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Encompassing both the traditional and the contemporary they are ideal for use in a wide variety of settings. This electric transitional styled furniture collection, made from slightly aged light oak with pewter colour metal frames and detail simply oozes style, taste and sophistication, and is the perfect compliment for today's contemporary living.
DescriptionOur chic and spacious 4 drawer desk has a sleek look with simple lines and architectural touches in its trestle-style legs. More InformationThis desk's extra length also means that an additional chair can be pulled up comfortably alongside another chair. Perfect for parents, who from time to time, may need to help their children with projects and homework.
A floating wall desk for under a grand might sound as likely as a hipster who’s never considered ironic facial hair, but stranger things have happened. Misewell’s new Grain Desk is right on par with the rest of their impressive collection.
Table legs sold separately are always a good bet as you’re able to change out the surface to whatever suits your fancy. A glass top desk often appears sharp and sleek, but most lack drawers which can be a little annoying when it comes to desk miscellany.
So, this looks pretty simple from the front, but what makes it stand out is the handy storage space in the back for power strips or cable management. This work table caught my eye the last time I visited West Elm (had to check out the Glass Greenhouse in person), and despite its rather small footprint, it’s a great price. Designed with the needs and demands of the 21st Century life in mind and with a passion for the craft involved each range embodies its own unique style.

The floating wall desk by Dario Antonioni is just under the $700 mark and has a full slide out tray to double your work area. In multiples or alone, this desk would do well in keeping your officemates- or just you- organized and on task.
Close inspection shows well constructed joints that ensure balance and stability despite the initial precarious impression.
With a regular price of $1895, the sale price of $1099 looks like one steal of a deal, especially considering that the bright blue color is thanks to lacquered panels (lacquer = work).
We’ve posted a few trestle options, but this Canteen set might just be the best alternative to the straight forward (and somewhat boring) IKEA legs. The Grain is made of locally harvested walnut and powder coated steel, and together these materials create just the right balance of tension and warmth. This table is from the same designer, Ana Mestre, and utilizes the same natural agglomerate cork, except this time the cork is printed with an intricate Moorish pattern inspired from the historical tiles of the city Beja. Power strips aren’t the nicest things to look at, and a desk that has a specific space to hide that and computer cords deserve a mention. While the size is a tad small for my own personal workspace, it would do well in a tight spot or as an entryway console.
Side by side drawers will hold essentials while a two-toned oak and black walnut mix further add to the desk’s animated appearance. Smooth, self closing runners and well considered proportions give this desk a refined feel, while the drawers and door give you access to appropriate storage space for a home office or dressing area.

The central panel either functions as the ping-pong net support or as a hide-away cable management, while drawers at either end house all the ping-pong (or meeting) supplies.
This desk by designer Jannis Ellenberger has hook-on storage: one white powdercoated shelf and lidded drawer that hang at any point along the ledge. These JACK table legs were named after the game jacks (reference there for you young things that have no idea) and will look excellent with whichever table top you prefer.
I suppose you could float it in a room as well (as shown by the happy guy in sneakers below), though take note of the perforated panel detail. Need it be emphasized that you’ll have to follow the installation instructions correctly or you’ll have a small disaster at hand?
No tidying necessary, just close the hinge and you’ll not need to stare at your laptop and other miscellany.
The JACK legs are available in three finishes: Black, White, and shot blasted aluminum finish. There’s a small storage shelf along the top and a hidden shelf along the bottom that will fit things like your laptop and phone.

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