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The vast feature set of the Web Help Desk Software is available as a hosted SaaS plan or an in-house server license.
Dynamically route and assign help desk tickets to a specific technician or group of technicians using your organisation's business logic; based on ticket categories, technician skill set, location, department, technician availability, work load balancing, etc. Knowledge base functionality is built into the Web Help Desk software, facilitating the creation of an expansive, searchable database of common customer support requests and their resolutions; available for self-service by clients, technicians, and administrators. Endusers can submit their requests via the Web Help Desk web portal; an intuitive easy to use web interface.
With built-in connectivity for standard LDAP and Microsoft's Active Directory, our helpdesk software seamlessly integrates into your company's IT infrastructure.
With Web Help Desk's robust graphic reporting tools built in, you will always know how your technicians are performing, which locations or customers are in need of extra assistance, real-time billing data, and what problem types are causing the most trouble. Web Help Desk is for any IT department who needs to track clients and assets, as well as keep an associated calendar, and see reports on all of it.
Every IT department would love to have a help desk application that was easy to use, easy to manage, and actually helped to make their job easier. Pricing: Commercial - Free for a single Tech, Lite Edition is $180-$300 per Tech, and Pro Edition is $480-$900 per Tech. Web Help Desk is for any IT department (or consulting firm) who needs to keep track of clients, assets (and their associated tickets), as well as keep an associated calendar, and see reports on all of it.

Web Help Desk helps the IT staff and the consulting firm to keep their trouble tickets and assets managed.
With free (free), Lite ($180-$300 per tech), and Pro ($480-$900 per tech) editions, Web Help Desk has an offering for just about anyone.
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The brilliant Web Help Desk web-based UI is accessible from any internet connection and deployment couldn't be easier.
WHD addresses critical IT and support areas, including: Incident Mgmt, Asset Mgmt, Knowledge Base, and more. Emails and file attachments sent to the Inbox will automatically convert into a ticket by the helpdesk software. Enter purchase order information and let Web Help Desk calculate warranty and lease end dates.
Dynamically display required and optional custom fields based on the ticket category selected. Techs' ticket maintenance options via email include: change ticket status, public or hidden notes, reassign ticket, add work time, add billing rate, etc. The integration of a real-time system monitor and alert would make Web Help Desk the perfect solution for IT consulting firms.

It is a reliable, easy to use means to keep your IT staff or your consulting firm organized and on the job quickly. We explain who would use the product and describe what problem the product is designed to solve. Another issue is that Web Help Desk includes remote support for Apple, but no other platform. Web Help Desk empowers both the technician and the client to ensure that systems are up and running and the flow of information about said systems is smooth and simple.
One of those systems, Web Help Desk has a lot to offer, is a breeze to install and maintain, and really makes the IT department feel like they are in charge of their world. Web Help Desk can help to keep that from happening with an outstanding ticket management system. Give your own personal review in the TechRepublic Community Forums or let us know if you think we left anything out in our review.

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