liked playing with them so much. We thought it would look good in the living room and it would be easy for her to pull out the toys and them put them back. Then she has bins for art supplies, stuffed animals, baby dolls, baby clothes and accessories, wooden cars and train tracks set (the Lillabo set that I also got from IKEA), and her electronic toys and game cartridges. Whether it be your child’s bedroom or playroom you will be able to organize in a cinch with all of these great toy storage options and solutions. Having all your kids’ toys in the same place when not in use will help to organize your home. Books go on top of the shelf and I took pictures of everything and pasted the pictures of each category on to the corresponding bins, along with a written label. A garbage can would probably do the same thing, but I like that this organizer is tall enough to hold the long swords. I love that this toy box will grow with her, and I can keep it til she’s done with toys or re-purpose it for my own craft room storage.

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