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Wood backgrounds have become very popular as a theme or background for websites and various other applications. Pale Wood Texture 2, abstract, backdrop, background, beam, brown, building, construction, copy, dark, design, desk, floor, furniture, grain, graphic, groove. Each time you navigate to a new page in Solution 1 and 2 the background image is loaded and shown.
I already had the background image in the right place, so it all just worked with 2 minutes work! In the Assets folder within the project directory I put my background image however it does not appear within the solution.
Apologies as this maybe very simple answer however I cannot find reference to how this is done.

If you explicitly set the background color to black it's noticeably different from the default.
Designers prefer these attractive backgrounds for their websites as they are both beautiful and sophisticated.
This doesn't look right on slower ARM devices like the Surface, you will see the image flicker. I found this image by using this Bing Image search in which I searched for 'Background Black'.
It's becoming more noticeable if you put something more bright as a background, and especially if you try it on slow computer. Instead of using the default black background I want to use my 'Background.jpg' for all my pages.

This style is defined in the 'StandardStyles.xaml' which can be found in the 'Common' folder. But, their popularity has increased greatly over the recent years with people looking for these backgrounds for a number of different purposes.
Check out the following collection that includes some of the most stunning wood backgrounds.

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