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Description: I really love some of those reclaimed wood desks but they are quite expensive, so I decided to buy these white and clean table legs (VIKA ANNEFORS, VIKA LERBERG) and start a quest for old and damaged wood pieces to create a contrasting look. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I really like the way that you have designed this furniture, I love the modern IKEA look mixing with the rough, natural wood.
All the pieces of collectible and antique furniture from my family have some dings, dents, chips, scratches, and worse.
That looks pretty nice… But generally I find it a bad idea to have furniture with chips and dents. In short, I like the idea and the wood, but I would have worked it over to get a smooth surface.
A desk reclaimed wood is perfect because it can cater to every need of a busy office without hinting any signs of degradation for a long period of time.
It is important to learn where they came from to fully appreciate their potential as an office investment.
Reclaimed lumber came from logs that were salvaged from the river during the years when timber was abundant, inexpensive and strong. The long leaf pine and chestnut were the abundant source of wood during the industrial revolution.
Nowadays, contemporary designs would suggest metal and aluminum made office desks as the primary choice but reclaimed wood desk can still give their money a go for it.
The aesthetic value of a reclaimed wood office desk is uniquely different but at the same time competitive with its modern counterparts.
Wood Bookcase with Integrated Folding Desk for Kids Study Room by Huelsta - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
I love the combination of textures: warm, weathered reclaimed wood coupled with the sleekness of the white legs. Even if it is intentional you get stuff in there that is hard to clean out, and things can sometimes snag on the edges even when they seem soft enough to the touch. While the benefit of this is that there are desks for nearly anyone no matter what their tastes are, it does mean that oftentimes you might feel a little overwhelmed. Some of them save space in the room because a designer created a functional design that would not only deal with your problem of having too little room for a desk but also look incredible in that small space. As a basic requirement, they need to be durable to last for a long time and handle loads of abuse in the years that it will be used. Reclaimed lumber have proven to be a great source of wood furniture that are durable, sturdy and most of all a very good piece of interior decor just like the expensive antique wood desk. The word “reclaimed” should not discourage any potential buyer because one reclaimed and wood are associated, you are in for a great selection of the finest lumber products that men and Mother Nature have produced to date.
It was also the primary material used to build farms and other building structures because they are known to be strong enough that can withstand the test of time.
They are not only preferred because of their abundance, but also for their natural ability to resist molds and insects. The natural beauty of wood has a very commanding presence inside a room and will have minimum effort to incorporate the rest of the furniture inside.
There is a wide market for reclaimed wood table and they offer the same promises as a desk would. 3- Using glue and clamps, I putted all the pieces together and added two metal joints underneath to reinforce.
And if you HAVE to have the pock marks, I suppose you could always fill them in with clear drying epoxy glue before varnishing or whatever – flat surface to the touch, dented to the eye. Before you even get the showrooms or begin looking on-line for black writing desks, you might need to ask yourself what your financial statement is.How much you can afford to expend on writing desks will eventually settle on the size, style, shape, and many other issues of your desk. At the same time, it needs to be an addition to the overall aesthetic value of the room since the desk is the center piece of the room.
They retained these natural characteristics after being used for more than a century and in time, they are considered as antique woods that offer the finest quality of wood when it comes to its overall texture and appearance.
For good studying he or she should have a special comfortable study desk and enough space to accommodate a lot of school textbooks and exercises books.

There are three main sorts: modern, antique, and trendy and the most costly of those three is antique. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small, one-man workstation to a large, conferential table. Pricing can arguably be the least of the concern because you know that you will get your money’s worth once you see a lifeless room turns into a replica of the oval office.
Besides all items which can be necessary for doing a homework must be accessible in any moment.
If you have a tight budget then it would be better off taking a look at trendy or modern desks. It all depends on your taste and needs, so enjoy the next 42 desk designs that we fell in love with. The reclaimed wood desk is an assurance that you made the right investment that can serve the intended purpose for a long time.
These are much cheaper yet do not have that particular antique feel and look which just an antique desk has.
While antique desks are extremely sought after, the disadvantage of them is that they oftentimes are not well suited for an all function black writing desks.Dark writing and laptop desk with two drawerSleek Black Writing Desks DesignThe main issue with black desks is that their sizes are in general smaller than most usual desks.
They are usually sleeker and slimmer and as such you generally have much less space available to be used.
The Covet Desk by Shin Azumi holds stacks of paper and files in a neat compartment under the desk, helping you clear all the clutter on the desks` surface. Its the main feature is the integrated study desk, which can be set up or removed very quickly. This might not be an issue you plan to make use of a paper and pen and nothing else, however in case you were hoping to put your desktop computer on it then you might be out of luck.
Even if underneath the desk there are files and folders, this is not an impediment for a comfortable seating experience.Collect this idea Collect this idea2. Thanks to folding construction it not only provides large study area but also allows to hide something and save the space. The Reindeer DeskGracefully resembling the shape of a deer, the Reindeer Desk by Alex Kozynets inspires purity and dynamicity.
You might see that you are required to put the computer tower and other devices on the floor as they probably will be too big for even the biggest of desks. The white desk explores the form of a reindeer`s silhouette and offers a beautiful, contemporary alternative to an usual desk. An art form in itself, this desk offers a place for creating, writing or reading.Collect this ideaCollect this idea3. Writings desks are available in so many different flavors and styles that there is bound to be something out there which is to your liking.
The Duplex Workspace DeskDesigner  Sophie Kirkpatrick found a solution to crowded spaces with no intimacy in the form of this Duplex Workspace Desk. While the benefit of this is that there is a workstation for almost anyone no matter their tastes, it does mean that occasionally you may feel a little overwhelmed.
A hooded desk is perfect for those times when you need to concentrate on your work with no disturbance from other people. Having an ash veneered surface and hood and solid ash turned legs, the desk is a beautiful working space that will insure your privacy.Collect this ideaCollect this ideaCollect this idea4. The WD DeskElena Rurua presented this sleek desk in two versions: white and black with a swirl pattern on one side. The desk features a small platform underneath that can hold files or even a box with brick-a-bracks.Collect this ideaCollect this idea5.
There are some tips to help you out make opting for a desk that is right for you simpler and easier.Elegant black captain writing desks with six drawersBlack Writing Desks StyleBefore you even hit the showrooms or begin looking online for black writing tables, ask yourself what your financial plan is. The Treasury TableThis is a special desk – it`s equipped with different sized drawers (from small to A2 format) and a translucent mat surfaced glass desk that keeps your things hidden underneath.
How much you can afford to spend on the desks will in the end determine the size, style, shape, and lots of other factors of your desks. The Wave DeskRobert Brou, designer and craftsman, created the undulating Wave Desk with the help of a new technique of slicing the wood. Drawers and a pull out work surface were built in the design.Collect this ideaCollect this idea7.

While the antique desks are greatly sought after, the weakness of them is that they oftentimes are not best suited for an all function writing desk.
The Villa Rose DeskDesigner Francois Azambourg created this black-stained solid oak desk with minimalist lines. The main problem with writing desks home office furniture is that their size is in general smaller than most usual desks.
Beautiful features like the single solid walnut storage niche and the hand-veneered edges of the legs speak about the need to minimize materials while maximizing the design.Collect this ideaCollect this idea8. They are usually sleeker and slimmer and as such you usually have much less space on hand to use.This, however, may not be a problem when you plan to use paper and pen and nothing else, but if you are hoping to place the black bedroom writing desk on it then you may perhaps be out of luck.
The Max Ingrand Desk French designer and artist Max Ingrand created this combination of art and functional design back in 1966. If you do all your writing tasks on a full sized computer then you may possibly find that you are forced to put the computer tower, printer and other tools on the floor.
Still looking modern, the Max Ingrand Desk consists of a single continuous form bended into a whole seat-inclusive workstation. The stainless steel from which it was made gives it an industrial-chic look and places this desk ahead of its time.Collect this ideaCollect this idea9.
The Luna Desk The next stylish and contemporary desk from Italian company Uffix, named Luna, is an interesting concept with futuristic lines and a courageous approach to desk design.
Luna is a desk that, due to its design, can be placed in the middle of the room and impress anyone with its design.Collect this ideaCollect this ideaCollect this idea10. The Life DeskThis desk was born out of the desire to minimize the danger of hiding under a desk during an earthquake. Made from high strength steel and nylon board, it also has a side structure made from molten steel.Collect this ideaCollect this idea11.
Le Orchidee DeskAstonishing in every detail, Marc Fish`s Le Orchidee Desk was inspired by a desk with the same name from Musee d`Orsay. What seems to be a seamless tambour roll top is actually made from veneered canvas layered upon strips of wood.Collect this ideaCollect this ideaCollect this idea12.
The Kkanapetko DeskA desk that transforms from a tiny working surface into a two or three person workstation.
The Track DeskBased on an open framed ash structure that provides support for various folded steel doors, shelves and surfaces, the Track Desk designed by Mark Holmes is a contemporary desk that gives a playful vibe.
The Lane Desk, designed by Jehs and Laub, seems to be made from one single piece of solid wood and a drawer unit. The modular storage unit supports the main structure and offers a contrasting design that is also functional.Collect this ideaCollect this ideaCollect this idea17. The Briefcase DeskThis is a beautiful interpretation of a desk made from recycled briefcases. The briefcases that make up this desk are actually drawers so it is not that different from any other desk. Leather briefcases were turned into various size storage spaces and the whole design has an artistic feel to it.Collect this ideaCollect this idea18.
The Crocodile Leather DeskThis design is one of the most elegant made from crocodile leather.
For those who don`t mind genuine leather, the handcrafted Crocodile Leather Desk by Italian furniture designer Sabino Aprile is the perfectly elegant addition to an office. Made from Polish stainless steel, wood and crocodile leather, the desk has a classic feel.Collect this ideaCollect this idea19. The Novanta DeskInspired by straight lines and simple elements and created from usual materials, like MDF, aluminium and perforated metal, the Novanta Desk by designer Luke Riggall is a desk for the masses. Perfect for anyone, this desk features an iPod dock, speakers and drawing utensil drawer, just to name a few.

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