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After Spending 4 months building my workbench, I just couldn’t bring myself to drilling and attaching a machinist vise.
The lower plywood base has over-sized holes drilled in it so that the bolts that attach the vise to the upper plywood base will be recessed and cannot scratch the workbench top. The sides and back edges of the base are covered with a thin piece of wood to hide the plywood edge. For even more security, a holdfast can be used to clamp this setup to the bench as shown in picture 3.
The nice thing about this setup is that the machinist vise can be mounted any where along the front of the workbench. I will be building a new table for my shop in the near future and well may incorporate this idea of yours into it. As mentioned earlier, it is great to be able to locate the vise at various locations on the bench.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. The top front is just hinged to the top back with narrow profile hinges, installed inside the gap in between the top boards. You could attach the portable bench top to a kitchen table, computer desk, or countertop to create a temporary workspace. And if you do have a dedicated workspace, who says you need to be stuck in the shop to work on your project?
The bench also comes with two clamps for securing it to a table, and four felt clamp pads to help protect table surfaces.
On days like today, where the temperature is so cold outside that my basement shop only gets up to 50 degrees, I can definitely see the utility in working someplace a little warmer where my fingers will respond when I ask them. Someday I want to try my hand at carving, and I could see a portable work bench being super useful in that situation. If you find the Garrett Wade Table Bench Top a little limiting, there are plenty of other options if you are willing to make it yourself. Over on the Gunpowder Woodworks website, I found a multi-article series that goes into great detail about build a version of the Milkman Workbench.

About BenjamenBenjamen Johnson is an engineer that grew up watching his dad work as a contractor and woodworker.
Read about the history of the workmate and you will learn that it was designed to be a portable bench with integral vise. You know, I thought about the Workmate while I was posting this, but I decided this was a different category. While the portable bench I posted about isn’t heavy or big, it can be clamped to something that is, maybe not with the supplied clamps, but with some c-clamps and an anti-slip mat it should be able to benefit from the mass of the table. My big concern with a small tabletop workbench like this is the rigidity and practicality is largely dependent on the table it’s being clamped to. I haven’t used my Workmuts much for handtool work, but I will say that, while very useful for some powertool tasks and general DIY, their ergonomics are pretty much dead wrong for working with any handtools other than saws. Butcher Block Work workbench crack You can’t buy group A better wholly purpose bench 294 items woodworking bench tops for sale. Just attach vises and bore dog holes to create the right workbench for your shop This top is perfect for kitchen work surfaces coffee berry tables and bars.
This is my Roubo Bench built with the plans from Benchcrafted, including the Benchcraftted vises. I think there will be some interest in seeing a demonstration on the mobility of the workbench. Designing a multipurpose assembly table with downdraft sanding surface was taking WAY TOO LONG. I share this not because I think it is a perfect design, but because Lumberjocks are great at taking an initial idea and suggesting how to make it better. Also, such a permanent installation would interfere with the end vise use so I came up with this work-around. This dowel is positioned to engage the 2nd row of bench dog holes and prevent the vise from slipping off the front of the bench top. The easiest way to do this is to position the bench top pieces as if the bench was fully open, and on the exposed inside edges, screw on hinges. Bring the portable bench top to the family room or even out on the deck so you can get some work done while you enjoy a nice day.

The vise’s jaw protrudes slightly higher than the surface of the bench to work in concert with the bench dogs for gripping the bottom of larger boards or panels. According to Garrett Wade’s shipping table, ground shipping to continental USA addresses is $12.
Unfortunately, most of my projects require use of heavy and messy power tools which I don’t want to carry upstairs.
What early Items Do Customers Buy After screening This particular bench peak has a protective lacquer eat up and includes four storage boxers each.
Lee side Valley lists approximately workbench tops no dogs or vises such as deuce 3 4 thick 20×60 My other maple work bench is my woodworking bench. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper.
It would be ideal if you had a garage workbench largely geared to metalworking and repairs and wanted to occasionally convert this to a dedicated woodworking space and not have your workpieces sitting on or clamped to a greasy or rough table. It is big and heavy by design because you use your whole body when you are working with hand tools. I clamp this to my old Workmate to give it a larger and more expendable work surface for cutting, layout, gluing and clamping. If I exactly wanted axerophthol thick maple top I’d bargain a fatheaded maple top Below is the sort. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.

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