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This is our Valentine’s story about two special young people who enjoy the art of woodworking together. It’s an extra special situation that Kevin Richards not only went to Woodcraft of Salt Lake City, UT to personally plan and design her wooden engagement ring, but that he also enjoys being an employee there.
Since I have met Lauren, I have grown to think the world of this girl, and I put a lot of thought behind my gifts for her to make sure they are meaningful, clever, and of high quality. We have dated seriously for the past year and have talked quite a bit about getting married during the past few months. She asked me for a wooden ring and my first concern was how stable and durable a wood ring would be.
I have always bent over backwards to make any gifts a surprise for her, so I did not ask for a lot of direction. I use a Forstner bit to core out and a Dremel tool to clean up and shave off a little at a time. Then I use a walnut dowel with a close diameter for my mandrel,  locking it into the Nova Chuck. The finish is comprised of Stick Fast CA Glue and Boiled Linseed Oil (for a finish before buffing and polishing). How lucky I am to be in love with a talented woodworker who accepts and fits into this weird quirk of mine and is willing to work with it. Since the engagement, Kevin has made Lauren an additional ring which is thinner, made from Burmese Rosewood.
Kevin told the Woodworking Adventures Blog that his future along side his future bride will consist of exploring his own woodworking business, mainly as a Luthier. Kevin and Lauren were married on May 27th, 2014 at the Chase Mill at Tracy Aviary, Utah’s oldest standing industrial building.
Kevin had worked hard in the woodshop perfecting their wedding bands since their engagement. For a woodworking love story to ignite some sparks, take the leap over to the Woodcraft Blog, Woodworking Adventures.

When you are choosing your wedding ring set, you want something that is beautiful and unique.
Hi my name is Jay and together with my husband we've been running jewelry store in Irvine, CA since 2002 specializing especially on tungsten wedding bands for men and women.
Ryobi hatte mal einen guten Ruf, aber im letzten Jahr habe ich auch ein Gerat von denen zuruckgebracht (Motorsense) und werde wohl keins mehr kaufen. The Chase Mill stands as a symbol of the past and a beautiful venue to celebrate the future.
In this material world we live in, to find a mate that prefers handmade, over the norm of bigger is better is so refreshing . Blogmaster Frank cooked up a heart string-pulling tale of a woodworker, his longtime girlfriend. There are many options out there for a couple; however, one of the best options is wooden wedding rings. Recently we decided to showcase our unique wedding bands collection through the web to reach a wider audience. In Tests hat er recht ordentlich abgeschnitten fur die Preisklasse, deshalb wollte ich ihn eigentlich behalten. These rings symbolize your commitment to one another and to the environment.Natural wood rings allow you to custom design your wedding band set.
Ich besitze auch einen Baumarkt-Bandschleifer (Skil), aber den kann man gut in die Bankzwinge einspannen zum stationaren Arbeiten, die Gehauseseiten sind parallel und stabil, die Luftung wird nicht beeintrachtigt. A woodworker can carve right into it, so if you want your initials or even a forest scene it can be carved into it. Aber das durfte bei Deinem auch nicht gehen, und sicher stationar arbeiten muss schon sein. Is the material good for someone that has allergies?Yes, wood rings are great for anyone that is allergic to metals. For example, if you and your spouse enjoy the outdoors, you can have the master woodworker to carve an outdoor scene into your rings.
Are wood rings for male and females?Wood rings are great for both males and females they also come in many different styles and can be made to your preferences.

Are wood rings eco friendly?If your someone that cares for the environment then buying a wood ring is great for you.
If you have known allergies to metals or chemicals, these rings are a perfect solution.Hand Crafted wooden rings are designed to last a lifetime.
Why pick a wood ring?Picking a wood rings is great for if you have allergies, care for the environment, like the style that the wood ring has or even if you want to give it your personal touch to it. When a ring is made with a single piece of wood, the ring is much lighter and stronger than rings made by other means such as cutting layers of wood to form the ring or making the ring on a lathe.Each hand carved wood ring takes hours to make.
The master craftsmen hand finish the rings to ensure that they retain their handcrafted look and feel.It is important to know how to take care of your handcrafted wedding rings. Wooden rings are very durable; however, they do not hold up well if they get soaked in water.
One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to remove your rings whenever you shower or wash dishes. Many ring makers now add a coat of waterproofing to their rings to help prevent this type of damage.
Whether you choose to opt for waterproofing or not, is a decision you and your spouse must make together.Wooden wedding bands are perfect solutions for those who wish to help the environment.
Instead of mining metal out to create wedding rings, wood crafters use renewable resources for wedding rings. Choosing wooden rings is one of the ways a bride and groom can show their commitment to each other and the environment.Wedding bands are used to symbolize unending love and commitment.
You can show your commitment to your spouse and the environment by choosing a hand crafted wooden wedding ring set. Let the master craftsmen know what you love and allow him to design your wooden wedding rings.

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