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Theresa Cheung is an accomplished health author who has written across a wide variety of subjects, ranging from nutrition, dieting, stress and self-esteem to titles on dreams and the psychic world.
She has also ghost written for Gillian McKeith and Carol Vorderman and is the health and fitness expert on You and Your Wedding magazine website. Not only will you have faith in who you really are, but the people you love and work with will believe in you as well.

Energy zappers are all around us, some obvious, some hidden, but the good news is that there is a way around almost all of them.This practical pocket-guide offers 100 simple and effective ideas to help you boost your energy, however hectic your lifestyle. Learn how to increase your stamina and build up reserves of energy to help you face each and every day with more vitality and pep.The book features an introductory section, exploring the concept of energy and what it actually is. For example, how do you gain energy, and how do you lose it?100 energy boosting suggestions follow, split into helpful sections.

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