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Welcome to The Comfy Crafter!  For the inaugural post it seems fitting to start with one of my favorite projects so far, the simple and easy to make Rustic Crate Shelf.
The best step-by-step tutorial I've come across was posted by The Friendly Home and they have a great explanation for how the steel wool and vinegar together oxidize with the tannins in the wood to give the great aged look. The steel wool ad vinegar solution, seen above, is clear when left to settle but when painted on the wood the reaction will still take place. Once they were all stained I needed a way to fasten them together so they wouldn't fall apart or fall victim to small hands tugging on them. I decided that I wanted there to be two brackets on each side holding the two crates together.
April 8, 2013 by kori 13 Comments This wine crate bookshelf is one of my favorite projects ever, not only because of how it turned out, but because it was so easy and inexpensive to make. Since Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen aren’t in my forseeable future, I decided to make my furniture instead. On a side note, when my mom was around my age, she also befriended a carpenter who helped her a make a bunch of the furniture for our house. I SPY!┬áThese shelves are filled with references to friends (who are hopefully reading) in in the form of pictures,gifts, borrowed books, and things forgotten. The hardest part about building this bookshelf is definitely acquiring all the wine crates.

Because the directions for making this bookshelf are literally 1) Stain wine crates and 2) Stack wine crates, I’ll just give tips for actually getting the crates in the first place!
Also check out your local beer or wine distributors ( check out the name on the beer truck drivers door ) or ask a Manager who their wine distributor is or checkout the phone book.
I've seen many blogs  making bookshelves out of old apple crates,which require no aging. So I turned to a method I had heard about but was not entirely convinced would work, a steel wool and vinegar stain. I would suggest trying the finish on a stained part of the back of the crates to see if you like how it darkens it. I found a random carpenter to help me build a desk and a table, but this bookshelf requires no skills whatsoever and you can do it totally on your own. You can nail them together if you want, but nothing lasts forever, so keep them loose if your structure allows it.
It took me several weeks of begging different liquor stores before I was able to complete the project. I originality thought they would be my in, but they have absolutely zero authority to give you wine crates. How funny is that, I remember when she would take us with her and we’d play in the wood shavings.

However, if you're like me and have no access to wonderfully aged apple crates, I offer another solution. I’m not a regular customer to any liquor stores, but if you know anyone who is, get them to ask for you!
These plates do not have screws with them but they were simple enough to read the size they recommended and then find them. I dislike factory farming and all things IKEA, so this is my blog for vegan recipes & DIY projects. I didn't want shiny silver hardware on my freshly aged bookshelf so I bought Rustoleum flat protective enamel black spray paint and went to work.
I stuck the screws straight up into the cardboard and laid the mending plates down flat and gave them a good coat.

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