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This site is for anyone interested in either buying a box or learning more about wooden boxes, trees, wood, woodworking and other (usually) related topics. I love to make a variety of styles and designs and you will see and learn about them on this site.If you are interested in something you don't see here drop me an email and suggest it as a topic. My goal with this site is to inform customers about wood and woodworking so as to make it easier to buy an item that will suit you for years to come.It is also for woodworkers who want more information about wood, woodworking and, of course, boxes. If at any point you get lost, or want to see if a particular topic has been covered, check out the site map. For those who are interested in this site check out the links and feel free to sign up for my newsletter Wood Shop News.
Please note: woodworking is potentially dangerous please read my disclaimer before using any information on this site or any site you may be directed to from here. Are there any hints or pitfalls specific to hickory that I should be aware of before putting the log on the carriage? My second method and one I use quite often is to go through my scrap pile and toss the likely looking chunks of wood to the side. Pocket Hole Joinery A pocket hole is a hole drilled at a low angle allowing two pieces of wood to be screwed together. New Planet (artist's conception of planet and it's sun) Astronomers have recently announced the discovery of the first (second, counting Earth) potentially habitable planet.
Cutting Mortises by Hand While power tools are no-doubt useful and necessary, there are times when hand tools can work as well or better. The other book is by a well know furniture builder and is also a good source of information. Thus, their particular style of bent-wood boxes became known as Shaker boxes and were valued because of the Shaker connection. They made mostly oval boxes which they sold in nested sets - another modification that added to the efficiency of the boxes.
Every American Flag box is labeled with a limited registration number and signed by John P Kelly.
I have been know to occasionally wander as far off topic as muskrats and fireflies, but for the most part I do stick to wood related subjects.
When I have an appropriate sized pile I'll sort through again and pull out what I like.With this method I let the shape of the block of wood lead in the design, rather than determining the design first.

I recommend playing around with scraps until you're comfortable with the process and with your saw.
Ita€™s useful when you wish to join the end grain of one board to the edge or face of another.
Located a mere 20 light years from earth, the planet is one of six that orbits a red dwarf star named Gliese 581. The butt cuts on the top and bottom of the trunk show that there has been some borer damage to the sapwood.
This way I often end up making band saw boxes with random woods that I might not have considered putting together.Once I've chosen the wood I'll glue it up into a slightly oversize block. I enjoy working with customers to design the item them are looking for, whether it is a box with a specific purpose (a display box for glasses, or a storage place for a collection of pipes) or a piece of furniture. Long handles could be added to make them easier to carry, whether to market or for collecting eggs. Pocket holes allow you to screw from the end grain board into the face or edge grain, for a much stronger join. Pocket joinery is quick and easy. The sessions go on as long as students are interested, a few months or a few years. As students progress, class becomes "open shop" time when they work on the projects of their choice while I answer questions and give suggestions as things come up. Any deviation caused by the gravitational pull of an orbiting object is noted and anylysed.
I used half blind dovetails to hold the top rails to the legs, mortise and tenon to join the other rails to the legs, and half-lap joints for where the styles meet the rails. Because the cross pieces are in line with the styles and rails I had a spot where three pieces of wood intersected.
I have made jewelry boxes of various types, urns for both people and pets, kitchen items from cutting boards to knife racks. The technique, called radial velocity, can be used to determine the mass and orbit of planets around a given star. Other planets have been found that are similar to Earth, including Gliese 581c and Gleise 581d but in each case the planet isna€™t quite right.
For the joinery at this spot I used mortise and tenon for the horizontal cross pieces and half-lap for the style and rails. I've also made some more unique items, including a bird house to match a house in a photograph, a chess box to fit a handmade chess set, a display for an annual flower show and many more things besides.
Gleise 581g is in the a€?Goldilocks zone,a€? not too hot and not too cold, just right for an atmosphere and liquid water.
Just hit reply and tell me what you think. If you know someone who might enjoy this newsletter, please feel free to send it on.

While I wouldn't use it for fine furniture, if you are in a hurry it can be a useful type of joinery. The only potentially difficult part of pocket hole joinery is getting the angle of the screw right. So this article is an overt attempt to influence you. I plan to use information as my tool of choice. Special jigs are available in a range of prices and sizes to make it easy to drill the correct angle (below are a few options for sale at Rockler). It oribts ita€™s sun every 36 days so it is a€?tidally lockeda€? meaning it doesna€™t spin on ita€™s axis as earth does, but rather has one side always facing the sun and the other always dark.
I ended up doing many mortises by hand, at least in part, since the mortises often overlapped two different pieces. This means the actual habitable portion would probably be near the equator in the border between the dark and light sides of the planet. Otherwise it's simple as drilling a hole and inserting a screw. Mini Kreg Jig and KitA pocket hole jig that fits right in your pocket, has a hardened steel drill guide and glass-reinforced nylon body with chip extraction hole. The ease of finding Earth-like planets practically in our own neighborhood, suggests that habitable planets may be more common than first thought.
I had to put the pieces together in the right order, since some of the joints locked other pieces in place. Check our kit which includes jig, pocket hole bit and stop..Mini Kreg Jig and Kit Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig with FREE Quick Change Kit!
Possibly 10-30% of all stars could have planets with the ability to harbor life as we know it. However, before we get too excited and start preparing for a visit from ET, we should keep in mind that if anything resembling life does exist on Gleise 581g it will probably be closer to bacteria than intelligent aliens.
Still, at a mere 20 light years away, ita€™s possible to imagine humanity visiting the Gleise system some day in the future. Of course we have to visit Mars first. Well, suffice it to say I did several dry runs before I found the best order for gluing. The frame is now glued up (in photo all done except the back top rail and top cross piece).
That means that you cana€™t point to any one weather event and say thata€™s proof that there is (or isna€™t) global warming. However, if you look at the data for the past 100 years and see that overall the global average temperature has constantly gone up, regardless of occasional down years, then you have evidence of climate change.

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