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I love Big Data analysis -- the prospect that from mighty oaks of data tiny acorns of insight might be gathered. The Early Adopters (Google with MapReduce, Progressive Insurance with insurance updates for every car, every night, etc.) have succeeded, been recognized and rewarded. My posting last week Glittering Data was the start of a set of posts on how to judge Big Data results -- it talked about data sets that can be shown to have no magic numbers in them. In our last, Glittering Data posting we talked about the T-Distribution calculation, and in that example we used it to show that sometimes there really isn't a pony there. Let's take a marketing example: You've been running pilot tests of your new car, and you've been collecting data from focus groups, interviews and social media sources.
In our T-distribution calculation, we have 10,000 inputs collected with an average of 4 and a standard deviation of 1.3.
No - the laws of statistics still apply, and if our actuals are that different from our expectations from greater population, then we need to take a hard look somewhere.

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie a€” deliberate, contrived, and dishonest a€” but the myth a€” persistent, persuasive and realistic. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
With my two fall birthday babes, I tend to have birthday parties on the brain from August through Halloween. When our pirate guests arrived, they outfitted themselves at our Pirate Supply Store, chock full of eye patches, bandanas, hats, earrings and striped sashes that I actually hand frayed until my fingertips were calloused. Scott and I read the adorable How I Became a Pirate aloud to get our crew thinking like scabbies. The kids crossed our plank (a wooden board bolted to two big red buckets) and tried to fish out little bags of jewels from the croc-infested waters below. At another station, I attached raffia loops to our favorite jewel toned CDs with our favorite pirate tune.

At Cannonball Pop, the kids sat on black balloons which held Hershey’s Silver Nugget bars.
Next up, a treasure hunt in the backyard to find wooden nickels covered with pirate stickers, using these cute Nautical collection bags, from Oriental Trading. The earliest mention we've found was a rumor that examples were offered at the Frontierland Indian Village circa 1955-1971.
And t’was actually on National Pirates Day, September the 19th when everyone all over th’world talks like a pirate! When the kids stuck the stickers on their wooden nickels, it made a perfect take-home pirate matching game.

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