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They are excellent when creating pieces that do not require routing, but benefit from having the edge of stock eased to prevent splinters. There are many multi-tools on the market, but most are of poor quality and have elements that are seldom needed. At 7" long and 15 oz (400g) in weight, it can be conveniently carried in the belt-looped nylon scabbard that it comes in. Bedan Tools Popularized by acclaimed turner Jean-François Escoulen, the bedan is a traditional spindle-turning tool that cuts convex shapes quickly and is capable of leaving a surface so smooth it needs only minimal sanding.

While either can be used to cut tenons, the 10mm bedan is particularly efficient because of its wide edge. Japanese Dovetail Chisels Known as umeki-nomi, these versatile traditional tools are favored for their ability to work into sharp corners.
Though they excel at removing the waste from between dovetails, they are suitable for a variety of tasks because their triangular sections and narrow edges allow them to work adjacent to any inclined surface. Hand forged and finely finished by master blacksmith Hiroshi Koyama (Koymaichi), the laminated blades combine a hard high-carbon Hitachi white steel face with a shock-absorbing softer steel back.

It is useful for anglers (note the hook remover on the saw-blade tip), campers, outdoor enthusiasts, many trades, and people who just like a tool kit in a holster. Their red oak handles have pre-seated hand-forged hoops and are slightly canted to provide clearance for flush-trimming projections and paring recessed joints.

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