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I love wooden blocks so for our weekly craft this week we have made a six sided Christmas puzzle with six cubes. I meant to have a go at making magazine yarn ever since I saw it on Pinterest a few months back, but I kept putting it off. This site uses third party cookies, by clicking the OK button or by continuing navigation of this site you accept the use of cookies. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Next, I went back with my gold paint pen and colored in the edges on the letters and the stars.
Once your ink is totally dry, apply a thin layer of sealer all around. Let the sealer dry, and then twist an eye pin into the top of your wood disc.
I have been planning on making wood slice ornaments but hadn’t even thought about using eye screws, genius! Trotec woodworking lasers are optimally suited for laser engraving and laser cutting wood and timber, such as for example toys, decorative items, artistic craftwork, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models, and for wood inlays. How does laser cutting and laser engraving of wood work?When cutting and engraving wood and timber with the laser, high processing speed and clean edges are particularly important. Wood cutting lasers from Trotec produce a clean laser cut and accurate edges, even when working on highly complex object shapes and sizes.
Does the wood burn during laser cutting?In the cutting clearance of the material, the laser will produce a temperature increase that is higher than the sublimation temperature of wood. The Holidays are still a little ways away, but if you are planning on making your gifts this year, now is a good time to get started.  If your feeling a little stumped on what to make for the special people in your life, here are a few woodworking gift ideas to give you some ideas and get those creative juices flowing.
Feel free to share your ideas with us, or send us pictures and let us showcase your work on our Woodworks page.
Here’s a few other unique woodworking projects for some of those cheese and wine connoisseurs that may be on your list this season.
Have someone on your list that you just don’t know what to get?  What about an ipod dock or phone dock or cribbage board for game nights. If you love to spend your time at home and want to make your weekend productive, busy and exciting then we are here with some fun and easy crafts projects.

If you have empty canes or boxes at home then you can utilize them to make beautiful hanging lamps. First of all cover sides of your round or square box with gift paper or cloth as they are covered in picture with red paper. If you want to give new look to your lamp shade then we have very easy and fun idea for you.
First of all cut pipes of different diameters with the help of PVC pipe cutter or you can use small hand saw as well if PVC pipe cutter is not available. You can make wooden tables by wood logs, wooden candles and stylish wooden vases with wood fragments and sticks.
This entry was posted on May 8, 2014, in Home Decor, Miscellaneous and tagged craft tutorilas, DIY crafts, DIY projects, Easy crafts. Instead of buying the already made cubes ready to decorate I bought a big piece of wood and had it cut in cubes.
They are fun, but MUCH harder to do, which is great when you need that next “difficulty” level up! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
We have explained five useful DIY fun crafts with the help of pictures so that you may make some useful and decorative things with the help of easily available, spare and used things available at home. Just gather all the spare colorful buttons and stick them with the help of glue on plain lamp shade. This turned out to be a bit of a false economy as I had to sand all the edges and corners to make it child friendly. Hot stamping using a die cannot produce such accurate detail, nor is it possible to switch immediately to a different motif. Whether you want to make basket for gift packing or want to make basket for placing things like stationery, jewelry then you can pick this project for your weekend or spare time. All you need is PVC pipes of different diameters, super glue, golden lacquer spray, glittering balls, chain for hanging and PVC pipe cutter.

It was a lot harder than I expected so next time I will opt for a good art and crafts supplier and buy some ready to go; only I have to finish the 26 blocks I have left first! Using the laser provides the user with extreme flexibility and the ability to refine the woods in a very high quality. Consequently, there is only relatively low thermal stress on the material near the cutting clearance. After giving round shape to wreath and completion of arranging them paint your hanging with gold lacquer.
Pour hot melted wax in it and let it cool once the wax is a bit cold insert thread and let it cool completely your wooden candle is ready. After putting down some ideas on paper of what I intended to draw on each side, I put the six blocks together and drew the picture with a marker, then I painted it. By accurate focusing and selecting the appropriate optics and by supplying compressed air, high-quality cuts can be produced. I repeated the process six times to have a section of the picture on all sides of the cubes. The cutting edges with their brown color can often be used effectively in the design.Can any type of wood be cut and engraved with the laser?Since wood is a natural material, the laser user must consider various characteristics, such as e.
All the puzzle images are seasonal so we have a Christmas tree, holly, a Christmas stocking with holly (my son’s creation from idea to completion), a comet, a snowman and the Nativity hut. Hard wood, as an example of dense wood types, on the other hand, requires a higher laser power. Simply insert the workpiece and start the laser process. This saves time and money during the preparation of the material.
When milling wood, on the other hand, the boards must be clamped in position and must often be fixated by a vacuum.

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