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FYI 2016 BushMoot places are available to all members, friends and family at an Early Bird Discount, so hurry and get your tickets. The Woodgas stove MKII is made by Wild Stoves, a British company that sells a number of different types of stoves and which has its roots in humanitarian work.
The wood gas stove has been designed to be compact, lightweight and to work at a high level of efficiency.
The stove comes in 4 parts which fit together when assembled and nest into each other for packing. This section is 3.9cm high (To the top of the supports) and has a max circumference of approx. The stove is very easy to set up and this simplicity allows you to get it going and pack away very quickly with the minimum of fuss. When you are finished, using the stove you simply pop the grate inside the chamber then put the base over the top.
The clever thing about these stoves are their ability to produce a higher heat output but with less smoke, giving a cleaner and longer burn. After lighting the fire, it takes around 30 seconds for the first signs of the wood gas jets to appear, then approximately another 30 seconds to 1 minute for all the holes to have the jets coming out of them.

I have made a simple modification where I have taken a piece of thin steel sheet, cut it into a circle with a circumference of 34cm, and drilled a series of holes in the disc to allow the flames through. Now I have seen cat litter pellets being used with this stove on the Wild Stoves website and on various forums and I wanted to try it out for myself. I found it harder to light using my normal method of fire steel and a combination of various tinder?s and a few times I had to light a fire on top to get the pellets to catch. I have found that when you burn the charcoal you have to keep a closer eye on it and give it a rake through and a blow straight afterward or the flames tend to peter out and the pellets are left smouldering. The pellets are great for boiling and using to heat things up or when you want a constant heat under your pan but not as good as wood when it comes to frying.
The great thing about using pellets on the stove is you can bag up a few portions and have them with you knowing that even if you can?t find any other fuel you will still be able to use the stove. As well as cooking food and boiling water, the stove has come in handy for a few other things as well.
In addition, the stove is great for making pine pitch glue on as the melting pot can rest on the supports over a constant heat and I can get the glue mix exactly how I want it. Lightweight: Suitable for almost any activity where you need some way to cook your food and boil your water and great for those who count the grams. Efficient: My use of this stove up to date has proven to me that it is highly efficient at its job. The MkII Wood gas stove has outperformed any other stove I have and I am more than happy to stick it in my day bag as well as taking it with me on longer trips.

It'll shine when it shines, you might thinking I'm wasting time, but I'm just a good ol' boy who's learned to wait.
I would be interested to hear from anybody else who has one how they cope with stacking their stove and also what kind of boiling times they are getting. The cheap kitty litter pellets are much easier to light but dont burn as hot as the hardwood biofuel pellets designed for biomass boilers. Yes but I've thrown the bag out now They were in cream and blue paper bags, made in Australia. Ive found that wax dipped cotton wool makeup pads are the ideal thing for starting woodgas stoves. I always found the soaked cotton wool pads insulate the pellets from the flame and slows things up.
I certainly would like to have a winter set up where I can quickly pour the pellets in and get it lit as quick as possible.

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