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Hardware products specialized in door, window and furniture hardware, such as hinge, sliding roller fittings, handle, door stopper and other accessories.
Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it. Description: THIS IS A SET OF 4 TOP QUALITY HARDWOOD FURNITURE FEET IN MAHOGANY LACQUERED FINISH. The legs and feet of furniture pieces -- especially heavy cabinets, dressers, and bookcases -- are subjected to both weight and lateral stress when they're moved.
To tighten loose casters, use metal or plastic caster sleeve inserts, which are available in several sizes. When one leg on wooden furniture is shorter than the rest, you may be tempted to cut the other legs down to match the shorter one. If the gap is really wide, you can V-notch the leg and the extender and glue the parts together, forming an A-shaped brace.
This product is mainly suitable for various medical apparatus, beds, tables and , chairs. , 2. When the caster hole is enlarged by stress on the rod, tap a caster sleeve into the hole and insert the rod into the sleeve (left). Pushing a heavily loaded piece of furniture can cause problems even if it doesn't cause immediate breakage, and these problems are very common in old pieces.

When the piece of furniture is moved, stress on the caster rod can damage the wood around it, enlarging the hole and loosening the caster. Apply glue along the split, and press the glued edges firmly together; wipe off excess glue. Cut the extender from the same wood as the piece of furniture, if possible; shape it to match. This is a very strong repair and will give the piece a real handmade look, so you don't have to match the wood exactly. When the leg is split, remove the caster completely (right); glue the split together, and bind the leg with wire to reinforce the break. Fit the extender exactly, and then glue and nail it to the bottom of the short leg; countersink the nails. If the problem has been ignored too long, the casters may fall out when the piece is lifted or the ends of the legs may be split.
On many pieces of furniture there is a ridge or a crevice at the caster point; if you wrap the wire around the leg at this point, the repair will not be obvious.
Cutting usually results in serious mismatching, besides shortening the piece and ruining its design. To make sure you don't split the wood, center the cap on the leg and lightly tap it to mark the prong positions.

You'll probably have to refinish the entire piece to blend the extender with the rest of the wood. If the leg doesn't have any carving or decoration at this point, you can notch the wood all the way around with a triangular file, and then wrap the wire in the notch. WE HAVE BEEN SELLING FURNITURE COMPONENTS FOR OVER 50 YEARS, AND HAVE SOLD FEET MADE FROM VARIOUS TYPES OF WOOD, THESE ARE BY FAR THE BEST QUALITY FEET.DIY-foam-upholstery-supplies – EVERYTHING FOR YOUR UPHOLSTERY REQUIREMENTS! Here at DIY-foam-upholstery-supplies, we have been involved with the foam and upholstery trade for over 50 years. Through our eBay shop, you can now enjoy the same great products and prices that the trade have been enjoying since 1960. We stock and sell everything you need, all in one place, and will combine postage costs wherever possible, just e-mail us and we will help you with any questions and queries. Why not browse our shop for: ZIPS, VELCRO, FOAM CUSHIONS, SCRIM FOAM, LINING CLOTHS, WOODCARE, UPHOLSTERY NAILS, TACKS, THREADS, DACRON, FELTS, WADDING, CASTORS, WOODEN FEET, SCATTER CUSHIONS, NAILSTRIP, PIPING CORD, WEBBINGS, HESSIAN, SPRINGS Along with anything else you can think of!

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