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Made from durable ABS, the handle is hinged and locks for in-line use, or at a 60° angle to form a comfortable pistol grip. Wall-mount this handy holder near the stationary saws in your shop, or, if you like, place it on a convenient benchtop. If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Bottom LineAbout Woodworking tested the original Final Cut Saw Blade (10-inch) when it was first released. This portable circular saw blade sharpener allows any craftsman to sharpen multiple blades in one sitting!
Also, remember that if you jam the blade with a stick and crank on the wrench too hard, then this is bad for the teeth.
Arbor nuts tighten in the opposite direction of the rotation of the blade, and it is easy to undo and redo the tightness of the nuts, when needed.
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For me, using reclaimed wood in my projects means I can give new life to old wood and hopefully it’ll be admired for years to come.
I’ve been looking for a local saw mill that will sell me a veneer-grade red or white Oak log for green wood chair making. Buying hardwood (especially exotics) online has become more and more popular in the last few years.
Sometimes though, it can be hard to find good, reputable suppliers who are willing to work with you.
Larry Gnewikow, forestry manager for Amana, is a graduate of Iowa State University and has worked for the last 25 years overseeing the growth and development of Iowa’s largest privately-owned forest. Larry says they regularly work with buyers who have special needs and they’re now able to ship hardwoods to anywhere in the country. Being one of the few green wood chair makers in Iowa, it’s been a slow process finding the right supplier for oak logs. Filed under chairmaking, Green Woodworking, Hardwoods, Sawmills, The Woodsmith Store, Woodworking. But, because of my interest in green woodworking, I was really drawn to this link on Steve’s blog to Gary Katz Online. For a more extensive investigation of power saw safety and the industry's role, see Power Tool Industry Circles the Wagons as Disabling Saw Injuries Mount.
Adam Thull was building a checkout counter for a local bookstore when he noticed a wood panel falling off the edge of his table. Adam Thull with his wife, Courtney, 4-year-old daughter, Stevie, and 8-year-old son, Cyril.
Thull, 32, who was working at his shop at home in the small community of Crosslake, Minn., was airlifted to a hospital. Still, after three years of treatment on his ulnar bone and nerve, Thull has yet to recover full use of his arm.
Thull acknowledges that when the accident occurred in May, 2010, he wasn’t using the saw guard, which fits like a hood over the top of the blade. But Thull is suing Ryobi, its parent company Techtronic Industries and the saw’s retailer, Home Depot, in federal district court in Duluth. The defendants deny responsibility for the incident, one of thousands of serious accidents suffered by American workers and do-it-yourselfers using saws from the major manufacturers that lack skin sensing technology. Thull, who said he “kind of grew up with a hammer in his [my] hand,” had planned to continue supporting his wife and two young children with his home-based woodworking business. But now Thull’s wife, Courtney, struggles to keep the family financially afloat on her own. Thull said he went from “working and providing a life for my family to being the stay-at-home parent. Thull said he and his wife weren’t able to keep up payments on their student loans, and they are now in default.
If his family wasn’t getting a break on their rent by living in a home his uncle owns, Thull said, they would be out on the street. What makes it so useful is that it accepts standard reciprocating saw blades, so you can use them manually to make cuts in confined spaces.
You ll find it the ideal storage project for organizing an assortment of saw blades and a dado-blade set. I used it primarily on a radial-arm saw, and made sure to set the depth of the cut so that the sanding disk was fully engaged, allowing the sandpaper to smooth away the kerf marks as the blade did the cutting. Constructed of a die cast aluminum base and indexing arm, this saw blade sharpener is durable but lightweight.

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The question was in regards to the instructions on tightening the nut against the blade on the table saw arbor. Also, the bare hand that was mentioned above, allows you to hold the blade while you use the wrench with the other hand.
When the arbor nut is tightened as much as it can be tightened, then you will be able to loosen it with your wrench. Also, if you use stacked dado blades, then you can revert to the jamming stick and then tighten the nut.
Finding a good source for cocobolo, paudauk, and even spalted maple or black cherry, often means making a patient, diligent search until you find an importer or saw mill that specializes in these products.
Larry has put me onto some good pricing for white oak logs and after visiting their website (and with Larry), I’ve also found out a little more about their hardwood for sale.
They currently list red oak, quartersawn white oak, cherry, locust, and spalted soft maple harvested and kiln-dried from their own forests. But now, thanks to Woodfinder and Amana Shops, I’ve found several good online sources for hardwood lumber should I ever have the need. A quick scroll down to the categories section on the blog led me to his posts on Woodworking. As he lunged to catch it, his right forearm got caught on the blade of his Ryobi table saw – and the machine quickly cut completely through one of his forearm bones and a nerve. That was the beginning of a medical odyssey that has included seven surgeries and visits to a specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., more than 200 miles away. He also remains unable to work and reluctant to go through surgery and a lengthy recuperation again.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, most operators work without the guard at least part of the time because it limits visibility and must be removed for some cuts. He contends that his saw was defective because Ryobi had failed to adopt flesh detection technology, a system that can virtually eliminate serious injuries by immediately shutting down the blade on contact with skin. For about a year after the accident, Courtney handled a night shift as a nurse and also worked at two coffee shops, one of which was 75 miles away.
Not only is that emotionally devastating to us, but, financially, it’s devastating as well because she can’t produce the money,” Thull said, adding that he is still unsure what he will do in the future to help support the family.
Their daughter was just one-year-old when the accident occurred, and Thull said, “I couldn’t even change her diaper at the beginning, with my left hand. Features include a motor block that tilts 25 degrees left and right to adjust for different blade tooth configurations. From reading these, it seems that you have to be a master machinist to even have a chance to make it work.
The person asking the question was wondering if they should only tighten their table saw’s arbor nut with their bare hand?
You will want to tightened everything up the right way, as you will want to keep things running as smooth as possible. Just make sure you are able to give us step by step instructions on it, as well as images as you see here, and we will put it on this site just like you have read on this page! The Amana Shops is the online store for the Amana Colonies a popular tourist destination in eastern Iowa. Gary goes On the Road and finds great places for virtual visits, like the Lummis Home and others. The stress of juggling three jobs, Thull said, sent the couple back into marriage counseling.
This saw blade sharpener is great for any metal or wood worker that wants to make sure their circular saw blades last!
Two things changed my mind.First, I recently had some engineered wood flooring installed by a pro at my house. However, this keeps the Final Cut Blade's sanding disk from fully engaging a cut on a 2x4. Since I have my woodworking shop in the garage, the installer asked if he could use my saws. I have read that before as well as seen videos where the woodworker or carpenter just tightened it by hand. But, Larry says they’ll work with anyone who has specific requirements or needs larger quantities.
By free-handing the cut with the blade set to full depth, the disk is completely engaged into the wood.The first few cuts with the Final Cut were a bit slower than a normal brand new saw blade, obviously because the sanding disk creates more drag.
But many have done so – Jay Larson a friend and follower of mine on Facebook says that he has done it hand tight for 25+ years, and it tightens itself up. However, after making about a dozen cuts, I noticed that the sanding disk seemed to be doing more burning than sanding, as each of the cuts where the sanding disk engaged the wood showed black burn marks.

Ironically, as the sanding grit wore away, the cuts became a little quicker.After I completed the sawhorses, I took a good look at the saw blade, and saw that the areas where the sandpaper had sanded the wood was pretty much devoid of any remaining grit. By the time I got back to my shop, two of my good blades were shot (a 12-inch 96-teeth and a 10-inch 50-teeth).
I do hate that so much but in today’s society so many will sue, and yes, you can sue for a lot of money over images.) The tips will need to include YOUR IMAGES that you take. In regards to the quality as posted in one of the prior reviews; with a little tweaking this saw will do almost anything you need it to.
If you want a trophy to polish and brag about then by all means spend the extra money and get one of the more expensive brands. I tried to hone them, but they were too far gone.I was even less happy when I was told my my local sharpening shop that it would cost almost $60 to sharpen these two blades ($20 for the 10-inch and $34 for the 12-inch, plus tax). Remember, we have to go through these images and if they aren’t your own, we will not be able to use them. If you are an average Joe on a budget this is a great buy but PURCHASE THE WARRANTEE and you will not have to worry about those issues. This is illegal and it won’t be tolerated and you will be banned from this community by being blocked.
I have run thousands of feet through the saw and it keeps on keeping on.VSMost Liked Negative Review CAUTION!
Thanks to him for this great video.So I took my chance (not much risk for $32 after using a 20% supercoupon), and I am delighted.
It took me half an hour to go through the basic adjustments and set-up the sharpener as shown on the video, and less than that to sharpen the first blade.
After looking closely at the blade, I saw that the teeth faces were clean but the edges still ragged. This time I changed my method and used the click-stop to pre-position the blade, then simply rotated the teeth into the diamond wheel for 2-3 seconds (instead of using the click-stop and bringing the diamond wheel into the tooth). I later honed the teeth with a small diamond file to eliminate some of the roughness created by the coarse diamond blade, but that did not really improve the cut quality, so I would not worry about it (and the diamond blade will get finer as it wears). I then went on to my expensive 96-teeth blade, and it came out perfect, with no scoring at all on the cuts.
Overall, it is a lot simpler to initially set-up than most power woodworking tools, and the setup required to adjust the grinding angles for each blade are simple to do and would be required even with the most expensive professional sharpeners. Only after looking at the box at a local HF store did I determine it was also capable of sharpening carbide. I waited for a sale price and could not wait to get my sharpener home to try out.Yes, the machine is a bear to set up for a particular blade, but once you get everything in order, the sharpening part goes fairly quickly. I picked out a pretty dull 80T 10" blade and, using the carbide wheel, put a nice new surface on each tooth.
I even wire wheeled the blade beforehand to remove the built-up sawdust resin that accumulates on a used blade. Instead of each tooth surface being smoothly polished as it was when new, the newly sharpened surface looked like it had been sharpened with 80 grit sandpaper. I realize it was finer than that, but keep in mind I was looking at it under magnification. Bottom line is that the sharpener did not work on carbide blades as I had expected and I packed it up and returned it a few days later. One would be to make the set-up a simpler process and make it so that you can dial in specific angles instead of trying to eyeball it and then tighten up some screw.
Second, and more importantly, would be to have a diamond wheel with a much finer grit to actually polish the carbide instead of coarsely grind it. You can't do a good job using just one stone.I had to give this sharpener only one star because I found it totally useless.
I marked the front of each tooth with a marker to tell if I was sharpening the tooth evenly and completely. 4 Speed Woodworking Band Saw:Purchased this bandsaw back when the paint scheme was industrial green, around 2008 sometime.
The first thing I did was install a set of Delta 14" Bandroller guides into the existing blade guide holders, and the saw settled right out.
I next sharpened 3 12" carbide toothed compound table saw blades worth about $40 each. I recommend getting a set of polyurethane wheel tires to replace the rubber ones that come with it, the rubber ones fell apart after a few years, which is normal.
Some assembly steps are a bit confusing, but, looking ahead in the manual to see what it's supposed to look like should give some clues.

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