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Here are 10 simple (and unique) exercises you can use to increase productivity and energy levels. If you start to feel anxious and stressed when working on a task, try switching to something else. Light interferes with sleep, at least partly because it inhibits melatonin secretion and thus resets the biological clock. Roughly 50-60% of the brain’s overall weight is pure fat, which is used as insulation for its billions of nerve cells. Regular stretching does more than keep your muscles and tendons in a healthy state; it also keeps the brain’s arteries open and unclogged. With all that modern culture throws at us, spending one day a month in complete silence (and even solitude) is a wonderful practice to increase productivity and energy levels over the long-haul. A great way to pamper your body and increase energy is to get in the habit of eating your bigger meal in the middle of the day.
Getting a sufficient “cardio” workout increases the body’s ability to get oxygen to the cells efficiently; this lowers blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and decreases body fat. Energy efficiency is doing the same things you always do, but using less energy to do them. Energy efficiency means that you are optimally using the energy in your home and not wasting it. Before we can bother with doing things like installing solar, we’ve got to make sure the building is energy-efficient. Ever since ENERGY STAR became such a big deal it seems like most people think that that’s the core of energy efficiency, and yes ENERGY STAR appliances are much more efficient than their counterparts.
Last week we shared an article of the top 10 power quality problems, and you really like dit so today here’s the top 10 ways to increase energy efficiency and performance of pumping systems. Almost all types of industries, big or small, need pumping systems to meet their fluid, especially, water utilities.
Below mentioned are the top 10 ways following which you can considerably increase the pumping performance, which in turn can save a lot of energy and money. It is estimated that a regular maintenance of a pumping system can save up to 7% of the total electricity used for pumping purposes.
The main objective of using a automated controlling system in conjunction with a pumping system is, to increase the load operation efficiency. This system is very effective, accurate and quick compared to the conventional control systems and can result in decreased energy consumption, as well as wear and tear in the pumps. If there is a mismatch between the pump’s capacity and its operating loads, the overall pumping efficiency may fall up to 25%, and in worst cases, may lead to pump failure.
If a pump is operating under throttled conditions, it can be understood that the pump is either oversized or undersized for the existing demand. Oversized pump can result in an increased bypass flow rate of as high as +30% from its efficiency point. Using holding tanks during production cycles equalizes the flow rate and enhances the energy efficiency. It is estimated that parallel pumping systems can save as high as 50% of the total pumping electricity consumption. Excessive heating occurs in pumps that pump fluids other than water that are mostly used in food processing, petrochemical and paper industries. Once the blades are trimmed, the pumping energy induced into the fluids decreases and as a result, excessive heating ceases. Pipe size and its characteristics play a vital role in saving energy that is spent on overcoming frictional losses. Hence to keep frictional losses at minimum, care should be taken to see that a proper pipeline design is in place during system design phase itself. Following the above mentioned ways of increasing energy efficiency and performance of a pumping system can help you go a long way. Fat is a part of a balanced diet, however over consumption of fat leads to high cholesterol levels which impact the circulation of blood. Drinking ice cold water and splashing it on your face speeds up the transition from comatose to conscious. Research has shown that people who listen to music can run about 15% longer than people who don’t.
Doctors and scientists agree that staying hydrated during the day is a key component to being healthy and feeling more energized. All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. You need energy to win at your relationship, win in your career, win as a parent, win at being your highest potential self.
Think about it.   The most hightech of flashlights is rendered useless if the battery’s not juiced up. Plus, you need to have this extra energy to think positive  and clear thoughts and do positive and quality-level habits on a repeated, consistent, daily, nightly, 2am-ly basis.

Okay, so if putting both quality and quantity of energy into your life matters so much, how can you make sure you’re not leaking precious energy? TWEET THIS NOW: 6 Ways To Increase Your Energy – To Increase Your Happiness and Success!
If you could live 10 years of your life in total bliss – with NO pain – but in the end, not remember any of it – would you do it?
Forgiveness is making the choice to release our offender from a spiritual debt – so we don’t risk mounting spiritual debt from continued anger and resentment.
My research-backed happiness tools have been featured on CNN, Oprah, Psychology Today, The Today Show, etc – and will empower you to live a life you love!
BONUS: Upon subscribing, get a free chunk of my Bounce Back Book – recommended by Tony Robbins! Do not force yourself to work on something because your predetermined schedule says so; in fact, coming back to that project later when you have a more accepting attitude will yield better results.
For this reason, it is very important to keep your bedroom as dark as possible to ensure full cycles of sleep.
The brain emits a frequency like a battery, and audio guidance uses sound patterns to purposefully mold brain waves into desired states.
Your digestion is much more active during the day, allowing your body to use food for energy more effectively. Every night before you go to bed, spend 5 minutes saying thank you out loud for all the experiences you had during the day: the people you interacted with, the work you accomplished, the food you ate, etc…As you do this, really try and feel the gratitude emanate from within.
These are absolute necessities for increasing productivity and a staple in the lifestyle of almost every high-energy person. His most popular articles include The Path to a Spiritual Life in 5 Easy Steps and 14 Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Career. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Remember when you were a kid and you’d leave the front (or back) door open and mom would yell at you and ask if you were raised in a barn? You don’t have air leaking out windows, you aren’t leaving doors open, and you don’t have cold air seeping into the house through wall sockets and unsealed duct work.
It’s a huge waste to install solar when so much of the energy you are creating is escaping the building it’s being created for. Buy a tub of duct sealant and make sure that your duct work is sealed, this includes the ducts under your home as well as where they come into your home (the vents).
If you are like many of us your water heater is in your uninsulated garage, but you don’t have to insulate your entire garage to insulate your water heater. Whether you go with a basic unit or one of the new fancy thermostats that programs itself based on your actions, a programmable thermostat will not only save you money but will keep your home much more comfortable. Your clothes will be just as clean, but you’ll save a ton of energy that is wasted just to heat the water.
I bet if you take a look around your house you will find that you still have some old incandescent bulbs stealing energy. If you struggle with keeping your home cool enough in the warmer months you may want to check the humidity.
Pumping systems should be designed to be as efficient and as energy saving as possible, keeping the individual needs and future demands in mind.
Remote controlling system is mostly used when a series of pumps are connected to each other in order to be able to withstand peak loads. This can be avoided by carefully calculating certain parameters such as the head, suction, flow rate, size of the piping system, type of impeller, etc before choosing the right pump. In such cases, impeller trimming should be considered as the best alternative to motor replacement, as the former can be a more effective power saving solution.
As a result, the need for adding an additional pump to meet the sudden increase in the demand can be delayed, if not completely eliminated.
This is especially true in case of systems that operate on varying loads, but have a static head. The diameter of the pipe, its roughness, material of the pipe, length of the pipe and number of bends in the entire pipeline, are some of the factors that contribute to frictional losses.
Replacing the pipelines at a later stage is not only a tedious job but is also very expensive.
Also, conducting necessary checks and undertaking preventive maintenance measures at regular intervals will not only help you save some money, but will also help you in saving the most fundamental energy resource in this world – Electrical Energy. According to the author of From Fatigue to Fantastic, cold triggers adrenaline which leads to faster pumping of the heart and increases blood flow to the brain. It not only relaxes you but refreshes your testosterone levels, which leads to more energy between the sheets.
Consumption of alcohol lowers down your testosterone levels, which results in fatigue and a lower libido. Stress can be countered by programming more relaxation time into our day like meditation and relaxation.

In experiments conducted at California State University, a brisk 10 minute walk not only increased energy but the effect lasted for up to 2 hours.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. If you feel exhausted, depleted, worn out, frazzled…it won’t even matter how brilliant, talented, kind, funny, loving or loveable you are! Indeed, this is why people who aren’t nearly as brilliant, talented, kind, funny, loving or loveable as you are ( and YOU ARE all these things!) might be succeeding more in various aspects of their life.
The more days that you don’t have the energy to think positive and clear thoughts and do positive and quality-level habits, the more you fall behind instead of moving forward. Spend time with people who don’t support or believe in you – or worst yet make you doubt your full power.
Complain, gossip, scream, hurt someone, devalue someone, lie to someone, cruelly judge someone, feel shame, feel guilt.
Eat or drink foods and beverages which don’t digest well with your particular physicality (i.e. Focus on sharing love, learning lessons, finding meaning, feeling a purpose, expressing gratitude, harnessing faith, valuing kindness.
Focus on being fully in the present moment, living at the speed of life, fully enjoying the people and events around you.
Spend time with people who support you and believe in you – and inspire you to believe in your ability to pursue your dreams and grow in new, exciting ways!
Speak positive words, share compliments, offer help, inspire others, express gratitude out loud, make someone feel loved, hug someone, smile at someone, encourage someone to be their most authentic self in your company, encourage yourself to feel confident to be your most authentic self wherever you go! Therefore eating foods with a healthy mix of fats is essential for energy and productivity.
Because the little voice in your head never stops, and cultivating the ability to quiet this chatterbox, even for a little while, can do wonders for your perspective and ability to get things done! When your home is energy-efficient you aren’t wasting money on your electric bill, you are using exactly what you need and no more.
There are ton of small ways that we can improve the energy efficiency in our homes and commercial buildings. While it may not seem like a big deal, a lot of air can escape through those tiny cracks between the floor and the ducts. Too often we don’t even realize that there is a leak until it’s too late, and often months have passed with increased electric bills. You can purchase a water heater jacket for a minimal price and install it yourself, not only reducing the energy the unit has to use to heat your water, but it will decrease the time it takes for hot water to reach other areas of your home.
If you are still using old non-Energy Star appliances consider replacing them with more efficient appliances before they die. Those little cracks can equate to having a window (or even two) open as wide as they will go. However, ageing, improper maintenance, miscalculations while installation, selecting wrong specifications or a wrong model, can all lead to decreased pumping efficiency. Regular monitoring can help detect a lot of things that are otherwise difficult to find, unless the damage has already occurred.
Parallel pumping systems are not only reliable but also are also capable of increasing the overall age of a pumping system. A study conducted by Archives of Sexual Behaviour stated that the more fit you become because of exercise, the more energy you’ll have for sex. When daily 10-minute walks continued for three weeks, overall energy levels and mood were lifted. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Yeah, well when you heating or cooling the outdoors you are not making the best use of your energy. Keep an eye on your electric bill if you notice a large increase in water or electric usage there may be a problem. You’ll not only save energy (and money) in the long-term but you’ll save yourself from the short-term headache of having to rush out and replace a dead unit. Hence, a small decrease in the rate of flow can considerably reduce power consumption, as well as wear and tear in the pumps.
And they are putting all this extra energy more fully into particular aspects of their life. If you feel exhausted, depleted, worn out, frazzled…you won’t be able to fully bring your awesomeness into your career, your relationship, your parenting, your happiness – and all of these aspects of your life will suffer!
The results-proven tools in the DO IT PROGRAM have already helped 100’s of people to shred 100’s of pounds!

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