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EU energy labels may not be Prada or Jimmy Choo but they do tell you how energy efficient your appliances are. By replacing an old, inefficient boiler with an A-rated one, you could save up to ?225 per year, but in the mean time, you can reduce the energy your existing boiler consumes with efficient thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves. There is no excuse for forgetting to switch the lights off every time you leave a room, it’s easy and can save you a lot of money, simply by flicking a switch.
Washing clothes at 30 degrees can be just as effective for a normally load and doesn’t come with the shrinkage risk of a hot wash! Do an extra spin after your washing to get as much water out as possible and you will save money, if you do decide to tumble dry. If you want to cut you bills and make your home more eco friendly and energy efficient, our Rated tradesmen can help you achieve eco home heaven. Tata Power Club Enerji (TPCE) is an Energy & Resource Conservation Club that focuses on bringing about a first-hand realization of the energy crisis and scarcity of natural resources in the country. The programme concentrates on awareness generation by educating children on the importance of energy & resource conservation and moral & civic values. Club Enerji members are imparted with skills to propagate the message of energy & resource conservation, and becoming responsible citizens, to their immediate sphere of influence. Schools are encouraged through participation in the National Energy Savvy School (NESS) competition. At TPCE all around the year we engage in several club activities like competitions and events to stimulate interest, educate, sensitize and advocate judicious use of electricity among Club members and the community. The Tata Power Club Enerji website is a very interactive tool focusing on making the club members participate, discuss and share their ideas on energy conservation.
Energy Q is a national Quiz competition organized for school children across various locations. Every Watt Counts is an annual essay competition which is conducted for school children in various cities across the country. Spark of life is an annual poster competition where in students from various schools participate and create posters on national concerns like energy conservation, resource conservation etc. Energy X-Change is a quarterly newsletter which gives a snapshot of all the various events taking place in the Club.
Power kids League Workshop is a series of workshops designed to further train the Energy Champions.
Principals and Mentors Meet is a special event organized at the beginning of every year to felicitate and recognize the contribution of all the schools, school teachers and Principals. Power Plant Visits are a great way for students to understand and experience how electricity is generated. If you replace all the traditional light bulbs in your home, with energy saving ones, could save you around ?25 a year.
But, why not  make the most of the good weather by hanging your washing out to dry the old fashioned way. With the increasing demand for energy, effective management and conservation of the same has become the need of the hour. The primary sensitisation includes three visits made to the same set of children to reinforce the message of energy & resource conservation.

The children are enrolled into the Power Kids League which comprises of a series of workshops.
The select group of students who spearhead energy conservation activities in school and societies form Mini Club Enerji. Under NESS, Principals, students and faculty members are empowered to initiate and execute energy saving activities that would make their school an Energy Savvy School. The quiz, aims at reaching out to more and more school children and create awareness about resource conservation.
The topics for the competition mainly range from energy conservation, to resource conservation.
Lessons on energy conservation are combined with sessions on personality development and public speaking.
The schools interact with the senior leadership ream of Tata Power; share their feedback on the programme and ideas for the way forward. Energy Champions from various schools visits Tata Power's power plant and participate in discussions on the current scenario and the need to save energy and fossil fuels. And because life is never complicated enough, you can also get A+,A++ and A+++ on super efficient products. These interactive sessions through flash modules, presentation and competitions are undertaken to reinforce the content and assess the integration of thoughts into action. These workshops are designed in a manner where the students get to interact and learn from professionals, participate in various activities, presentations and learn about the technical aspects related to the world of energy & resources. These mini Clubs are independent entities which perform various activities such as street plays, conduct rallies, celebrate Energy Conservation Day, World Environment Day, Earth Hour and other global events, conduct sensitization sessions in school & societies, to propagate the message of energy & resource conservation, thus contributing to nation building.
These mini clubs are independent entities that drive the cause of energy conservation by their own innovative ideas. Along with Energy Q, the students also participate in an Energy Carnival, where they showcase their ideas and solutions through projects, demonstrations and working models.
With informative content along with fun filled activities for children this book is a teat to know all about energy! Although used only a few months of the year, the annual cost can be much greater than the annual cost of your refrigerator, which is typically the next largest user. TPCE started with a pilot programme of educating and sensitizing 12 schools in Mumbai in 2007 and sensitized 6000 students in 12 schools across Mumbai. During these workshops, members take up projects such as conducting energy audits at home, and work on them throughout the year under the guidance of the Club. Celebrating international occasions like Earth Hour, conductive rallies, cyclothons, street plays, batti bandh and poster competition throughout the year.
The Carnival also showcases the lively and creative side of students with dances, plays and one acts performed to the audience. Encouraged by the initial response, TPCE covered 28 schools across Mumbai and Belgaum in 2008. As part of our initiative, to monitor the impact of the programme, TPCE confers titles like Energy Champions on young students, who actively practice and propagate energy saving & resource conservation while practising moral & civic values.
This stage plays an integral part in enhancing the awareness and knowledge of the members about energy & resource conservation and becoming good civic citizens.

Thereby sensitizing their friends, parents and neighbors and propagating the message of energy and resource conservation. You can get a very rough idea of what your air conditioner is costing you by subtracting the electric portion of your bill in a spring month when you aren’t using your air conditioner from the electric portion of the bill in the summer when you do use it.
The total primary sensitization numbers were 11,417 who in turn reached out to a secondary sensitization of 26,922 citizens. Active outreach members who help spread the energy conservation message are crowned as Energy Ambassadors.
These young Energy Champions move ahead in spreading the cause by further sensitizing their friends, families and neighbourhood, together leading this movement of Conservation of Energy and Moral & Civic Values, across the nation. Multiply this by the number of months you use your air conditioner to arrive at your approximate annual cost.Refrigerators are typically the largest users in houses without air conditioning or in climates where the air conditioners are used only a few days of the month during the cooling season. New efficiency standards went into effect in 1992, and older refrigerators are typically two to three times more expensive to run than a new unit. The ages of major appliances, especially refrigerators and air conditioners, can make a dramatic difference in your bill. In addition, if your house leaks air like a sieve while your neighbor’s house was just weatherized and insulated, you will have much higher heating and cooling bills.
Other factors that can result in significant differences in bills are the number and kinds of lighting fixtures, thermostat settings for heating and cooling, the number of loads of laundry, old refrigerators out in the garage, and hobbies which result in electricity use.We have an older house.
Which should we do first: insulate or replace the furnace?Whether you should insulate or replace your furnace first depends on the situation in your house. Factors that influence this decision are the age and efficiency of your furnace, and the amount of insulation currently present in the house.In general it is more cost-effective to upgrade insulation than it is to upgrade your furnace. However, if your furnace is old, and you are planning on replacing it anyway, you might want to upgrade the furnace if you have to choose between the two options. The efficiency of furnaces has increased over the years, so the older a furnace is, the more likely that furnace is to be inefficient. Older furnaces and furnaces which are used a lot are more cost-effective to replace than newer or infrequently used furnaces. Also, if you insulate your house at the time of furnace replacement, you might be able to buy a smaller capacity furnace and save money on the price.
Programmable thermostats, while not always digital, save money by turning the air conditioner to a higher setting (or heater to a lower setting) when no one is present in the house or in the evenings when it is cooler. You can achieve the same savings without the programmable thermostat, but you would have to remember to change your thermostat every day when you leave the house, and turn it down every night when you go to bed. In addition, if you are using the thermostat to regulate your heater, you would wake to a cold house.

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