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If you have more you can contact me at john at secrets-of-shed-building dot com. The problem with recycled wood when you buy it is that the person selling it often does a quick calculation for what it would cost to buy the timber from new and then prices just below that. I am not sure if that is the case for you. I have built four sheds in my time and each has incorporated recyled timber from one source or another. The timbers inside look in good shape but, they are nothing special like, mortise & tenon jointing, and I think it's yellow pine.

As an example when I built my latest shed I found the timber for the floor joists to my latest shed on a trip to the pub!
The pub is out in the country and has an open log burning fire, I happened to notice that in his log pile was a large quantity of 6x2 joists of a useful length. I like the idea of saving these historic old barns but, by the time you price this wood versus buying new lumber, is it worth it ? After asking the landlords permission I filled up my car (to the roof) with this stuff. I think what I am saying is that there are opportunities to get recycled timber from other sources often for free.

It must have a entry door, barn doors on the right side and a front porch that continues on the left side, to sit and watch our pond.We're thinking approx.
I don't know how many we can attach?I can send anyone photo's, our email address and phone number.

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