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Despite its omnipresence throughout the Microsoft software ecosystem, Presence is often ignored when trying to communicate with someone.
But when I mentioned people not contacting you when set to Do Not Disturb, he lifted his head. Those messages probably distracted him all day, every day – a constant stream of “I need X!
When people are spread out, they can still communicate (thanks to technologies like Spark and Skype4B). Fortunately for my sanity (and yours), there are ways to minimize Lync’s powers of distraction.
They involve making changes to the Lync 2013 client software, instituting certain policies, and a combination of both. Set aside a certain time each day (or week) where you will focus on your work and not respond to any communications (barring emergencies of course). If someone disrupts your Non-Lync Time with an IM or meeting request, gently remind them that you are not taking messages. The tool allows a Lync 2013 user to create custom Presence status messages, with accompanying notes & call rules. I downloaded a trial version – Mike has a 15-day free trial available with no software limitations – and tried it out!
As you see here, you have 3 IM handling options: what you Display Status As, what (if any) Personal Note to show, and where your Location is.
Save the Custom Status and you have it as a permanent option under your Lync’s Presence options. What LCS does with calls is allows the user to enforce a specific response to calls per custom status. Is there a function or new capability you’d like to see in the next version of Lync Server? They’re great for training, mapping out your own Lync architecture, or just brushing up on the ins and outs of Lync Server. Poster includes several visual representations of server setup, traffic routes and protocols used for specific Lync services.
John Policelli has pointed out a group of VHDs (Virtual Hard Disks) Microsoft added to its Downloads Center. While Microsoft did provide a VHD (virtual hard drive) image for users to evaluate Lync Server 2010, they have not done so (yet) with Lync Server 2013. If you want to evaluate Lync Server’s basic functions (IM, Presence and basic Conferencing), this guide will help you do so. Windows 9: Desktop Resurgence?Next version of Windows will remove Live Tiles from traditional PCs and laptops but keep the Start screen for hybrids and tablets, according to reports.
With features like boot-to-desktop mode and Modern-style apps that can be pinned to the taskbar, Windows 8.1 Update is a significant retreat from Microsoft's original, Tile-dominated vision for Windows 8.

According to multiple reports, the next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold, will reportedly arrive in spring 2015. The new desktop UI is expected to include a reimagined Start menu that integrates both desktop and Modern apps.
Before that, I would explain each Presence status type, and then relate it to the contacts in the contacts list. You can be totally focused on a report or marketing campaign…and one message disrupts your concentration. Turn off Alerts: Find Lync Options by clicking the arrow next to the gear in the Lync 2013 client. This can be done by either ignoring the window for a while, sending them a quick email, or a quick phone call. It helps tell others not only what you’re doing, but whether or not they should try to talk with you. In LCS, you can set up to 4 custom statuses, plus a custom status for when the computer goes idle and Lync switches you to Away. Say you want to automatically direct calls to Reception while you’re assisting a customer. While it does minimize to the taskbar, Lync Custom Status can be closed like any other application. I like tools that focus on improving one area of an application, and don’t stuff in extras just because they can.
I was struck by the variety of purposes behind the plugins…and what they might hold for the future of Lync Server.
What kinds of things would Lync users & developers like to see happen with future versions of Lync Server? You can see how Conferencing clients connect through the Edge Server, which locations an Instant Message hits on its way to you, and more. These VHDs contain pre-configured virtual machines for Lync Server 2013, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, and some UC developer APIs. Use these to evaluate a full version of Lync Server 2013, with all capabilities, before installing it live in your network. But fear not, Lync Insider readers, I do have something useful to share with you (quickly) today!
The intention of which is to provide the reader with a Lync Server 2013 system, so they can evaluate whether they want to use it in their office. If you want to evaluate the extra services like Persistent Chat, you’ll need to perform a complete install.
According to a flurry of new rumors, Live Tiles will fade even further into the background in the next edition of Windows, with some versions disabling the Start screen altogether. It will include a variety of features intended to appease longtime Windows users who were dismayed with Win 8's revamped UI.

The websites Neowin and The Verge both published similar reports, each of which cited anonymous sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.
Microsoft demonstrated an early version of the new Start menu in April at Build, its conference for developers.
It will reportedly still support side-by-side "snap" multitasking, and it could run on Intel-based devices instead of just the ARM models to which Windows RT has so far been confined. Microsoft is allegedly leaning toward making Threshold free to all Windows 8.1 Update customers, and perhaps even to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 users too. He previously worked in talent representation in the entertainment industry, as a freelance copywriter and photojournalist, and as a teacher. Instead of unchecking boxes in Lync Options, open the Windows Control Panel and click Sound. Or even a demonstration of the developer’s coding skills (in which case I applaud them for the subject matter!). Like Windows 8.1 Update, the forthcoming iteration will behave differently depending on what type of device it's running on.
The Threshold desktop will also likely allow users to run Modern-style apps in floating windows, just like they can with regular apps. Microsoft is currently working on touch-first, Modern-style versions of its Office suite, an effort that could make Windows RT, which otherwise seems left for dead, a more viable platform. The next version of Windows could also include new positions for snapping together Modern-style apps. While 8.1 is a small improvement, MS should build one OS for touch and mobile devices and have the traditional Win interface for desktops and laptops. But this can be bypassed by a phone call – unless you set yourself to Do Not Disturb, of course.
But using LCS, you can forward the calls AND identify why you’re doing so via Presence. Live Tiles will reportedly factor heavily into tablet configurations but have little or no out-of-box role on PCs and laptops. Ditch full Windows for tablets and create a new OS for tablets by merging RT and Windows Phone. Both The Verge and Neowin reported that the Start screen will be disabled by default on desktops and laptops running Threshold, meaning mouse-and-keyboard users will see the Start screen only if they turn it on.

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