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My former assistant Andy Brownell has been working on a similar bench (BenchCrafted’s split-top Roubo) for a while now. This brings up something that I’ve been aware of for ages, but which crystallized into a ‘rule’ for me as I was writing my new book. Practically speaking, I need to replace a bench that a former assistant made about ten years ago that has been, until now, conveniently in my shop. After trying BenchCrafted’s vise hardware I realized how much I had been hampered by poor work holding on my other benches. We’ve been texting and talking about our various choices for getting through various parts of the build, and there have been some interesting comparisons. Push a router to take off too much material and it will choke on sawdust, tear out fibers instead of cutting them, bounce off the wood, or, as Andy discovered, do some other damage (fortunately, just to his brass guide bushing). Cut too quickly on the table saw and you’ll rip out fibers instead of cutting them cleanly.

The bit will chatter in the cut, and even flex a little, cutting a wider, rougher path through the wood. Start pushing too hard on a chisel or sawing too hard and your accuracy will suffer as well.
I wasted away much of the wood for the bench dog slots on the saw, and then went back to the router with a jig to rout the final shape and size of the slots. But over the past week or so I’ve been working on two more for the shop; a new, full-sized bench, and a 54” long mini bench (but with a 4”-thick top) that will be a duplicate of one I made last summer. I put all of the shop benches to work: during the week, they gather junk, and on the weekends, I clear them all off for classes.
The work was easier and more accurate that way, even though there was an extra step involved.
That, and the fact that it gives me the opportunity to say, “well, you can never have too many vises.” Oh.

Work fast and rough up to a point, and then slow down and deal with the accurate work at its own speed. This effective home fitness device features durable steel construction and is comfortably padded for sit-ups and other ab work. Some Assembly Required (Tools Included) This weight bench provides three different exercises - the bench press, leg curl and leg lift.

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