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This pre-configured workbench is designed with your basic material handling and production needs in mind.
Ergonomic Work Stations help increase productivity by creating a station to meet your needs. Heavy-duty work table is perfect for assembly, machine mouting, repair or an extra storage area.
Heavy channel steel flared legs provide a sturdy and dependable base for an array of demanding tasks. A set of Jewelers Diamond Files are perfect for filing small metal and plastic parts on slot car chassis and body shells.
At this point you will have assembled a good assortment of tools, supplies, parts and cars. The Plano Company makes a great line of fishing tackle boxes that work well for storing HO Slot Car tools and supplies. Personally, I prefer a tool box with removable plastic bins like the one shown above instead of sliding drawers. With the addition of a hobby light with integral magnifier, an AC power strip and a small shop stool, I created a nice work area dedicated solely to HO Slot Car racing projects. When you get really serious about the hobby you may want to invest in high-quality machine tools. The vertical milling machine shown below is probably the most useful machine tool you can own.
Next to the vertical milling machine shown above an engine lathe is also an essential tool if you plan on machining and balancing your own motor armatures, and turning custom-size wheel hubs.
The machine tools shown above, along with many of the hobby tools discussed in this section are available from Micro-Mark Tool Specialties. See how to build this massive, maple workbench from start to finish in our six-part video workshop. This bench features a sturdy top and a trestle base is rigid enough to resist any racking forces. A modern European-style workbench that has both a front vise and an innovative and easy to build tail vise. One of the great benches that should be considered by any woodworker thinking about building a traditional bench. An American classic right out of the 50's This folding ironing board style workbench is not very heavy duty but with a little beefing up would be nice project bench in a small garage.
This weekend we built the first of four heavy duty workbenches for the OPC workshop! This project was very simple, and the design works not only for a workbench (as we’re using it), but also for sturdy storage shelves in a basement or garage. Our goal for each workbench is an inexpensive, free-standing, movable table that can support a lot of weight (400+ lbs. All of the materials for this table came from our local Home Depot, and we spent a little over $120 total. We also decided to let Home Depot rip the sheet using their panel saw rather than cutting it ourselves.
Screws: Make sure the screws you select have a large, flat head that will sit tightly against the Simpson ties without going through the pre-drilled holes. It’s time to start assembling the frame, and we began with the workbench top (rather than the shelf). You can see in the picture below that the table legs come all the way up even with the top of the adjacent 2×4 supports. We secured another lengthwise support down the middle of the workbench (12″ on center). The plywood shelf needs to have notches cut from each corner to account for the table legs. For additional ideas about building shelves, check out our other article describing how we built shed storage shelves.
I love the wheels, great to be able to move it to the middle of the garage when using it for big projects and put it aside when not in use.
Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? Very nice job, but I do have two suggestions to help you improve the rigidity more… The first is to not only screw the plywood down, but to glue it. Since I have a foundation in the way, I put my shelf right at that level, so I could keep the bench right up against the wall.
Love this project, but I have a few questions: With your emphasis on eliminating deflection, why not simply have added two more width-wise supports, top and bottom, right in the center of the bench, a third pair of vertical posts (joined to the center supports at each end), and one more pair of casters (one under each center post)? We actually went for a comfortable work height that maximized storage location under the top shelf. In our shop, we mounted receptacles sideways at around 44 inches high, with pegboard starting right above those at about 47 inches.
Here is a workbench that is quick and easy to construct, professional looking and absolutely rigid. I used soft maple for on the bench's legs, but you can use glued-up hardwood or construction-grade 4x4s. The function of a stretcher is to prevent the frame from racking and the bench from rocking, so it's imperative that each stretcher connection be rock solid. To begin making the joints, crosscut the stretchers square and to length, and drill cross holes to provide the space for the nut and washers that are fitted to the end of each bolt. The center of each cross hole is located where the bolt end will be when the joint is assembled. If you plan to disassemble and assemble the bench often, you might want to add an alignment dowel on the end of each stretch-er. Next, mark and cut out the relief area on each stretcher end, leaving two l-in.-long contact areas.
Assemble the bench frame by first bolting together the legs and end stretchers, and then joining them with the side stretchers. I told my dad I needed a cabinet for storing all my router bits and this is what he made me. Outfitted with the most common functional accessories, this workbench provides adjustability, power, storage and lighting. Outfitted with the most common functional accessories, this workbench provides adjustability, power, and storage.
Outfitted with the most common accessories, this packing table provides adjustability, power, storage and lighting.
Outfitted with the most common functional accessories,this workbench provides adjustability, power, and storage. Workers of every size can perform tasks comfortably by turning the handle to adjust the work surface. Built with steel channel legs and welded steel cross member for added strength and durability.
Worksurfaces are laminated over industrial grade particle board to full 1?" thickness. Steel cross members, precision welded between each upright, add even more strength and rigidity.
Made of 14 gauge type 304 series stainless steel and galvanized legs and galvanized adjustable undershelves. Here is a list of the tools you will need to keep your cars running their fastest.Try to purchase the best quality tools that you can afford. A large toolbox will help you to keep your tools and supplies well organized and readily accessible. They also produce a large assortment of small plastic organizer boxes that are ideal for storing HO Slot Car parts and accessories. In tighter spaces such as the pit area at many commercial slot car tracks a tool box with sliding drawers often gets in the way of the work area, while plastic bins can be removed and the folding front door kept closed to give more work space.
Your work area can be as simple as a kitchen table with good overhead lighting to a dedicated work bench in your shop or basement.
The workbench includes a galvanized steel top, five sliding drawers on one side and a large bulk storage area on the other side. I've been purchasing tools from Micro-Mark for many years and have always been very satisfied with their quality and selection. Not only does he make some of the finest bench vises made anywhere, he has now added a workbench plan to his collection.

The original version of the bench was created in 1875 but this slightly modernized version makes it a great choice for a woodworker looking for traditional and contemporary features. His bench is a something of a combination of the Holtzapffel Workbench with several modern twists from Veritas' best ideas added. He's created a new workbench that will especially appeal to hand tool focused woodworkers.Follow the link to the article, plans and video tour. With a few modifications this might be pretty handy as an assembly table with lots of storage below. We built a two-shelf bench, but this design can be easily modified for three or four-shelf models. After getting everything to the shop, it took about three hours to cut the wood and assemble the parts. This might not sound very original, but I’d challenge you to find a sturdier design at this price point. In our area, both Lowe’s and Home Depot will cut a sheet of plywood twice per sheet, free of charge.
These rigid tie connectors are used to secure two wood members (forming a 90° corner) to a vertical post. These Simpson ties are designed for #8 screws, which were sold in a rack right next to the ties. This is beneficial because now any of our workbenches can act as an infeed or outfeed support. We flipped the table upside-down to slide the ties on, and then positioned them 7″ up the leg. Grab a scrap piece of 2×4 and trace the outline, being careful to orient it correctly. This is an easy addition because all it involves is gluing and screwing another piece of plywood to the underside of the top shelf. If anyone else has built (or is planning on building) one of these workbenches, we hope you’ll send in pictures so that we can feature them here.
Added a 12 plug strip to the underside, and gave the brackets a coat of paint before starting. You can box beam one (or torsion box), have one with a thicker top for bench dog holes and a wood working vice, put a piece of stainless on one for easy cleanup of messy items, and have things like a metal vice, bench grinder, and drill press mounted to the first one you made.
For two, if you use the table for a table saw or mitre saw, it’s nice to have the permanent plug there. The rear legs are shorter and sit on top of the foundation, the front legs go all the way to the floor. We considered doing something like that until we settled on the mobile versions of the tables… Did you also fasten the bench to the studs on the wall?
I like the Simpson Strong Ties too, they’re not only solid but also give a nice industrial look to the corners. Seems like it might be a little complex though to get your table saw supported by a welded tube? It would cost a bit more money, but (as long as your shop floor is relatively flat) I believe it’d almost guarantee no deflection of the bench top, and furthermore, would enhance the rigidity of the overall infrastructure. Making triangles (with the angled braces) is a great way to support the bench, but these Simpson ties really eliminate the need.
I’m looking forward to any future updates you do on your work bench building efforts. The joints are easy to cut yet forgiving because they are fastened with common hex-head bolts available at any hardware store. Cut the legs to a length that equals die height of the bench less the thickness of the top. A joint held together with a single bolt focuses pressure at the center of the joint, which doesn't adequately prevent the joint from racking. The joints will seem loose and sloppy when first assembled; simply posi- tion and tighten them using two washers under each nut.
An easier (although more expensive) alternative is to buy a length of ready-made butcher-block countertop, available from many building-supply stores, home centers and lumber dealers.
My first projects were custom-designed shelving in my living room, a white cedar log couch, and a dining room table. I subscribed to a couple of different woodworking book clubs over the years, plus have many other specialized books besides.
Eventually I'll build a really nice stand for it and then use the mobile base only when I carry it outside to use.
The top is a very old solid core door, back from the days when a solid core door was actually comprised of a, surprisingly, solid core! This is a very well designed saw and has a tooless blade change system that is very superior to other saws I've used! The things with the holes on the right are jigs for (bottom) putting holes in the side of cases for adjustable shelves. Combined with multi-storage sizes, high-quality powder-coat paint finish and Maple, ESD or Standard Laminate work surface options, our Packing Table is ready to take on the most demanding packing requirements.IN STOCK: SHIPS COMPLETE IN 3-5 DAYS!
Ergonomic drawer pull is an integral part of the drawer front and does not protrude beyond the front of the unit. Insertion of unique clear, see-through windows double storage capacity and converts bin into a true carrying tote. Can be secured to the floor with base plates punched for floor bolts to provide 25 square inch floor bearing surface per leg.
They won't be drawn to the motor and traction magnets, and small metal parts won't stick to them. Bits and accessories not made for high-speed operation may fly apart and cause serious injury. Based upon a modern split Roubo style bench it features his terrific leg and tail vises plus several other unique features. Personally, I think that this bench is one the very best modern bench designs I've seen and takes into consideration every possible way of holding your work to the bench and will work extremely well for both hand and power tools.
If you don't have room for multiple benches the solution is to build an adjustable height workbench.
Cabinet grade plywood provides a relatively smooth surface that will be mostly free of splinters.
Furthermore, adding extra width-wise members does not increase vertical support over the entire length. Do the same for the workbench top, and remember to put screws in the middle support as well. To see more pictures and information, check out our update with four workbench modifications.
Screwing them into the end-grain of the table legs doesn’t provide the best hold so we added a cross member between the two legs. It’ll be a great surface for future projects, and the shelf is already getting loaded up. We’ll have to give this a try on one of them and compare the deflection of the tables! If you have a portable table saw you could make one of your benches the same height so you could use it for outfeed support (and cover it with melamine).
And be forewarned: I have no shortage of need for workbenches (which is a roundabout way of saying that I need more benches!). The joint, equally effective in hardwood or cheap construction-grade lumber, is also perfect for many types of knockdown furniture. Two bolts are better because they pull the stretcher against the leg closer to the edges, thus keeping the joint square. I cut out the relief area on a bandsaw, but you could use a sabersaw or chop out the waste by hand with a chisel.
I also have a separate mortising machine, but having the attachment for the drill press will allow me to do mortises on much deeper stock. It weighs about 85 pounds, so light enough that I can move it outside if I have a big planing job using larger lengths! The original fence finally died and I splurged and bought a Bessemer knock off--a Shop Fox fence.
I added a quick-change blade accessory to it and its certainly paid for itself many times over.

They're actually about 3" shorter than standard height cabinets, but she was only 4' 10" tall! Because of the way the handle is designed, it makes a great saw for a woman's smaller hands, yet I'm sure works equally as well for a man! I didn't go with a more expensive model because I don't anticipate having a lot of use for this tool, besides the Scotty.
We also carry a great selection of workbench accessories from cabinets and bins to legs, stools and butcher block maple workbench tops. Available in Walnut with Black edge and frame or Light Oak with Brown edge and frame -- Please specify. Electrical knockouts on each leg offer space for duplex outlet boxes (not included) and subsequent electrical hookup. Optional risers, side and back rails, lower shelves and drawer are available for customizing workbenches to specific tasks.
11 blades as well as a large handle for specialty blades.Larger sets that include a miter box and razor saw are an excellent choice if you plan to modify chassis or scratch-build structures and landscape your layout.
I prefer the AC powered unit that plugs into a wall outlet for my shop, and a rechargeable unit for my pit case.I prefer to clamp small items I'm working on in a hobby vise when using a Dremel Tool. These storage racks can be stacked and mounted on a wall.Your cars will be kept safe and dust free in these economical store units, and as your collection grows you can simply add more rack units. HO Slot Cars and their parts are small and can be somewhat tedious to work on, especially if you can not see what you are doing.
The article and plans were in Fine Woodworking #153 and are available as a PDF download for paid online subscribers or via a free 14 day trial. I know of only three available designs, one involves using a dedicated and expensive metal base. One difference between the lower shelf and upper shelf is that we didn’t use the iron or the extra support member on the lower shelf. You may find that you’ll need to wrack the frame a bit to keep everything square and all the edges lined up.
I know the Simpson ties are very strong, but braces would take that much more horizontal load off the joints when wheeling the benches around. I’m going to build one based on your original design, and try out a few of my own variations on it, as well. But you need to buy twice as much hardware, plus it takes twice as long to knock down or assemble the bench. I did not get heavily into woodworking though until I bought my grandfather's house in 1989, which had an outbuilding the size of a 4-car garage. I also use it as a planer when I need to plane down highly figured wood which would chip if I used the planer. The inventor was selling them at the American Woodworker Woodworking show in Novi, MI, several years ago. Available with hinge doors (not shown) with your choice of either flat top or 5" rear spashguard. Stay away from the tools sold at Radio Shack, they are not very well made.Sears is a good source for general purpose slot car tools.
The plastic bins are the same size as the divided parts boxes in the tackle box described above, so not only can you store cars, you can also store all of you parts in a neat and organized system. There's a free plan available at Popular Woodworking, a 3D Model and a preview video and a great story of David Pearce's experience building one and a class report of building one at Kelly Mehler's School. Charlie Kocourek has come up with a remarkable new design that incorporates some very clever ideas and torsion box construction. This shelf will be plenty strong, and we weren’t concerned with a little bit of deflection here.
Mount the reciever hitch on the side (short side) to where the table of the saw and the table itself are leveled, so now you have a an 8ft long leveled surface to put your boards on and cut and the miter saw could be removable also .
So we’ll see who deflects the least — in other words, the friendly competition is on!
After trying several variations of the bolted stretcher joint, I finally came up with the version shown in the drawing. A spade bit in a portable electric drill works fine in endgrain, although I prefer to use a modified auger bit in a hand brace. Plastic tops are non-glare white and available as conductive (anti-static) at additional cost.
This will quickly become one of your most used tools.If you have the available room you may want to create a dedicated area for HO Slot Car maintenance.
The plans are most impressive at 28 pages and are incredibly detailed and a complete hardware package is available. Now you dont have to be bend over on the floor, as pictured, making sure your board is leveled etc.
We’re going to do some rigidity tests between our two benches in the near future just to see how they both perform. This decision should be based on the bench's intended use (a carving bench should have a narrower top than a cabinetmaker's assembly bench) and on the shop space you have available.
A single bolt is used for each joint, and an arched relief area is cut out on each end of the stretcher.
If you like, you can whittle or sand the edges of the opening to give them an attractive chamfer. Bins are molded with a carbon filled copolymer polypropylene material which protects sensitive electronic components from typical electro magnetic interference (EMI).
Over the many years that I have used Craftsman Tools I have only had to return a few of them, but they always make the exchange, no questions asked.Craftsman Tools are often made by another manufacturer and relabeled specifically for Sears. A dedicated area will allow you to leave ongoing projects undisturbed.Sears sells a very nice metal topped work bench that is ideal for HO Slot Car maintenance projects.
The second thing is that I added a very short lip on the back of the top to keep things from sliding off the back of the bench. As the joint is tightened, pressure is focused at the outer edges (like a two-bolt joint), effectively locking the stretcher square to the leg and preventing racking. You should avoid locating the cross holes any closer to the stretcher ends than that or you risk the force of the bolt splitting out the endgrain and ruining the stretcher. I tried to drill accurately by checking that the bit was parallel to the face and edge of the stretcher, and stopping and rechecking frequently. 2' of petrified manure lined the floor and it was full of every item from past remodeling--old toilets, kitchen sinks, etc.
For example, a Craftsman Rotary Tool is nothing more than a relabeled Dremel Tool, while a Craftsman soldering iron is manufactured by Ungar.
Dremel Tools can be purchased separately or in a set including the most commonly used accessories. From these dimensions, I calculated the size of the frame and the length of the stretchers, You can determine the length of each pair of stretchers by subtracting twice the thickness of a leg plus the amount the top will overhang at each end from the length and width of the benchtop. Because the hole is much larger than the bolt, dead accuracy isn't necessary; as I've said, this joint is very forgiving. After cleaning that all out, and removing the wall and foundation between it and the next 10' section of the building, my dad came up (from Georgia) and we removed the remnants of cement flooring from that next 10' section and got it ready to have a new cement floor over the entire 20x20' expanse.
The sets are a good deal and include an assortment of bits useful for HO Slot Car Racing as well as other tasks around the shop. When deciding on the amount of overhang, keep in mind that it's a good idea to leave plenty of room on all sides, for mounting vises and for clamping things to the top. A lifetime Craftsman Tool guarantee.The Exacto line of hobby tools are well made and very useful.
I purchased my set at Sears that also included a very handy tool organizer that mounts on a wall or bench top and keeps all of my accessories neatly organized. The third thing I did was to not make the bottom shelf come all the way out to the front edge.
The forth thing is that I built a couple of drawers the are mounted under the top to hold boxes of screws and nails. My major project this summer will be rebuilding a 1969 Serro Scotty Sportsman travel trailer.

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