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Since the house is shaped by having the glass and steel elements as more of decorative items and accentuating device, it is still unclear what material builds the generic construction of the house. In fact, as for simpler implementation to provide a base of foundation for the house, it is wooden interior details that are extensively used to serve the purpose.

It makes the house appears really magnificently beautiful for having glass, steel, and wooden material blend together.There are 14 astounding photos more that you can see below including Cool Indoor Plant Glass Wall Futuristic Stairs Indoor Plant image, Shiny Glassware Contemporary Stove Sophisticated Kitchen Appliances Marble Kitchen Island image, Modern Firepace Dark Floor Tiles Wooden Beadboard Net Lounge Chair image, Elegant Fireplace Laminate Flooring Glossy Metal Table Modern Leather Chairs image, Wooden Stair Steps Stylish Indoor Plant Glass Window Metallic Railing image, Glass Wall Dark Crystal Chandeliers Laminate Flooring Eames Lounge Chair image, and other.

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