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Oh and you may have noticed two photos up that we’d previously painted the front of our steps and the wide plank of wood around the deck in the same tan tone that we used for our stripes. For peace of mind for keeping track of which plank is which colour when painting from each end, I would make a small letter mark using chalk to indicate if it were to be T or C before beginning painting. JM-You can get graffiti cleaner type stuff at any home improvement store to help clean up paint spills. Question for my uber fabulous friend: what type of paint do I use on my cement front porch? The perk of a specifically formulated Porch & Floor product is that it can hold up indoors or outdoors which really adds to the toughness and it sticks better, lasts longer, and goes on thicker (hence our departure from the prime, paint, paint method that we use for every other project we’ve ever done)!
And now we’re back with a super simple tutorial for anyone looking to spruce up an old timeworn wood deck or breathe new life into a seen-better-days front porch. We took home a bunch of paint swatches and laid them out on the porch floor so we could look at them in the same natural light that the front of our house gets every day. You want your deck to be nice and clean before applying the paint, so you may want to scrub things down with a wood cleaner (available at Home Depot or Lowe’s) before you get down to the business of painting (especially if you have severe mildew or grease and oil stains anywhere on your deck or porch). In our case we had two colors of paint, so we opened them both and used two different brushes to apply each stripe of color (being especially careful not to mix up the brush and the correlating can of paint). I decided early on that in the case of our front porch, the best approach would be to paint myself to the front steps and then stop and restart from the opposite corner of the deck so I could finish by painting myself down the front steps and enter the house from the back door while the front dried. After I painted myself off the front porch, you can see in the picture above that I still had to paint the side of the wood planks all around the porch for a finished look.
This is an excellent way to accent a front porch and break up a whole lotta wood, so if anyone’s on the fence about painting their entire porch or deck, painting just the fronts of the steps and the trim around it can be a super simple way to add a bit of crispness to your entryway. Check out two old tutorials to learn how to stain a concrete floor or even paint one for a more polished and finished effect. The mildew you saw on the deck stairs was actually something that we worried about seeping through the paint, but last fall when we painted the front of our steps and the trim around the deck we waited and waited for the mildew that we painted over to show through.
We definitely had the same worry in the beginning of the project, but we reasoned that concrete is a light tan, gray or beige color (the floor of our garage is a pale taupe concrete) and it actually stands up pretty well to foot traffic and dirt. And do you have any tips on how to up the ante on style if there are no slats to work with?
We painted our cement sunroom a while back so hopefully this old tutorial will help when it comes to selecting paint and materials.

I would never have thought that regular latex paint on the floor would hold up at all (especially outside), even if it’s primed correctly and applied in two coats. They’ve been around for years, of course, but they have recently taken a turn for the popular. Back when we decided to pull the paint trigger on our front porch, we actually opted to go with some subtle tan and cream stripes.
This will give you a nice clean line when you remove the tape, and it’ll also make it a lot easier to paint each plank of wood without worrying about staying in the lines. Once you paint the edge of your wood planks all around the perimeter of your porch or deck, you’re finished.
By getting in there with a brush it really made the whole thing look expertly painted and polished (even from afar- there were no slivers of wood peeking through anymore). As for how to up the style ante, I love the idea of using a stencil for some seriously stunning results (check out the amazing stenciled cement patio in this house that we crashed a while back). I would say that aesthetics need to take a back seat to functionality therefore two coats of paint is recommended not only for serviceablity but for continuity. The great thing about a painted floor is the great thing about painted anything else – paint provides immediate gratification and instantly facelifts the old, highlights the new, and can create any sort of style or color palette you want.View in galleryThis article aims to provide you with an idea of what types of floors can be painted as well as tons of inspirations photos for how you can use colors and patterns to transform your floors into a unique, eye-catching design element for your space.
We also used a flat head screw driver to knock out any rocks or leaves from between the wood planks before we cracked open the paint. The previous owners really loved blue as nearly every room in the house is a shade of blue as well, which is also on our to paint list. You certainly could have painted in between each beam with a brush first and then tried your rolling method once the areas between the beams had dried. We actually liked the subtly weathered look of one coat, but for a super solid and opaque effect you might want to apply a second coat 24+ hours later when it’s safe to walk on the deck or porch again. I wouldn’t recommend newspaper though, since ink can rub off on you and your new paint job, but we love using cardboard to protect things from paint (as we did when we painted the front of the stairs last fall).
It’s been proven that the best combination for longevity is an oil based primer followed by two top coats of latex finish paint.
While many people enjoy a stained and finished wood floor are natural, others might have a floor in rough shape that they aren’t able to refinish, or they many simply not like the existing stain or color of the wood itself. But of course it never hurts to be extra thorough, so anyone with oil stains or severe mildew might want to scrub down their deck with wood cleaner before taking this project on!

My house has a painted kitchen floor and even though it is as busy as Grand Central Station, it has stood up like iron. Inside or out, concrete floors can be painted to set the tone for the space’s entire design scheme.
Transform ugly, dated brick floors into a contemporary showpiece with just a bit of paint and some creativity.
Builder-grade tile tends to be nondescript and style-less, often in neutral shades that don’t do anything visually. Painting the face of this tile flooring is an inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your home without having to do costly floor replacements.
When the tiles themselves are square, painting a checkerboard pattern is easy peasy!SOLID COLOR PAINTED FLOORSView in gallery White floors in high-gloss are an unexpected way to set off the room.
These floors are great for reflecting natural light, making the space seem even brighter than it already is. The color looks crisp and fresh with white walls and a few pops of blue.View in gallerySure, neutral colors are safe options for floor paint…but red is a stunner. We recommending contrasting the powerful color with plenty of doses of whites and nature-inspired bits.View in galleryFuchsia is a definite eye-catcher in any arena, but particularly on an unexpected surface like the floor or steps.
Pair with an equally vibrant toned door or other accents for maximum visual impact.View in galleryPurple floors are a fun way to add a feminine touch and personality to a space. A bathroom, for example, moves from utilitarian to enchanting in floor-to-ceiling purple.View in galleryAdd a punch of fun to a child’s bedroom or playroom by painting the floor a vibrant color.
Beautiful!{found on alisaburke}.View in galleryZig zag (chevron) is a good painted floor option as well. You can vary the height of the zig zag pattern, as well as the length of each zig or zag to scale the pattern to your space perfectly.View in galleryPaint a landmark compass or other design, like in old-time libraries. This could be a singular focal point on an otherwise solid floor or just a detail amidst a sea of otherwise floor paintedness.

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