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What type of light bulbs are you using in your home?!!  Have you switched to ENERGY STAR light bulbs, yet? Replace furnace filters monthly during the heating season.  Filters that are clogged will cause the blower to work harder, raising your electric bill. Lower the temperature 1-2 degrees before guests arrive.  Body heat will cause the unit to work harder to keep up. Clean the coils behind or underneath your refrigerator with a tapered appliance brush so it will run more efficiently.
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It’s so true, from tablets being added to classrooms across the country to individual games systems at home, children are constantly being exposed to technology. That’s what makes it more important than ever to make sure we are teaching kids ways to conserve energy while growing up in a world of  Smart Technology. That an an Atari were pretty much the extent of the technology I was exposed to as a kid.Fast forward a few years, and my dad was the first on the block to have a portable phone. You know the ones… they had a bag that came with them, and they were the size of your entire house. I mean, how efficient, how clever!Fast forward even more years, and my dad was the first person I knew to have this device where he could walk in a room, make a noise, and get his lights to turn on.

Saving us the time it took us to walk to the switch to turn on the individual lamps, in turn making our daily lives simpler.Life as a kid with my dad progressed the same way.
Every year or two, he would have the coolest new device to save time and make life work simpler.
It surrounds them.In our home, we have a remote control that helps up pick and choose which lights should turn on and when we should turn them on. We have a video monitoring system for when we are away from the house and just  recently, we started looking at a Direct Energy Smart Thermastat to make our home a truly Smart Home.With all this technology, its easy to take it for granted. It is easy to forget that we have to teach our children how to be stewards of the environment, and that while all of this technology is amazing, we have a responsibility to take care of our planet by learning simple ways to conserve energy.
Direct Energy has put together some awesome tips for making your home smarter and more convenient while conserving energy. They can identify what is plugged in, what gets used and how often, and if it should be unplugged.
The Educators’ Spin On ItKid Powered Dinner- One night a week, have your kids help you create a meal with no electricity. We love salad, but I am sure you could get creative.- Lemon Lime AdventuresToothy Tunes- Encourage children to turn of the faucet while they brush their hands by playing their favorite song while they brush at a whisper volume. They will HAVE to turn the water off to hear their favorite tune while they brush.- Lemon Lime AdventuresEnergy Treasure Hunt- Have children put on their detective suits and go hunting for energy wasters like cords still plugged in, faucets dripping, electronics left on.

With the new Direct Energy Smart Thermostat, you can teach children the value of conserving energy while upgrading your home with some of the coolest smart technology out there. To enter the sweepstakes, visit the campaign landing page and simply fill out the entry form.
Winners will be selected in Mid-November.At Direct Energy, they are committed to helping customers build a smarter home, and thus cut down on their energy usage – saving the customer time and making their lives easier. Maybe it’s buying Smart Power strips for your devices, using dimmer switches, or installing a Nest Learning Thermostat. REGARDLESS, I ONLY RECOMMEND PRODUCTS OR SERVICES I USE PERSONALLY AND BELIEVE WILL BE GOOD FOR MY READERS. I do it because I want to be a more […]Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Please read the instructions for each activity thoroughly before deciding whether is is appropriate for your child(ren). Lemon Lime Adventures is not responsible for any injury or damage while replicating activities from this blog.

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