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It’s so important to remember that what we put into our bodies is what gives us energy, not what gives us comfort, cures boredom, or alleviates stress.
Our metabolism’s function is to break down our food and beverages into molecules, and convert their calories into energy to help our bodies function better. Okay, so everyone tells you to “be sure to eat your greens,” but do you know why spinach is so good for your metabolism? Share your favorite way to incorporate these metabolism-boosting foods in the comments below! You may need a stronger mouthwash, but garlic offers several antioxidants that boost the immune system.
Popeye was right - spinach really is a "super food." The leafy, green vegetable is nutrient-rich and packed with folate, which helps your body produce new cells. Chili peppers contain a chemical compound, capsaicin, which helps give an added boost to your metabolism. The caffeine found in coffee and the EGCG plant compound found in green tea support your metabolism and burn fat.

According to MindBodyGreen, 26 percent of lentil’s calories are attributed to protein—making them ideal as an energy-boosting food.
According to Medical News Today, this leafy green is packed full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The omega-3 fatty acids found in the fish are also great for heart and blood pressure health. It's not something we're necessarily proud of **except for the "surviving" part** but, it's something we carry with us every day of our lives. With kids and grandkids going back to school, now's a good time to think about tuning up the immune system to ward off the bugs they'll bring home. Glutathione is found in the red pulpy flesh near the rind and it helps strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection. It also has the added benefits of fiber, antioxidants (such as vitamin C) and a whole lot more. Even if you're not overly familiar with the internet, you should still have no problem finding great deals this way.
Spinach has been found to increase bone health, reduce your risk for cancer, help your digestive system, and even improve the appearance of skin and hair!

Keeping healthy has always been part of our DNA and we've discovered that eating right is an easy place to start. To increase your odds, look for labels listing "live and active cultures." Some studies have shown they may stimulate your immune system to fight disease.
Almonds are also full of riboflavin and niacin - B vitamins that may help you bounce back from stress.
And look on the label for vitamin D - low vitamin D levels can lead to an increased risk of cold and flu.
Always consult your physician before making any changes in diet, exercise, nutrition or cell phone provider (Let's face it doctors are just really, really smart, they know a lot about a lot of things).
Here, you'll find information, resources, physicians, support groups and just about everything you need to help you navigate your way through this illness.
Our goal is simple: We want all Baby Boomers to live long enough to get back the money they've paid into Social Security.

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