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PrecisionCraft’s Wood River Log Home Plan features a unique combination of log and timber frame.
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The Cascade is not your typical timber frame design.  With tall timber framed windows that help to hold up the angled timber beams in the roof, this plan really makes a statement.
The growing trend in mountain style design has been to incorporate many textures and elements into the design of the home.  The Chaumont illustrates how a design can combine square log walls, timber framing, vertical siding, and stone to create a unique living space. Modern lines and use of large windows is evident, however the incorporation of weathered siding and chinking add a rustic flair.  This is the kind of design that could easily be found in a resort town or development, as it effortlessly blends old and new.
Gable – A gable roof is a simple triangular roof design that consists of two sloping sides that come together at a ridge. Advantage: The gable roof design is easy to construct and is often used in areas with high rain and snow loads because its sloping sides lend to easy run-off. Disadvantage: Due to its simple construction, the gable roof can be more susceptible to damage from high winds. Hip – Unlike the gable roof, the hipped roof will slope down from a ridge point to the eaves on all sides of the home. Advantage: Hip roofs too are a great style for snow and rain run-off, while also allowing for large eaves on the home. Disadvantage:Due to their generally shallow slopes, accessing them for maintenance or for additional interior roof space is often difficult. Shed—Similar to the gable roof, the shed roof features a single sloping plane without ridges or valleys.
Advantage: Probably the easiest to construct, this roof is great for skylights, but can also protect the interior from excessive sunlight at certain times of day if necessary. Disadvantage:Due to its simple design, it’s not as equipped for proper drainage like other styles. Gambrel – Often seen in barn-style designs, the gambrel roof breaks each sloping section of the roof into two parts—a shallow one closer to the eaves, and one that drops down steeply. Advantage: Due to its bell shape, this style offers the maximum use of space under the roof. Disadvantage:Because of the two-part planes of its design, the Gambrel roof is not ideal for the pressure of heavy snowfall.
Eaves – Eaves are located at the edges of a roof and usually project out from the body of the home to offer added protection from the elements. Ridges – In contrast to a valley, a ridge is generally located in the center of the roof or where two planes slope up and meet at a horizontal point. Perhaps the easiest way to define what you’re looking for in a log cabin or timber frame home is by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
We’ve curated a selection of designs around 2,500 feet with a variety of layouts and styles that could inspire your home. This unique layout includes multiple outdoor spaces including an outdoor kitchen and dining area.
The Dakota’s open floor plan and vaulted great room space are well suited to capture mountain views.
This single level mountain home is inspired by Craftsman style with a characteristic low sloping roofline. See how other homeowners have modified this design. Construction -Designed as a hybrid log and timber home with square log walls, timber posts and custom timber trusses the Crested Butte has a sophisticated look and feel. Exterior features -A mix of materials, scissor timber trusses, and rooflines make up the Crested Butte’s front elevation.
Many custom homes, like the one shown, have been built using the Crested Butte as inspiration.
The Cascade design utilizes a variety of angles and shapes to create a memorable, modern timber frame home. Browsing through PrecisionCraft’s floor plan concepts, couples will find a wide variety of style ideas; from Adirondack to French Country, handcrafted to timber frame, and sprawling log home to cozy cabin. The Telluride concept was designed as part of PrecisionCraft’s line of Rustic Luxury™ Log Cabins. Comprised of milled walls, large handcrafted posts, and stone, the Telluride’s western style exterior creates a rugged cabin look that is perfect for a mountain retreat. To learn more about the Telluride and other cabin style plans, visit our Rustic Luxury™ Log Cabins page. Over the past few months, PrecisionCraft has presented its Inspired Living stories, real life examples of clients turning Mountain Architects’ design concepts into extraordinary log homes.
Many future log or timber homeowners tend to think that whether inside or out, their view-facing sides of the home are where they will be spending the most of their time. Porte-Cochere—A Porte-Cochere or portico is a covering that protrudes from the entrance of the home, allowing vehicles to pass under it as well as creating extended overhead protection for visitors and guests.
Front Patios—Whether it is a small front deck for sitting outside in quiet reflection with a good book, or a large patio for sitting and catching up with friends, including a porch or deck to your design’s front-facing elevation can offer great extensions in your livable square footage.
Breakfast or Reading Nooks—Many wood homes are oriented on their site for a specific purpose, for many it is so that the home’s communal spaces can witness the best views, while others may have their home oriented for energy efficiency purposes. Balconies—The amount of interaction available for your home’s front-facing side does not have to be limited to the main floor. There are many other options for creating a layout for your home that is completely interactive, from unique landscaping designs to balconies. With this year’s winter snow finally upon most of North America, we thought we would share with you five different floor plans that are perfect for snowy weather conditions. Popular for its classic cabin style look, the Winter Park is a plan that utilizes connected living areas and cathedral ceilings to create an open space that is perfect for a mountain getaway. Specifically designed to accommodate even the most avid of skiers, this floor plan features a ski-in ski-out section for easy access as well as a room dedicated to equipment that includes a sauna for warming up after a brisk day of hitting the slopes. Getting family and friends together for a getaway weekend in the mountains under one roof does not have to be an uncomfortably cramped affair. Covered decks, a mud room, multiple bedrooms and a pull through driveway are not the only things that make this floor plan the perfect layout for winter conditions. PrecisionCraft’s award-winning log and timber home floor plans not only embody quality craftsmanship and unparalleled designs, but are architectural creations that inspire homebuilders across the country and beyond. The Crested Butte is a hybrid design that mixes log walls, timber, siding, rock, metal and glass.

North Carolina— Built on aNorth Carolina lakeshore, this version of the Crested Butte was built to emphasis the size of the plan. Colorado— Built amongstColorado’sRocky Mountains, this adaptation of the Crested Butte is nearly double the square footage of the original, but still remains the most representative of the design’s unique features.
New Jersey— When people picture homes inNew Jersey, they do not typically see a mountain-style home in that imagery. Mediterranean— The Crested Butte is a design that has proven to be so versatile that its western architectural style has reached locations as far away as the Mediterranean.
Housing designs around the globe are as varied as the countries they signify and in the United States there are a range of iconic style types that have created American homes so well-liked.
When America was founded with its authentic 13 colonies the design type of numerous houses was termed ‘Colonial’ and now ‘Colonial Revival’ is a effectively sought after architecture design. Tudor fashion houses are common in older neighborhoods all through the United States and are characterized by the highly steeped rooflines, and half timbering facades. The Victorian Design of architecture is also borrowed from English architecture and has comparable qualities of the Tudor fashion. Contemporary log cabins and the rustic fashion of residing have come a prolonged way from their origins of being comprised of hefty timber construction.
A single of the most recognizable architectural variations of Americana is the Ranch type house.  This fashion house grew to become well-known in the early twentyth century and was representative of suburbia American residing where families escaped the city lifestyle of working all day to come house to a yard and horizontal-designed floor strategies that rambled along their property. There are so many other iconic architectural styles that have led the United States to have various living styles for each and every homeowner.
I want to know more about the rustic cabin please I am very interested in building this exact same one.
The second plan in our Mountain Modern series is the River Run, an exciting, single level timber frame floor plan concept. The timber frame plan’s exterior features two vaulted roof sections that meet above the great room, creating an asymmetrical butterfly shape from the side elevation.
PrecisionCraft’s newest design concept, The Buffalo Creek, combines authentic handcrafted log walls and heavy timber frame truss work to create a Western look and feel. Designed for a stepped lot, the home flows with the natural slope of the land and places its main entrance and view capturing windows on the same side.
The plan’s expanded master suite, located on the second floor, takes advantage of the view with personal access to a covered deck, with fireplace. The multi-million price tag could be quite the turn-off, but the position of the construction makes the statement `nature is your backyard` almost entirely true.
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The Cascade concept was inspired by modern Northwestern architecture and provides a great example of how timber frame home design can be pushed outside traditional boundaries. You’ve even researched just about everything, from the layout, to your flooring options, down to the bathroom hardware.
It is a very French inspired roof design and can also be called a pyramid or pavilion roof. This feature usually has its own roof, which can vary in style itself—gable, shed, or eyebrow. However, if you focus only on finding homes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, you might miss out on a design you like better, which could be customized to fit your bedroom and bath needs.
Let’s take a look at the features that make the Crested Butte such a popular floor plan. The turret staircase adds additional architectural interest to this showstopping mountain design. To explore the plan in more depth, including additional photos of finished homes, visit the PrecisionCraft website. Much like the different styles and plans, our clients also come to us from various backgrounds, each desiring unique floor plans for their lifestyle. The designs within this line were created to showcase how homeowners could still achieve the creative mountain-style look they were searching for, but at a more intimate square footage. At a little over 1,500 square feet, the floor plan has two full master suites within a more intimate layout without the feeling of crowding. This month, PrecisionCraft takes you on a tour of its final Inspired Living home, a beautiful handcrafted log cabin home nestled in the Lemhi Range just outside Mackay, Idaho. While for many people, this may be true, don’t forget the possibilities available for your front-facing elevations as well.
Including a portico in a design’s front elevation can add a unique element to the overall look that is both distinct and useful.
Perhaps your home’s layout is designed so that you can watch the sunset out of your great room window every day, why not include a breakfast or reading nook on the front-facing side to catch those early morning rays as the sun rises as well? Consider extending these spaces to the upper levels as well with balconies or a series of gables or dormers. No matter where your personal Winter Wonderland may be, each plan has its own unique features that allow you to interact with your surroundings, even in the coldest of seasons!
With private balconies and large paned windows angled out toward the surrounding land, it is the perfect design to fully appreciate the wonders of every season from the comforts of your log home.
With two master suites, a bunk room and open living spaces, this plan has the perfect layout for a secluded weekend skiing or a place for the family to gather from the winter’s cold.
The Hidden Creek includes multiple bedrooms on every level and open living spaces for a large gathering as well as a massive garage that can include a workshop or place to hold snowmobiles and snow equipment.
Taking on the feel of a large mountain ski lodge, the Coeur d’Alene allows you to commune with nature as well as keep yourself entertained inside with custom features like a rec room, exercise room and wine cellar.
The homeowner chose large handcrafted logs, not typically available in their area, instead of hybrid log and timber construction.
The essence of the Crested Butte’s western look and feel is seen in the hybrid style of the home, combining the advantages of the views of the surrounding landscape with stone, siding and wood to make a home that is one of a kind while staying true to the design aspects that so many like about the Crested Butte. However, the Crested Butte, with its hybrid log and timber framing, fits perfectly into the landscape. Regardless of whether you currently reside in one particular of these well-known styles or you are seeking for a new abode, search at a handful of of the most common iconic American residence design variations. On the exterior, the classic colonnade porches and symmetrical information are borrowed from the British detailing of the early 18th century, when immigrants decorated their own properties. The early 19th century brought the Tudor type to America and is reminiscent from European medieval houses in England.

Although early log cabins were predominantly found in mountainous American rural regions, nowadays modern day log cabins are becoming a well-liked staple on ranches and country estates as properly as in the mountains. Ranch style houses can borrow architectural variations from the Craftsman bungalows to Prairie type homes with their large overhanging and reduced slope rooflines.
Urban cities adore their brownstone and urban loft residing, even though the American farmhouse type has manufactured farm residing a well-known and nostalgic architectural style as properly.
Inside, 2,618 square feet are divided between the kitchen, dining and great room space and two bedroom wings on either side of the main corridor. This 3,516 square foot plan includes spacious open living areas, 3 bedrooms, and a master suite with deck access. You’ve reached the right place to find out and see more about a bold structure in the heart of Wood River Valley. Spectacular views can only be complimented by some great hiking adventures through the surroundings. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. This stunning entry leads to another outdoor porch on the left of the house and an entryway to the inside of the house that leads into the den and the great room. But even the most thought out design would not be complete or protected without the right roof to cap it off. The flow between the great room and covered porch is conducive to an indoor outdoor lifestyle, and can be opened up a large bi-fold glass door.
Today we look at the Telluride, and how it was modified to fit a client’s specific project goals. When complete, the basement will hold an additional bedroom suite as well as extra communal living space for visiting guests.
Here are some great examples of features you and your designer can include in your floor plan to make it more interactive from every angle. With a mudroom buffering the garage from the rest of the home, it creates a great transition area from the outdoors to your home’s interior. Gather with family and friends in the open spaces of the main level, have plenty of room for company and kids to sleep in the basement and enjoy the seclusion of an entire second floor that is dedicated to your master suite. The finished product is a western-style log home that is complete with a walk-out basement leading to the lake and an open loft area within, making it a version of the Crested Butte that is one of a kind. The unique addition of a curved piece in the timber trusses that is repeated throughout the length of the home creates a distinct flair to this version of the Crested Butte.
Expanding the initial design to an impressive 8,000 square feet, this home brings the original look and feel of the Crested Butte to a new height in an exotic location. Although we can’t signify each property design type, we’d adore to hear which ones you would add to the list!
Victorian styles borrows numerous French inspiring particulars all around the windows, doors, and have ornate particulars and focus to detail in every portion of these traditional fashion properties. The sturdy created homes are identified for their rustic appeal of wood species this kind of as red cedar, bald cypress, and white pine timber woods.
The interiors gave way to the now common “great-room” floor prepare concept – where plainly defined rooms have been not as essential as entertaining and combining residing, kitchen and household regions took priority.
Be sure to charge your tablet or mobile phone and download the latest issues of Rustic Architecture or Elegant Wood Homes before you go. The design also includes a two car garage, mudroom and two back porches with timber pergolas. Pioneer Moon Ranch is a wonderful retreat which can bring you back to the days of glory of America. A mudroom and double-sided fireplace connecting the living room and the porch keep the beauty of the outdoors close at hand all winter long. Comprehensive woodworking in your moldings, chair rails, constructed-ins, banister stairwells and flooring are all widespread qualities of this nostalgic Colonial design and style style. Dormer windows, bedrooms that have lots of light, and previous world styling in wood detailing are symbolic for these specifics. A turret, projecting bay windows, towers, and stories of windows that appear out in excess of wrap around porches and balconies are stunning. The interiors boast panoramic window views of the outdoors and can be in a single or multi-story floor plan layouts. If you reside in a Ranch fashion home you possibly take pleasure in panoramic views and sliding glass doors looking out in excess of your backyard.
An actual dream home, the 5.000 square feet property will amaze you with its slick and modern design.
Equipped with 3 garages and a handmade custom entrance, the Moon Ranch is a unique home which will make living in the countryside an absolute delight! If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. If you’d like a Tudor fashion to your present house attempt incorporating board and batten information at your front door, combine exterior resources for exterior cladding and contemplate including stonework, wood, and stucco for a real Tudor style residence. If you have a Victorian type property you almost certainly love the patterned shingles, colorful exterior colour palette and all the elaborate architectural details of this traditional property.
Log cabins have been after modest dwellings but now are featured amongst some of the most costly residences in America.
The Ranch style home is even now an iconic representation of suburban American living at its finest.
Although wood is predominant throughout the two main structures, stone accents and contemporary furniture act as the trigger for luxury in the overall rustic aspect. A lot of of these properties can be customized built to suit any homeowner’s needs from selection of timber, luxury finishes and leading of the line amenities.
The lighting was very creatively positioned, in order to create an intimate but highly useful system.
The company who produced this plan, PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, however, is based in Idaho.

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