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If you’ve made something cool anything or make a tip or pluck for something and want to show other masses how t. Cut antiophthalmic factor notch Indiana the back to hang on vitamin A smash on the bulwark or simply screw in a picture holder hook on the backAnother easy project for children to do are Christmas cnc router projects. I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces. I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. For this year’s Balcony Garden display at the Queensland Garden Expo, I salvaged a couple of timber pallets from a local organic farm and gave them a face lift for new life outdoors.
On the front are six window boxes for pots + hooks for hanging and on the back, a vertical fence – again with opportunities to attach more planters or hang items like garden art. Drill (optional and easier for pre-drilling holes if you have one but you can use the hammer instead) and a screwdriver. Non-toxic paint in your colour choice (preferably enviro-friendly low-VOC) or timber stain and a medium sized paint brush.
The pallet planter is supported by 2 long lasting black coated steel star pickets driven into the ground alongside the planter + 2 screws into the pallet timber. Allow a gap for drainage – You can also drill additional drainage holes in the timber planter box base if you wish. Prepare the timber – if there are rough edges you  may need to grab the gloves and use sandpaper to smooth these off and prevent splinters.
Next, your pallet is ready for painting or timber stain depending on your personal taste and budget.
Remember when choosing paint or tint, pale colours reflect light and dark colours absorb it.
Even though it will take a little longer, a prep coat and top coat of paint will give you a longer lasting planter. Position your pallet in place – if it needs support in the ground, use the star pickets or stakes or otherwise, you can add some additional T-pieces of timber as feet supports and perhaps secure to your balcony with zip ties.
Well, I hope you’re inspired to have a go at making your own Pallet Planter using this tutorial. 20 Creative Ways to Upcycle Pallets in your Garden Need a small space solution for growing, potting up or composting? This was shared on facebook and I liked It so much I just had to copy the instructions down and save them to my computer to use next spring when we move our Mobile Home onto our own lot.
Great to hear Edwina – would love you to share a pic on Facebook when you get your pallet planter made in Spring. Hi Karla – not sure where you are located but I found these gorgeous hooks at my favourite garden centre, Le Jardin but you can also source via Amazon. Claim your copy of my eBook "A Sow Simple™ Guide to Using Herbs for Health" with quick easy ways to enjoy the daily health benefits of herbs.

Better Homes and Gardens Wood Weekend Toy Projects You Can Make Better Homes and Gardens Wood, Better Homes and Gardens, Wood Magazine.
I belong to Birmingham WoodWorkers Guild in Alabama and many of the toys we make for Children's Hospital are in here. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. No the floor was edge planed after being ripped to uniform width but wasnt milled with a T&G. Eastern White Pine flooring has been installed in homes for over 300 years, and many of them are still in place today.
A lot of that wood looks like lauan, which would not be good to combine with pine, because it will contract and expand at different rates. Some pallets can be made of harder woods depending on what country they are from, what product will be on it, if it was transported by boat , air or truck. Maybe where you are from pine is used but 90% or more of the pallets I use (I’m a contractor) are oak. Most pallets are mixes of various blemished hardwoods, that have been kiln dried to ensure that they don’t have any unwanted fungi, lichens, or insects. I just worked at a sawmill where we where cutting oak into pallet boards so I call bull shit on your comment. And assembly using Rhinoceros 4.0 CAD political program to innovation a image for the CNC router to cut out.
It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. If you have limited time, money, space or skills you may find this easy, low-cost pallet project a simple way to make your garden functional and beautiful. If you want them wider so you can slot in a rectangular pot rather than making a shelf underneath, then you may need to remove the front timber slat and pack out the timber to make it the width you want.
If you live in a warm climate, painting your pallet black may not be the best choice – here in the subtropics I chose cream. You will need to consider where your water will drain underneath the planter so perhaps add a drip tray with gravel. If you don’t want to miss future posts, subscribe to my newsletter at the top of the page (and grab your free eBook) or click on the RSS feed below or to the right.
We have a shaded patio under our balcony, and that is exactly where a couple of these will go this summer.
I imagine for a balcony you could set it up so the back of the planter has a hanger and can be hung on the balcony walls themselves, though that would require some handiness.
They are reasonably priced and I preserve mine for outdoor use with an oil based lubricant so they don’t rust.
That is why in one picture you can see the installer using a face nailer instead of a regular flooring nailer.

I deal with pallets everyday and a good amount of them are made from oak, it may not be the best oak, but it has character. There are too many variables to consider and your uneducated opinion isn’t needed here.
I upcycle pallets for all sorts of garden projects from mini garden storage units to compost bays and planters. Measure the timber so it is the same length as the pallet, but not as wide so there is a gap along the edge for water to drain (see below). It looks classy and was a nice backdrop for the black decorative hooks and butterfly chalkboard I wanted to hang.
Any thoughts on how to keep it from toppling without being able to sink supports into the ground or drill into walls?
This kind of planter really needs to be supported with some kind of vertical stakes alongside that go into the ground or brackets that are secured into a solid wall surface or zip ties that hold it in place securely to posts or supports. Tying the back of the pallet onto a bar type balcony with chain or lots of twine could also work, but it sounds like you don’t have that.
Unless you plan to never walk on the floor that floor is gonna look like shit in less then a day. And never assume pine is always soft, southern yellow pine is quite dense and is readily used for flooring…hell, old growth pine is hard as a rock.
Sure, it would dent if you dropped something heavy on it, but after 10 years it still looked nice.
It would be tragic if it fell and injured someone so you need to consider the safety aspect even though you like the design!
We moved to an acreage ten years ago; it was basically a cow pasture, but we rose (pun intended) to the challenge of amending the soil for flower gardening. 2: Pine, whether domestic white pine, red pine, or if you can get it, southern yellow pine, as well as many other sub-species of pine are commonly used in the flooring industry.
I saw AppJourneyman make close to fantastic inlay banding and and so use them in type A image He did it equally These are projects I’ve created for CNC table routers with Pine Tree State doing the cutting.
I took the pallets apart and used only the thickest piece that holds the top and bottom together.
CNC Routers for fabricating with Ellen Price Wood plastic aluminum & more This design introduces you to 2 sided machining by keen slots and grooves on what will be. Check out the articles on my site under Vertical Garden category and you may find another design idea to inspire you for your space.

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