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The knob in front is glued to the dowel, the knob in the back is held to the dowel with a screw. Please don’t take this wrong, (but to me) easy access is critical to a sanitary unit.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I have found I really enjoy doing these small woodworking projects and thought it would be fun to share how I go about making a wooden candy dispenser.
For this project I used pine boards,  but they can be made out of any type of wood, maple or oak , whichever finish you would like. Another thing I found is not to varnish the wood before putting it together as the smell and the taste stay in the wood and transfer into the jar and candy. Before placing wooden parts together  you could finish the edges of the top and bottom by using a router design for an edging, or you may want to find some finish edging at your local hardware store.
Place slider into the slot and place top board on to allow slider to mover freely, but without much play or the candy will get stuck.
Should you decide to paint your candy dispenser DO NOT paint the underside of top where candy is dispensed or the slider as it may cause slider to stick.

These wooden candy dispensers are one of my favorite crafts to make considering they are easy to make and take almost no time at all.
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The design is basically a hollow oak box with a dado at the top centre for the dispensing stick to slide in and out.
The toughest part about the gumball machine is the dispensing stick, I notched out the wood (a dado) so a couple of gum balls can rest on the stick ready to be slide out. I’ll certainly admit that the crowning achievement on this project (in my opionion) is the dispensing arm. Her simple instructions teach you how to build a dispenser perfect for 7 rolls of tape - customize the size if your washi tape collection is larger (or smaller).

Is that just a handle she will have to turn to make the candy come out or does she have to dispense coins somewhere?
When you turn the knob the dowel hole will line up with the top chute and collect a few M&Ms. I didn’t try painting them,but the wood will swell so although you want the pull to fit quit close,the wood will swell if not painted and you will have to sand it down some more. Being a father myself, you must be leaving the wife with your daughter after all this chocolate has been ate.
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